Wait, no one except yourself and Huatuo people should know that Huatuo’s treatment method is skull, right?

Section three hundred and thirty-five
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Feng Zhang is still wondering what is wrong with this missing tail finger, but Cao Fu’s generals are far away from the arch to see if they have something to say
Feng Zhang had to give up for the time being and walked over and said, "What’s up?"
"Your great general has two people asking for an audience with him!"
"Eye is China imperial doctor to treat Wang Wei urgent head what people want to see me? ? Tell him to wait outside the door first. "
"Back to the general, the words are small, too, but the two claimed to be Zhuge Kong and Hao Bodao, saying that there was an urgent need to ask for an audience with the general immediately before they could personally say something was wrong."
At this time of Feng Zhang’s one leng, the small hole has long been a romantic figure in the military academy. If it is a paper talk about soldiers deducing those wars and strategies in the sand table, even the lecturers Tian Feng and Ju Shou may not be able to beat this ghost point, and Hao Zhao has become more and more mature since he entered the military academy. He is no longer always "Hao Zhao Hao Zhaozhao".
Both of them are not outsiders. They are busy treating Cao Cao every day. They can’t have nothing to do and come to Feng Zhang to talk about their family.
"Call him two people to come …" Home will turn around and walk. Feng Zhang stopped him again. "Wait or I will go with you."
"Wen!" Feng Zhang called Cao Zhang way
"Brother in law!" Cao Zhang is looking at Feng Zhang’s rice, which is one person tall. On hearing Feng Zhang tell him to stand upright on his horse like a soldier, he still holds the fish wrapped in oil paper like a handle Gu Jian upside down.
"I went out to see a man guarding his father-in-law. I think there is still some uneasiness. You transfer some people to surround the four houses! Don’t let people in and out easily! "
"hey!" Cao Zhang is bidding on Feng Zhang, on the one hand, because of his brother-in-law’s identity, on the other hand, too many people have said since he was a child that Feng Zhang made Cao Zhang blindly worship Feng Zhang.
Although many family members of the Cao family have moved to their powers first, the defense forces have not moved at all. There will be more than 10,000 people in the whole Cao family, not to mention two outbreaks of Mi family and Zhen family attached to the Cao family.
Also, some people can be mobilized when the imperial commander is the nephew of Xia Hou Shang Xia Hou Yuan.
"I have seen the general/brother!"
Hao Zhao had told Feng Zhang that it was not too much for Cai Yan to recognize his younger brother as a brother.
"Kong Bodao, how did you two come here together to find me?"
Kong, who is already a handsome boy, and Hao Zhao looked at each other, and Zhuge Liang, who is more eloquent, said, "There is something wrong with the general! Ma Chao, a confidant of the second year, took a brigade of Xiliang troops to deploy troops in the city to seek medical treatment in Wang Wei. Several main roads have been full of people, and recently Wu Zhi’ s frequent presence in Mu Shun’ s second house may have other plans! "
Mu Shun?
The guy who said wearing the hat backwards aroused Cao Cao’s suspicion and found Xian Di’s hand in his hair?
Feng Zhang was silent. This sudden discovery of Huatuo Xelloss’s abnormal reaction and Ma Chao and Wu’s qualitative change …
Little by little, line by line, side by side, and then form a big picture of the standard context …
what does he want to do?
Junior wants to be a great man!
When Feng Zhang is silent, he will hold Ba Zhuge Liang and Hao Zhao and wait for him to speak.
"Bo Dao!"
"The younger brother is here!"
"You speed Ma Weiwei mansion so so so so …"
"Students are here!"
"You go to my office and get my general’s golden helmet. I’ll ask my wife to come with you!"
Both of them walked in a hurry. Feng Zhang looked at him and followed his Huang Zhong closely.
"Han sheng, you hurry to deliver letters to Boren! Make him strictly abide by the court. No one can go in or out without Wang Wei or my order! Then meet Yuanrang in the military camp outside the city! "
Huang Zhong first faithfully obeyed his orders, then looked back at Feng Zhang and said, "Master, are you alone?"
Huang Zhong’s temples are already white, and several ravines are criss-crossed. There are still two sharp white eyebrows in his eyes, and the old treble is still ringing like a bell and drum.
"Brother Han Sheng" Feng Zhang seems to be more emotional at this time. "When have I ever let you down?"
Huang Zhong’s eyes gradually relaxed and his tone was peaceful. Many "everything is careful and loyal."
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Hua Tuo is not as proud as Feng Zhang and Cao Ang, but as a very responsible and caring doctor, he talks about "Tuo made a dose of soup, and after drinking it, he felt Tuo and then used a knife and axe to cut the king’s head, took out the wind and saliva, and sewed it with needle and thread to heal!"
Just to see this Huatuo’s green medicine chest that makes people sick, Cao Ang felt jumpy. Now he heard that he was going to split Cao Cao’s head and turned white with fear. "Never split his head and live numerology?" Chinese imperial doctor is too exaggerated. "
Unexpectedly, Hua Tuo made him wonder at what he said in one sentence. "Is it that the great world doesn’t want to recover from the king’s disease?"
"This … this …"
Simple and honest Cao Anggen doesn’t know how to answer it, does it? If there is something wrong with this Huatuo or the medical skill is not high, so many people who want Cao Cao’s life can’t do it. Now a doctor has done it simply and easily, and Liu Bei and Sun have not woken up from their dreams.
If it weren’t for that, Cao Cao’s headache would get worse every day, and one day he wouldn’t be able to get through it.
Cao Caoren did not say anything, as if he wanted to hit a chicken or a duck instead of his skull.
"How many times did the Chinese doctor have a doctor?"
Cao Cao wanted to test the authenticity of Huatuo. Huatuo was an opportunity to meet each other and spent a long time together. Both of them admired each other extremely.
"I will meet you!" Hua tuo certainly knew that Cao Cao was testing him and said unhurriedly, "We have been discussing medical skills with each other for more than four months, and both of us have benefited a lot!"
It’s true that Cao Cao received the news, but he can’t be judged to be true or false by this sentence.
"If Cao doesn’t believe that this matter is important, it is better to ask the imperial doctor to wait for a few days until Cao receives a imperial doctor from Puyang and then decide the treatment."
"That’s not a bad idea." Hua Tuo smiled a few times with sarcasm in his eyes, pretending to put the medicine box back on his shoulder with a sigh. "It’s that the king’s disease is quite serious and he can still cure the king when Zhang Shenyi comes to a certain place and grasps the boundary."
Without waiting for Cao Cao’s reaction, Hua Tuo went on to say, "If the king doesn’t believe it, you can make Tuo know by trying one pig and one person."
Say so sure that Cao Cao can’t help but have some conation. Besides, he is really afraid that his illness can’t be cured now, but it is really too risky to let Huatuo do this.
But listening to the footsteps outside, Cao Cao frowned and said that people should not come in casually. Why did someone come in again? Just thinking that the headache seems to be heavier again.
Feng Zhang poured the fish from the outside, and the oily paper was waterproof, but it couldn’t prevent oil leakage. The mucus of the fish was slipped by the sun and made a long impression.