"Tuoba, aren’t we a little too few people? There are still ten miles away from the outer sector of Japan. Why don’t we temporarily stop moving and wait until the army comes over?" I’m handsome, I’m guilty, frowning

Ye Feng shook his head. "Don’t you have to? Don’t you think the army won’t go to town during the day before we kill the king? They attacked and contained the peripheral day team after we killed the city of Qi, reducing our assault pressure. And if we are lucky enough to kill the monarch of Qi, it is estimated that not many of us will survive. You are really a palace guard. Those np elites are furnishings and … and we are likely to encounter the guardian beast of Qi!"
"What? Guardian beast? " I’m handsome, I’m guilty, and my face is slightly changed. "It’s impossible to say what the guardian beast is, Qinglong White Tiger Xuanwu Suzaku. Let’s China is more than anyone else, but how can there be no rules of national war? This is so unscientific! "
"Qi city is special. Qi city guardian beast is said to be sealed in Qi king’s staff. If Qi city is in danger of falling, Qi king will summon the guardian beast, but the guardian beast is not controlled by Qi king. It belongs to the dark beast, and not only our Japanese players and np will be killed by it. If our army is annihilated and it is not killed, Qi city will fall and the dark fortress will be occupied by the dark legion," Ye Feng explained.
"Really, yao pit dad! I hope it is said! " I’m handsome, I’m guilty, scold a way
Just then, smoking and no fire suddenly drove the thunderdragon to land in front of the team, and he jumped back and ran somberly.
"Not good!"
"What’s the matter?"
"Long Ao Nine-Day Scout Group has just arrived with new news. The United States has dispatched 10 million troops led by Black Knight and Black Luo Cha to pass through Indonesia, and has joined more than 5 million players in Indonesia to surround the first snow silver city army of Wangtu. At the same time, the Indian army of Hei Hu League and Shenmo Hall attacked the frontier fortress of Snow Silver City with a total of 12 million, cutting off the retreat of Wangtu’s hegemony. If nothing happens, this army of Wangtu and spirit of war League will even be wiped out."
"It’s time to come after all!"
Ye Feng took a deep breath and asked, "How long can the ice castle last?"
"No more than three hours at most." Smoking didn’t get angry. "Those idiots in Fengshen Day transferred all the guild elites to Indonesia. Don’t say that there are more than six million ordinary players, except for the United States and China. India’s surrounding areas are small countries with weak fighting capacity, or die-hard allies like Indonesia have now reached a temporary alliance with the United States. This time, France and unbeaten ghosts led these more than 12 million players, which is almost all the first-line national war forces in India’s three major cities. In plain English, the snow fort is supported by the np.
"What about Jingwumen and Tieqimeng?"
Smoking without fire wry smile way: "According to the agreement reached by the five major forces of Snow Silver City, Jingwumen and Tieqi League are the main windproof. The glacier fortress and the snow fort of Snow Silver City are all protected by Wang Tu, the spirit of war League and the Iron and Blood Alliance. India, the United States and Indonesia launched an offensive too suddenly. Jingwumen and Tieqi League didn’t respond at all. Besides, it would take ten hours to send cavalry from Snow Silver City to the snow fort. When they arrived at the Indian flag, they would have inserted the snow fort head!"
Chapter 9 Towering mountain heavy riding camp (add more 6)
The shocking news soon spread among the armies of the gods, but no one was flustered and agitated, and even private discussions were rare. Everyone looked at Ye Feng with a dignified look.
Today, Ye Feng has a belief in millions of players of the gods. Generally speaking, he has never lost a battle with the gods.
With Ye Feng in the sky, they won’t frown. Everyone believes that overlord Tuoba evil can lead them to glory!
Now that the Kamikaze fortress has been attacked, if necessary, you can send no more than 100,000 players to Leizecheng at any time through the fortress. Whether to Huiyuan Leizecheng to go to Snowstorm Silver City or to attack Qicheng according to the original plan is decided by one person in Ye Feng.
Luo Yunmeng said lightly, "Whether to advance or retreat must be decided as soon as possible. You can’t hesitate any longer!"
"Is there a choice?" Ye Feng was psychologically prepared for the expected crisis. At this time, there was not much emotion in his heart except anger.
"If you really transfer hundreds of elite Riqi City, you will definitely join forces with Yuncheng to take the opportunity to counterattack Kamikaze Fortress. Don’t forget that more than 300,000 defeated elites in the Imperial Palace and Imperial Sword have fled to Fufeng Port. They are not vulnerable. Now the gods are already in the air, and we have to send them out. In addition to taking Qiqi City, we can retreat and take Qiqi City to make Koreans feel the crisis. Otherwise, it won’t be a big deal for the whole war!"
Ye Feng say that finish raise my hand forward a finger calm way "to speed up the army at all costs an hour breakdown disambiguation city peripheral sectors! Attack! "
Forty-five thousand vanguard troops of the gods formally launched a charge on the outer defense zone of Qicheng. Those who broke out in a desperate battle were prepared to defend Qicheng to the death. Players screamed like a group of fierce hungry wolves and surrounded the army of the gods from all sides. Ten armored chariots roared and accelerated, and incandescent beams flew into pieces. On the day, players were swept to dust, heavy steel tracks ran over the bodies, and their sharp stab blades were severely crushed into the soil to level the road.
Around each armored chariot, there is a 500-man infantry battalion that follows the chariot at a high speed. More than a dozen hunters who are equipped with high-order goblin sniper rifles and armor-piercing shells are squatting around the turret of the chariot, raising their guns and accurately killing them one by one, trying to sing the magic attack on armored chariots.
Heavily armored soldiers and knights on the periphery of armored combat vehicles are firmly shielded against the impact of Japanese players. Hidden behind the shield, the sword war spear keeps stabbing and blood spattering.
Reverend ru’s white holy light keeps falling on the soldiers, all kinds of treatments and buff are dead, and the sorcerer sings high and low, and in half, he thinks of a large piece of flame, ice bombs and Austrian light covering the enemy.
Each attack team around armored combat vehicles is like a large meat grinder, which lifts all over the sky with blood and fog, limbs and broken arms.
As soon as the two armies came into contact with Gao Li’s judgment department, the army of gods, composed of well-equipped first-line elites, chopped melons and vegetables, killing Japanese players who were not at the same level.
However, there are too many Japanese players, and they are shattered like a continuous huge lang impact and roar, and they will immediately confront each other and resolutely refuse to hesitate and stagnate.
The gods have cornered them. This war is the death of the virtual world. If defeat is imposed on their heads, it will be hard to wash away the shame.
What’s shame compared to first-class experience and a few pieces of equipment? What is it to die in battle? What’s worse, it’s not like you really died, but you’re still alive and kicking after ten days.
Both sides are determined to fight to the death, which is far more tragic than the battlefield. Although players are still being slaughtered crazily and prostrate on the road of charge at an alarming rate, they burst into desperate will but they don’t ignore it.
With the advancing of armored chariots, the road is continuously flattened, and the first infantry division of Tianjun Corps takes over the 4,000 heavy cavalry battalion, which has been lined up in the periphery. These 4,000 men and 4,000 riders are the real heavy cavalry.
They appear to tell those guilds who often give themselves the title of heavy cavalry, what is the real heavy cavalry.