Additional skills: the spirit skill of the real body stampede turns into the real body and enters the runaway form to kill the enemy crazily. This skill is triggered by the voluntary trigger of the hidden body and consumes 4% of the master’s life.

Additional Skills Fog Illusion Active Skills By creating a fog area with the power of the hidden white staff, the fog will have a special loss effect on all hostile players in the area, so that they can’t see their own players’ skills for 3 seconds. The fog illusion will be interrupted by the hidden statue in some cases, and there is a chance that it will be changed by the hidden statue, and the fog range will consume 5 points of magic and 5 hours of cooldown.
Special note: The second weapon spirit "Xiaobai" of the hidden white staff is missing, and the subsequent skills and ultimate skills are revealed.
Introduction of the "Little White" Method of the Second Weapon Spirit without the Hidden White Staff in Equipment Introduction
[Blizzard Rage] The color scale equipment is locked in the weapon position permanently, and the player Mu Feng Zun locks the weapon additional special effects of the professional emperor spirit division. When the player takes out Blizzard Rage, some snowflakes will be generated in the player’s scene. Snowflakes do not consume magic and do not have attack power. ? ? View the spirit attribute without the spirit recognition method.
Additional Skills Freezing Three Feet Active Skills Freezing All enemy targets within three meters of the player center will freeze for 3 seconds and give them an ice attack. The damage of ice attack depends on the caster’s own magic attack ×2 damage, which consumes 5 points of magic and 1 minute of cooldown. Remarks: Freezing three feet will crit enemy targets.
When releasing the active skill of the ice crystal wall, you need to select a skill release position. After selecting the position, an ice wall with a length of three meters and five meters will appear. The ice crystal wall can block the maximum damage of 50,000 points. If the ice crystal wall is not attacked, it will stay in the designated position for five seconds. After five seconds, the ice crystal wall will disappear by itself, consuming 2 points of magic and 15 minutes of cooling.
The ultimate active skill of horror snowstorm requires the cooperation of the spirit. You have not obtained the spirit recognition method to view the ultimate skill attributes.
A weapon transformed from Yuan Shen, the world’s most arctic ice and snow god, was buried in the ice and snow hell. After years of tempering, unyielding will and furious thoughts broke out in the cold. There is a miracle called blizzard anger.
Chapter 49 Mu Feng Equipment
Clothing position-[Afas combat suit] Purple costume can be equipped in the clothing position, with equipment level of 37 and requirement level of 34. It makes professional mage and doctor part of the two-shift profession and special professional attribute of France add intelligence +6 points of strength +17 points of physique +1 point of defense +999 points of extra intelligence +3 points of 5% chance to resist fatal attack (ps The so-called fatal attack is that the enemy hits more damage than his total blood volume in 2 seconds.
After the release of the special enemy skill, the player’s own center will display a three-meter-radius God Inverse domain. When it lasts, the player can move the domain with it and absorb all the damage suffered by the player. At the same time, the domain will absorb all the incoming attacks and 1% will forcibly rebound back to the God Inverse skill. If the God Inverse domain changes from purple to black when receiving an attack, the rebound attack will rise to 2%. When it changes from black to red, the rebound attack will rise to 3%. The skill lasts for 5 seconds and consumes magic. When it cools down, it will last for 6 hours.
Introduction to the equipment: Afar’s combat vestment: Afar wears a vestment. Afar is a high-powered god in the soul world, among which Afar prefers to study the enemy’s anti-itself magic. Afar accidentally acquired this vestment when he first incorporated the enemy’s anti-self magic into the equipment. For some reason, Afar threw this vestment in a corner of the soul world for future generations to find this armor full of two magical powers of enemy’s anti-self.
Ring position 1-【 Fire-fighting in the boundary 】 Red indicates that the equipment can be equipped in the ring position. Equipment level 3 limits the demand level. Ring star rating ★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★ makes all professional attributes of professional wizards gain intelligence +955 points of physique +1 point of magic attack +2~413 points of plague. 2% fire element attack additional skills need to be read for 3 seconds, 5 seconds, and seconds. The longer you read in 1 second, the greater the power of the fire circle. If the fire circle is successfully released during the reading period, the player center will generate a circular flame area with a diameter of 6 meters, 1 meter, 16 meters and 2 meters (reading seconds ×2 meters) and burn all the hostile players in the area. The longer the hostile players stay in the fire circle, the more fierce they will consume magic. 15/25/4/ 5 o’clock (reading 5% of the seconds of magic) cooldown is 5 minutes, the fire world can’t be released twice to the same player for 24 hours. The fire world is a single skill that can’t be superimposed. Skills and equipment are introduced. There are some magic rings in the soul world, which are abandoned by people in different environments or magma, or glaciers, or seabed, or ancient forests, or marshes, or ghost fields, or virtual spaces … These magic rings absorb different elements and then slowly evolve into one.
