After their father’s death, it should be GongSunYing’s succession, but GongSunYing still couldn’t speak at that time, and GongSunYing didn’t want to be the householder.

This just left western Liaoning and came to the Central Plains alone.
Then I met Lingyun in Yuzhou.
At that time, GongSunYing’s travelling expenses had been spent, and it was difficult for him to find a job.
And GongSunYing didn’t want to rob just saved the life of an innkeeper, so he temporarily stayed with the innkeeper.
Until I met Lingyun and lived in the inn for a few days, although there was no communication between them, Lingyun’s attitude was touched by GongSunYing.
After hearing that Lingyun was going to Xiangcheng before Lingyun left, GongSunYing took a step forward.
Lingyun invited him to a meal in Xiangcheng Inn, and GongSunYing followed Lingyun.
At that time, GongSunYing thought Lingyun was very promising, but he was very confused at that time and didn’t know what to do, so he chose to follow Lingyun, with little food and a collar.
At that time, GongSunYing told Lingyun that the parents of people from western Liaoning died and did not come to his family.
Last night, GongSunYing revealed to Lingyun that it was impossible for GongSunYing to go back to western Liaoning in his life and meet his eldest brother again.
Later, after Villi cured him of his dumb illness, GongSunYing also thought about going back to western Liaoning, but thought it might be great.
After all, if he is the first to go back, if the old ministers of the Gongsun family want to recommend him, it is likely to split the Gongsun family
And Lingyun is also very good to him. He is also watching Lingyun grow up step by step and doesn’t want to leave Lingyun.
Knowing about GongSunYing and Gongsun Zan, Lingyun naturally won’t stop GongSunYing, so today, when Gongsun Zan sent troops to Tiger Prison, Lingyun gave himself twenty thousand military forces to GongSunYing this time.
Let GongSunYing with two military forces to help.
Lingyun identity is not to say that let people play, let people play or find Changshan countries to help make Changshan countries confront Yuan Shao.
At this time, the battlefield GongSunYing has been with Ma Sanzhan, and the two of them have their own offensive and defensive positions.
Gongsun Zan also turned the horse’s head and watched without continuing to escape.
At this time, Gongsun Zan didn’t have much strength left, although he wanted to help GongSunYing in the past, but he also knew that he could have messed up GongSunYing at this time.
"Who is this person?" Yuan Shao asked, although Changshan Guo Xiang told him that he would send an army to help Gongsun Zan, he didn’t expect that since he was such a valiant soldier, he could be locked in a fight with Ma San.
Changshanguo looked up and said to Lingyun Lingyun, "This person is Gongsun’s brother’s name, Gongsun Ying."
"I didn’t expect Sun Taishou’s strength to be higher than that of his younger brother. Sun Gu is really a door tiger." Yuan Shaodao was somewhat jealous in his tone.
Liu Bei’s three brothers in front also saw GongSunYing’s appearance when GongSunYing and Ma San were fighting and GongSunYing was facing them.
When the Yellow turban insurrectionary army was attacked, Lingyun GongSunYing also met Liu Bei’s three brothers several times.
However, in the past few years, Zhang Fei and Yu have forgotten GongSunYing, but Liu Bei has not.
Liu Bei was very impressed with GongSunYing. After seeing GongSunYing’s strength, he wished he had sworn in with GongSunYing.
At this time, I am very dissatisfied with GongSunYing and Zhang Fei who beat me to the battle.
Come and fight Ma San now. It should be him.
Gongsun Zan is not Ma San’s opponent. Zhang Fei knows that he is not Ma San’s opponent, but he is a militant. Although he knows that he is not an opponent, he also wants to fight Ma San.
Regardless of victory or defeat, it is a rare experience for him to play against Ma San and save his life, and it is likely to break through.
It’s strange that Zhang Fei can be happy now that GongSunYing has occupied it.
Now even if he wants to go there, he’s embarrassed
Few people are willing to fight two against one or three against one, which means they have lost.
Unless you have to, you will bully more and less.
GongSunYing and Ma San fought for more than 100 rounds, and no one could stand each other.
GongSunYing is not a new star, and it has been more than two years since he entered the six-star realm.
The same is true of Ma San, who reached six stars earlier than Gong Sunying, and it has been five years since he killed the woman who always bullied his mother and fled back to Gu Jin.
Before one hundred rounds, the two men were evenly matched, but after one hundred rounds, Ma San gradually took over the wind.
He’s a little better than GongSunYing, and he’s half as experienced as a cold turkey.
GongSunYing followed Lingyun in recent years, and this kind of one-on-one combat happened almost every day when Ma San was in Xiongnu.
Although it falls into the wind, it is still impossible for Ma San to take GongSunYing for a short time.
If GongSunYing defends, Ma San can’t find a chance to beat GongSunYing.
Moreover, GongSunYing holds the golden Long Lin knife, which is longer than Ma San’s mace. It is very good to control the distance, and Ma San’s mace base can’t touch GongSunYing.
In its own strength, GongSunYing won’t send Ma San. It’s almost impossible for Ma San to fly GongSunYing combat knives.
If Ma San’s mace doubles to 10 feet, it may be a little dangerous for Gong Sunying, but now it seems that Ma San can’t take Gong Sunying.
Chapter 3 Call me Zhongde
Although GongSunYing was in no danger for a while, the golden light in his hand, Long Lin knife and Ma San mace flashed, and the wind was not seen when they collided.
But it’s hard to attack.
Bian Gongsun Zan has also recovered a little strength. Although he failed to reach the victory period, if he joins the war circle, it will not hinder GongSunYing.
Holding the reins in one hand and the blue dragon in the other, pointing obliquely to the earth, ready to shoot at any time.
"I didn’t expect Xiaoying’s strength to reach this state." Gongsun Zan was very happy that GongSunYing had such strength, but his heart was a little lonely. "It seems that Xiaoying doesn’t need my protection anymore."
Looking at killing two people in front, Gongsun Zan thought a lot and couldn’t help but flatter and kill the past to join forces with GongSunYing.
When GongSunYing was bullied when he was young, the two brothers often joined hands to fight with others, whether the other was a person or a group of people.
Sometimes the two brothers were beaten black and blue by each other, but more often, the two brothers were beaten black and blue by others.
Although it’s the Gongsun family, they didn’t have any followers when they were young.
Gongsun Zan was born of a handmaiden, and GongSunYing was born unable to speak. Their father didn’t like them very much, which was tantamount to letting them never ask about their affairs.
At this time, watching GongSunYing and Ma San fight Gongsun Zan vaguely returned to a young age.
After recovering a little, I can’t help but join the war circle.
"It’s a shame for Gongsun Zan to besiege General Ma," Li Jue said. "Why don’t you ring for General Ma to come back?"
Dong Zhuo wanted to think, "Ming Jin". He did have some worries about Ma San. If this damaged Ma San, Dong Zhuo would cry to death.
It’s hard to get a soldier. How can you lose him like this?
I want people to help, but I can’t find the right person in his hands. Li Jue, Guo Si and others, although they have some strength, are obviously no match for Gongsun Zan.
What’s more, there are three brothers Liu Bei behind Gongsun Zan. There are too many people to protect Liu Bei’s three brothers from making moves.
After Gongsun Zan joined the war circle, GongSunYing really relaxed a lot. At that time, he turned around and pressed Ma Sandao.