"Star mask" category mask; Grade bronze; Equipment requirements; Attribute physical strength +1 spirit +1 strength +1 intelligence +1 1% chance to save some health when being fatally attacked.

Chapter 19 The martial arts meeting is over!
"How is it possible that the fairy sister is dead?"
"my god, where is my fairy sister?"
"I don’t want to believe that the game is over?"
The enemy fairy sister was defeated in this way, let alone all the players don’t believe it. Even Chu Yun is still in the rain and fog.
This is the last game, and it is also the most exciting one for everyone, especially the fairy skill. If you put it on the net, it will definitely cause a sensation in China.
There is also a big black horse that dies again and again and comes back to life again and again, just like plug-ins, but I don’t know where his limit is.
An hour after the game is over.
System will soon Xuanwu city one hundred players ranking statistics.
The first big black horse, the second fairy, the third golden goddess of war, the fourth goddess of death, the fifth black dragon, the sixth life female dharma god, the seventh Mengmeng, the ninth Qingguang king, the ninth thunder and the top male dharma god, the tenth overlord knife.
In a short time, the top 100 list of Xuanwu City Wushu Association appeared, and this list will be seen by Chinese people.
Chu Yun brought up the leaderboard list, and his name was glittering in the first place.
These five words are particularly dazzling for fear that others will not see them.
Second place Ji Xue
Compared with the first name, the color is relatively dim but still dazzling.
Seeing these two words, Chu Yun finally knew that Sister Fairy’s name was Ji Xue.
How can lonely snow feel cold?
For this name, Chu Yun seems to have heard it in his previous life, but he can’t remember it.
Third place strawberry ice cream
This is Lin Weiwei’s game. The name is a bit funny. Her status as the golden goddess of war is extremely inconsistent.
"Ding, please choose a reward?"
Suddenly a sound appeared in Chu Yun’s ear and then a multiple-choice question appeared in front of his eyes.
Please select a reward?
1 Hidden professional roll of 220,000 gold coins, three-piece set of 33-level mysterious jewelry, three-piece set of 43-level gold jewelry, five-piece mysterious gemstones, six mysterious real estates, seven permanent property props, three-level mysterious badges, 93-level mysterious masks and 13-level mysterious headdresses.
Seriously, Chu Yun doesn’t know what to choose. Hiding the professional volume is the most precious thing; 20 thousand gold coins are not bad either, because the goods comparison system has not passed yet; Three-piece set of grade 3 underground jewelry is directly discarded; Three-piece set of 3-grade gold jewelry is directly viewed; Give up three ground sapphires; A mysterious real estate is worth testing. It should be clear that real estate in the game is not comparable to reality; Permanently add property props to it. I don’t know how many properties to add. If you add one, it will be a loss. Give up all the last three.
After the exclusion method, these three hidden professional scrolls are left behind, and 20 thousand gold coins are mysterious real estate.
Chu Yun is very entangled in what Sanyo chooses.
"I choose to hide my career," Chu Yun said.
In the past, he wanted to choose mysterious real estate because of the real estate value method.
If you are lucky, it is possible to build a mansion with hundreds of millions.
In front of hundreds of millions of billions, 20 thousand gold coins are a dime a dozen, and the hidden career you choose is because you are afraid of being chosen by the fairy sister
Chu Yun knows that the fairy is a super enemy, and the rich woman spends 10 thousand on a dress. That’s 10 thousand, and it’s still in the absence of monetary system. Will she be able to buy things with such money?
So Chu Yun chose to hide the professional scrolls because it is the rarest to have hidden professional scrolls
And the hidden professional lottery is selected, then the fairy should choose from the permanently added property props, masks, badges and headdresses, because these four items are also not available for money.
After the fairy, that’s Lin Weiwei. Lin Weiwei is one of our own. Isn’t it the same for her to choose mysterious real estate?
However, Chu Yun is a little afraid to face Lin Weiwei
"Ding, congratulations on getting Chineydy blade master, a hidden career.
"Sword that wouldn’t it be a swordsman! ?” Chu Yun lost his interest and hoped to get one for Mengyao, but who expected it to be a swordsman?
Mengyao can choose magic because of the paradise of light. It would be great if this blade master were turned into a magic profession.
Chu Yun immediately called Lin Weiwei and so on to let her choose mysterious real estate.
When facing Lin Weiwei, Chu Yun became very nervous. He had never been nervous before, but now, alas …
When Lin Weiwei chose, a thunderbolt came from Chu Yun because Lin Weiwei said the real estate was gone.
If the real estate is gone, wouldn’t it be chosen by the fairy?
Chu Yun that regret ah ah! ! !
Who would have thought that rich woman would choose real estate? ! !
Real estate without Lin Weiwei chose 20 thousand gold coins because compared with other things, 20 thousand gold coins have the highest value
When Lin Weiwei chose Chu Yun to run away, he was stopped by Lin Weiwei.
"Have you thought about it?" Lin Weiwei looked at him with serious eyes.
"ah!" Chu Yun was defeated and fled, so he ignored Lin Weiwei.
Out of Lin Weiwei’s sight, Chu Yun gasped, "I escaped this time. What about that time?"
Chu Yun got out of bed early and there was a beautiful person lying beside him.
Chen Mengyao woke up, too, because it was already bright, and her face turned red, because she had no body.
For Chu Yun, Chen Mengyao is a very conservative girl. Seeing her shy appearance, she wants to kiss again.
When she got up and saw the single red flower, Chu Yun knew that she had finally changed from a boy to a man and Mengyao had changed from a girl to a woman.
That red flower is particularly bright and it is also a performance of the girl’s chastity. Chen Mengyao’s face has been red until now, and then she gently folds the sheets, which is very precious to her.
The two became more intimate after the incident, but Chu Yun felt a little strange because Meng Yao sometimes behaved strangely and always said something he didn’t understand.
One week after the martial arts meeting, the game was surging, especially in Xuanwu City, where the two major forces, the Black Dragon League and the Crazy Thunder Gang, got the guild token and were ready to move.
Think of power Chu Yun first thought of silence snow, that is, fairy. What on earth can this woman come up with 10 million gold coins for the first time?