Ring position 2-[The Ring of Blood] Purple demigod equipment can be equipped in the ring position. The equipment level is 36, which makes the demand level 32, which makes the professional wear require attribute bonus strength +4 points of intelligence +4 points of designated magic attack +2 points of additional skills. This skill has both active and passive bonus effects. After the passive effect is released, the player will attach blood-sucking effect in the next ten ordinary attacks (excluding skill attacks). The health value absorbed by the attack is 1% of the active effect. When an enemy target releases blood to the target, it can’t return to the target for 15 seconds, so that it can make a normal attack on the changed target by 1%, and at the same time, the bloody Lord of the Rings will automatically make up a red beam attack after the bloody attack. When the boss monster releases blood attack, the blood ban effect lasts for 3 minutes, and the skill consumes the player’s current 2% health. Only when the health is higher than 5%, it can release the cooling time for 1 minute. The introduction of the mysterious equipment from the mysterious box of Xikala God level.
Ring Position 3-【 Emperor Spirit Ring 】 Orange hero equipment can be equipped in the ring position. The equipment level is 27, and the demand level is 24, which adds intelligence to the exclusive attributes of professional emperor spirit teachers +32 physique +3 magic attacks +1 crit+5% additional skills. After entering the battle, the emperor spirit teachers are attacked by skills with negative state effects, which will instantly make the emperor spirit teachers get rid of the negative state. The epidemic is effective for the negative state and cannot be attacked by the epidemic. It takes 5 minutes to start and consume each time after cooling.
Necklace location-【 Initiator’s Dead Bone Chain 】 Purple God-level equipment can be equipped in the necklace location. Equipment level 4 makes the required level 35 God-equipped star ★★★★★★★ Make the professional mage add intelligence to all two-turn occupations and special occupational attributes +1 point physique +6 points agility +35 points magic attack +2~3 points defense +1 point God-equipped unique special attribute, and the critical damage of red critical strike becomes dark critical strike is increased by an additional 35%.
Additional Skills Dead Door Active Skills Players make the strength contained in the bone chain of the initiator’s dead soul turn on the gate of the underworld to summon the dead soul to help players fight. Every time a dead soul is summoned, it costs 1 point of magic, and the number of summoned dead souls in a single day is limited to 1 when cooling down.
Equipment Introduction The skeleton chain of the Initiator and the Dead was forged by a master from an ancient race in the underworld who studied equipment for generations. At first, the skeleton chain of the Initiator and the Dead was not called by this name, but the way to the underworld was to send people a short distance. Later, the underworld caused an outside monster to invade, and the outside monster destroyed many things in the underworld, including the destruction of the underworld door at that time, which angered the foundry master who created the underworld door. So the angry master decided to transform such things and inject a large number of dead souls. Among them, people from the underworld, monsters from the outside world, died. Later, the gate of the underworld was upgraded to the bone chain of the dead. When the invasion of the outside monsters stopped, the bone chain of the master’s dead was also completed. However, the master felt that there was something missing in this bone chain, so the master ground his ribs into a bone chain and injected his soul into it. Finally, the master’s name was Andy, the Initiator of the underworld.
Hand guard position-[Ghost Hand Guard] Purple demigod equipment can be equipped in the hand guard position. The equipment level of 35 makes the demand level of 31, which makes the professional wearing attribute add intelligence +15 points physique +5 points to attack the dark monster undead, and the attack power increases by 2%.
Additional Skills Hundred Ghosts Summon Special Skills Hundred Ghosts Summon evolved from Ghosts Summon. Players need to hit a single hostile target and accumulate relative damage value to summon relative damage value. They can summon different levels of ghosts. The first level can summon ordinary ghosts’ blood volume of 50,000 in 5 minutes, the second level can summon ghosts’ knight’s blood volume of 10,000 in 1 minute, the third level can summon ghosts’ blood volume of 20,000 in 2 minutes, the fourth level can summon ghosts’ blood volume of 50,000 in 5 minutes, and the corresponding four summoning needs of 10,000. The damage values of 30,000, 50,000 and 10,000 do not consume magic cooling. The number of ghosts is limited to 100 skills. Note: When a player attacks an enemy target, the ghost guard will automatically accumulate the damage period that the player has played on the target. If the player changes the target and attacks the ghost guard, the original accumulated damage value will be cleared and the damage will be accumulated on the new target.
