The redwood tree nodded at his head with relief in his eyes, just remember it.

All right, girl, praise me quickly! Brush a plate of goodwill before the people in the team leave …
[Team] Head of Liang Beibei! I was with my friends the other day and lost the number of times. Now it’s gone!
[Colonel] Cool Beibei Institute! Colonel! The assistant won’t call me after this week!
Ah …?
The smile is still hanging on the face, and the redwood tree is made unresponsive by this passage.
What the hell is this?
Have you finished brushing this week? Don’t call her?
Who asked her to say this!
The face of the redwood tree collapsed in an instant, especially when I saw this sentence, and there was no trace of nostalgia.
Tong Liang Bei Bei left the team
As soon as there is one, two people leave, and then people leave one after another.
I don’t know what’s going on after all the previous people who came at him left. Zuo Tangtang was watching from the side, and I don’t know what was sending out the dense resentment. Pikachu also had several urgent things, well, it was Cat Ear Niang and them.
Look at that! Look at that! This sister is in a bad state today! She forgot that she hasn’t put in a good word for her closest colonel!
At this time, redwood tree is still immersed in the heartache of no Amway worship, and she doesn’t care if she even dislikes her loyal Beibei today.
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew Pikachu ~ Pikachu ~
Zuo Tangtang scampered to Pikachu’s place. Did he abandon all kinds of things as usual? His heart was very cheerful and shouted.
[Nearby] Pippi Pikaqiu’s expression/What to do …
[Nearby] Stewed Star Eye with Pig’s trotters/When can we leave ~ I don’t want to stay here ~
[Nearby] Pippi Pikachu, ask the dead shemale! He’s the boss now. Ask him everything!
Since being inexplicably pulled into the vice, Pikachu has been filled with resentment. At this time, seeing Zuo Tangtang asking this question, he didn’t good the spirit to reply.
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew him …
Zuo Tangtang saw that Pikachu’s reply was a little difficult, and cast a glance over there. People hesitated and said.
[Nearby] Cat Ear Niang regrets/This is really fast. Before, I always had to toss about this product with redwood trees for a long time!
[Nearby] There are no stars in the sky … I think this person is quite professional!
[Nearby] Where’s Cat Ear Mother? It happened or happened that I met him several times. It’s quite inky. Today, it’s lucky to have you so fast.
[Nearby] Stars all over the sky … Hey, hey, how can we say that our vice is finished and add a friend?
Seeing this, Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help but look back at the redwood tree at the vice door. Gee, it’s really a cat ear girl who sells a good teammate. Previously, she worked so hard to sell a stupid cat and easily picked it up and blackened her for so long. Now … is it always necessary to black the redwood tree rhythm?
At this time, the redwood tree only vaguely figured out the meaning behind the words of the cool babe girl. This slow god looked up and saw the words of the cat ear mother.
I am indignant in an instant!
Damn it, how can there be such a person in this world full of dense malice?
Previously, I was a deputy, and they abandoned him in every way. Even if I didn’t talk to him, I finally got together the team. I found out that Peach Blossom Island and his party quickly reported that there was no reward, but let him make the decision and kick them out. ! Kick out? Does he look like that? Well, well, in the end, he kicked them out. After all, he learned from his own gang. Then what? What about picking it up? He didn’t have a command all the way. If he wasn’t a root, he wouldn’t have a chance to command! Even in this frustrating situation, he still cares about the cat’s ear! So witty that he creates conditions! As a result, the good people in Nima are not rewarded!
Look at that! Look at that! What did he end up with?
Also end up like that little hoof!
The redwood tree hasn’t finished grieving, and the conversation over there is still going on.
[Nearby] What are the stars in the sky? What’s the matter? Do you want to add it?
[Nearby] You are full of friends …
Full of friends?
When the cat is in charge, it is one leng.
This game is really like this social list. Friends are divided into friends and close friends. Generally speaking, it is especially good to play, which will promote the friendship of close friends. However, there is a limit on the number of friends and close friends. If 40 people are full, they can’t add them. This is why people like commanders or sect leaders generally want to connect with them. They all choose to note at meetings. They don’t have to add friends.
Of course, if you meet a new friend and you want to add friends, but you find that the list is full, there are two ways: one is to delete the number, and the other is to promote one of your friends to a best friend.
Nowadays, it is very good for Maoershang to make friends with the stars in the sky in this situation.
So his decision is simply to be continued.
Ps, there was another chapter yesterday ~ last night ~ get out of the code word ~ everyone?
[329] Chapter three hundred and thirty-one An arrow in the knee]
TongMaoErNian broke up with you and became strangers from now on.
Watt? !
The red notice that suddenly appeared on my screen directly stunned the redwood tree.
Whaareyou doing?
Watching the nearby channel laughing "the cuttlefish is trembling", the redwood tree of Ailanthus was filled with disbelief, and looked at the screen with tears in its eyes.
This ….. This dead transvestite? ! He … he …
Fingers trembled and pointed to the screen. After a long time, fingers always slowly retracted. Some of them were not smooth. I put Mike in front of me to my mouth. Because my heart was not calm, I helped him twice before holding him steady.