In the introduction of equipment, there is such a magical equipment master who can refine the dead and the dead. One day, the equipment master had a whim and decided to refine the dead and the dead into the equipment. Then one day, the ghost guard appeared, but which equipment master disappeared …
Decorative position-[Kill Order Furious] Red indicates that the equipment can be equipped in the decorative position. The equipment level is 35, which makes the requirement level 3. However, if you wear the kill order, the player needs to reach 3 points of strength or intelligence attributes, plus strength+intelligence +7 crit+1% additional effect. When you kill the intended player, you will recover 1 point of life and magic. When you kill the intended monster, you will recover 2 points of life and magic additional skills. Violent active skills will be worn 15 seconds after you release the skill, so that your teammates will enter. Randomly get 2% ~ 4% attack in the state of rage. Enhancing the rage will also increase the skills of players’ teammates. The power of rage can also be superimposed on other killing skills, so that the cooldown lasts for 1 minute and consumes magic. 5 points of equipment introduction The first killing order is the part of the rage killing suit. The first killing order is an ancient killing order. Carreno wears exclusive super-god ornaments. In the ancient war, Ao Carreno died unfortunately. His killing order was hit by ancient forces after his death, and it became shattered. However, there is still a small killing order in the crushing killing order. This small killing order contains After the ancient god of war, all the forces of the original killing order were scattered into the soul world, waiting for future generations to find this killing order. The first part of the killing order has a set of violent killing power, and the single order is three and a half gods, and the five gods are super gods.
Shoulder pad location-[Shadow Shoulder] Red indicates that equipment can be equipped in shoulder pad location. Equipment level 35 makes demand level 3 make professional wizards, doctors, The second-turn occupation and special occupation attributes of the thorn spirit part add physique +5 points of intelligence +6 points of defense +7 points of additional skills. After the skill of shadow body initiative is released, the player’s body will become illusory. In this state, the player is infected with all common attacks and skill damage, but the player can also release skills (common attacks can be released). The illusory state lasts for 4 seconds. When the illusory state continues to disappear, the player has 2 seconds of invisibility and consumes magic. When it cools down at 7 o’clock, it takes 1 minute to introduce the shadow suit. A shadow suit means that the most mysterious possession of equipment can
Leg protection position-[subtraction] orange hero equipment can be equipped in leg protection position. Equipment level 25 makes demand level 23 make professional wizards, swordsmen, stab spirits, The archer’s stab spirit wears an additional attribute bonus of agility +5 points of intelligence +175 points of strength +1 point of evasion+%of additional effect. When the player releases the intentional skill, he moves+3% for 3 seconds. The additional skill shadow attack instant skill summons a shadow attack on nearby hostile players. In a shadow attack, the player will slow down by 1% in seconds, and the shadow attack will slow down according to the number of hit players. If there is a shadow attack nearby, he will take the lead in attacking the invisible players. When the magic is cooled down by 1 point, the equipment will be introduced by shadow boots and 5 minutes
Position of shoes-[Swallowing Boots] Red equipment can be equipped in the position of shoes. Equipment level 2 makes demand level 25 add intelligence to professional requirements +299 agility +53 movement speed+2% evasion+1% additional skills. Swallowing dance steps can only be triggered when an enemy player dies. The movement speed and attack power+5% last for 5 seconds when killing two players. Equipment introduction when killing two players.
Chapter 41 Three turns
After browsing all his materials completely, Mu Feng turned his attention to himself instead of the interface. Apart from four secret weapons, Mu Feng’s strongest equipment now is suspected to be the left wrist, the ghostly hand guard, followed by the Afar suit and the bone chain of the soon-to-be-enlightened dead. The first two effects are excellent than the latter, and Mu Feng has not commented on them.
However, when Mu Feng got the skeleton chain of the revealer’s dead soul, there would be an idea in the brain to fuse the skeleton chain with the hand guard of the ghost spirit. This idea may not be able to try to melt the magic, but it was refreshed last night when it cooled down. Now Mu Feng has made such an attempt, but it is not stupid to fuse Mu Feng with a four-star costume, although the level of the costume may exceed four stars after synthesis.
Throw away this terrible idea, Mu Feng, and send it off outside Anping Terrace in Ghost Town. The destination is a ruin called Forgetting where Ling Zuntian, the mentor of Emperor Ling, lives.
Strange to say, Mu Feng wants to walk over to the forgotten land, but the map of Ghost Town shows that this place Naimu wind energy took out the scroll to lock the forgotten land, which is really strange.
Sending Qi Mu to be weathered into a white light flew to the forgotten land. If you look closely, Mu Mu was weathered into white light, not flying to the wild ghost town, but flying to the sky. After passing through the clouds and reaching the sky, the white light disappeared.
Open your eyes, Mu Feng came to the ruins, where Fiona Fang is full of rubble and rotten wood, some broken arrow and mechanical parts, and if you look closely, you can still see the tattered armor discarded in it. It seems like a battlefield, a battlefield after the smoke, and I don’t know how many people’s souls are buried in this ruin.
The sky was in a daze like cotton covered with white clouds, and the sun penetrated the white clouds and shone on Mu Feng. The ghost town here is very different, even though the ruins are not beautiful, but this mild sunshine is absolutely not felt in the ghost town.
Gently turned around and saw a wooden house, which is where Ling Zuntian lived. It’s not surprising that an old man lives in this place. It must be false, but Mu Feng can’t care so much. Changing jobs is the most important thing!
"Hum …" Just want to push the door and even the wooden door appeared a red ripple, which instantly solidified in Mu Feng’s hand and fixed his hand.
"What’s the matter?" Mu Feng was surprised to exclaim that this fluctuation didn’t attack him. He temporarily fixed his hand in exclaim. Mu Feng wondered if this was Ling Zuntian doing something. Did he want to come to him himself?
Just thinking about Mu Feng, I feel so stupid. This forgotten land is Ling Zun’s heaven and earth. Will he not know when he comes here? And it seems that every time Mu Feng comes here, he is a prophet.
"The tutor is me!" Mu Feng pulled back that he was pushing his right hand only to find that the red fluctuation that fixed himself was still there. Mu Feng shouted out
"I know it’s you"
The wooden house rang with the sincere voice of Ling Zuntian’s elder.
"Hey …" Mu Feng smiled and was about to say something when the front door "crunched" and the old man’s voice rang out inside.
Scratching his head, Mu Feng felt as if he had come to a strange place. How to write Ling Zuntian’s tone of voice was strange. He just didn’t let himself in now, so he hit the door himself.
After hesitating for a few seconds, Mu Feng still stepped in. This wooden house is as simple as Mu Feng’s. There is a wooden bed across it. There are a wooden table and four chairs. There are several broken arrow sticks and some incomplete ornaments hanging around the wall. Other than that, there is nothing else.
"Ling Lao, I am already at level 35. According to what you said before, I can turn to level 35, right?" Mu Feng doesn’t like to be called a tutor, so the teacher calls this old man Ling Lao.
"Well, you can change your job with a weapon that controls the power of heaven-the Emperor of Heaven."
"sent the emperor? This profession is interesting, so what should I do? " Mu Feng smiled and then asked Mu Feng, a young man in the 21st century, who had naturally heard of the ancient myth that the Emperor of Heaven was said to be in control of the strength of the triple gods. After the Jade Emperor didn’t know whether he would have that kind of power after he changed his job, although it was in the game, if he could get that kind of power, Mu Feng would be excited just to think about it. Mu Feng had been looking forward to it.
Ling Lao’s old eyes closed and the whole person did not move. "Do you know that every profession has a temple with its own temple?"
"The emperor spirit temple? What’s the matter of changing jobs? " Mu Feng asked doubtfully that it has been so long since he changed his job as an emperor spiritual teacher. Mu Feng has never heard of the Emperor Spiritual Hall, let alone been there.
"Throughout the world of Ling Ling, there are less than 100 emperors who have been qualified to enter the Temple of Ling Ling for thousands of years. You are one of these hundred. If you want to change your job, you should go to the Temple of Ling Ling and beat a favorite emperor," said Ling Lao Gujingbo.
At the same time, the unified display rings in Mu Feng’s ear.
"ding! Whether player Mu Feng Zun accepts [Emperor Lingzuntian’s request to go to the Emperor Lingdian to defeat an emperor Lingtian, and get the Emperor Lingtian’s certificate that the Emperor Lingtian’s transfer is acceptable, only Mu Feng Zun will open the hidden map "Emperor Lingdian", which cannot be shared or abandoned halfway. If it is not completed in ten days, it will be regarded as failure. Once it fails, Emperor Lingtian Mu Feng Zun will never accept the transfer again. "
Eyes on the virtual board showed a hard glance again. Mu Feng was very surprised at once, but then sighed. Although this was sometimes restricted for ten days, who knows what monsters there will be in the place of the Emperor’s Hall of Spirit? If it is level 5, Mu Feng will cry. Once it fails, Mu Feng will never be able to change his job.
And this can’t be shared, that is to say, you can go into the Temple of the Emperor’s Soul and you can’t take other players in. It seems that this system is making things difficult for Mu Feng alone, but even if it is making things difficult for Mu Feng, it will take this trip to the Temple of the Emperor’s Soul. Maybe there will be room for three turns, so there is no hope at all.
Ling Zuntian said to Mu Feng after accepting the job transfer, "Remember that there is no waste in the Temple of the Emperor’s Spirit. They are all powerful people who have crossed the world of Ling Soul, including the horrible emperor’s spiritual master who came from the battlefield of ghosts and gods. If you don’t get their certificates in ten days, you will not be qualified as the" Emperor of Heaven "."
Chapter 411 Emperor Lingdian
Ling Zuntian said to Mu Feng after accepting the job transfer, "Remember that there is no waste in the Temple of the Emperor’s Spirit. They are all powerful people who have crossed the world of Ling Soul, including the horrible emperor’s spiritual master who came from the battlefield of ghosts and gods. If you don’t get their certificates in ten days, you will not be qualified as the" Emperor of Heaven "."
"I know that Ling Lao must live up to expectations!" Seriously finished, Mu Feng hugged his fist and took a deep breath. Mu Feng is still a little familiar with the ghost battlefield. In official website, there is also a general summary of the ghost battlefield. Every few decades or a hundred years, there will be a ghost war in Ling Soul. This war brings together the masters of Ling Soul and the two super powers. The place where they fight is called the ghost battlefield. official website gives the background that anyone who lives from the ghost battlefield is a peerless master. Secondly, official website also reveals that the ghost battlefield will become a vice player, Ling Soul, and the world will challenge the ghost.
The strength of ghosts and gods is obviously stronger than that of human beings, but Ling Zuntian said that the Emperor Lingdian has stepped out of the Emperor Lingshi from the battlefield of ghosts and gods. This is simply to lose pressure on Mu Feng. Mu Feng also hopes that he had better not meet those monsters. It is best to meet the weakest Emperor Lingshi and hand over the "certificate" to Mu Feng, so that Mu Feng can easily change his job and then learn new skills to go to Taigong to fight Huangfuyi.
While daydreaming, Mu Feng felt that his body was pushed by a strange airflow, and then he was pushed out of the cabin. It was not until the body flew out that Mu Feng knew that the old man was going to drive himself out. Mu Feng was depressed. It was hard for this guy to let himself go out when he came in. It was really a grass.
Out of the wooden door, Ling Zuntian didn’t speak, and Mu Feng didn’t speak. Mu Feng thought about it and decided to go to the Emperor’s Hall first. Anyway, he has reached level 35, and the upgrade is not at this time.
On the map of the forgotten land, there was a place called the Emperor’s Soul Hall, but there was no route to it. At one o’clock, the hand asked Mu Feng if he had entered the Emperor’s Soul Hall. Mu Feng remembered that when he changed his job, he opened a map called "Ghost Land", which was also accessible at one o’clock. After the map was finished, it disappeared. Now the Emperor’s Soul Division should be almost temporarily put away.
Mu Feng agreed to enter, then his body swung violently, and then he disappeared again. When Mu Feng came to the gate of an ancient palace, there were two blue dragon and lion statues in front of the heavy stone gate ten meters high. When Mu Feng looked at the statue carefully, an illusion appeared in front of his eyes. The two dragons and lions roared at Mu Feng as if they were alive.
Although it’s an illusion, it’s too realistic. It seems that it’s not an illusion when you look carefully. Mu Feng looks behind him and there is a black barrier on both sides. Occasionally, white light flashes in the barrier. Mu Feng seems to be in a star looking up at Shimen. At the top of Shimen, the gray stone frame is carved with three lifelike traditional Chinese characters-the Hall of the Emperor’s Spirit.