Boom one!

Like Razer, all the light was swallowed up. Lv Xiaobu screamed and screamed and flew out. He was flustered and got up. His blood volume had bottomed out and he was hung by ko.
"I told you I didn’t even think about making a sword."
Ye Feng scratched his head and giggled silly to see Xia Yu foam a Mimi pain.
Chapter DiYiSiEr Beamon behemoth
Less senses, mighty and domineering, Lv Xiaobu was inexplicably bounced back to death. The scene was silent. Ye Feng muttered something. Lv Xiaobu looked at Ye Feng’s body and was still spreading and flashing. The blue star snapped out a "grass"
The Story Of Diu Sim, the elder sister’s head, looked straight at Ye Feng’s oblique grip on Jianfeng’s sweeping heavenly sword.
Huge, full of rough, overbearing and barbaric beauty, with surging visual impact. This is the only feeling of Shuang The Story Of Diu Sim. She is very fond of this overbearing weapon that can shock the enemy by its appearance and is thinking about how to cheat it.
Staring at the heavenly sword, The Story Of Diu Sim Jr. has reached the level of oblivion, and she didn’t see how the number one soldier was bounced. When she came to her senses, she immediately put her hand on it, which was very general demeanor. "This game is not a heavy one!"
"What?" Ye Feng froze.
"I said this game is not a repeat!" Double The Story Of Diu Sim naturally said that his face was as usual without any shame.
"Give a reason first!" Ye Feng laughed and told a bunch of children that they were really angry. If others dared to be so bold, they would have shot their swords earlier.
"There is no reason! If you don’t agree, I’m ok anyway. I want to hook my fingers. A master at this level like you cried and cried and begged me to keep the sea. It’s not bad for you. "Double The Story Of Diu Sim is a queen’s demeanor. It’s simply Wang Ba’s gasping shot. If Ye Feng’s mentality is relatively strong, he might have knelt down for her.
"The little queen is so domineering." Xia Yumo is heartless. This girl is a natural optimist, not only not angry, but also thinks it’s fun.
“ok!” Ye Feng can recognize his face and try to squeeze out a wry smile. "But this time we have to make a contract!"
"Oh, you doubt me?" Double The Story Of Diu Sim is slightly angry
"Ha ha ….." Ye Feng is neither salty nor light, and wants to ask a quick question, "Are you a little girl who is so expensive?" Nai people have to bow their heads in the eaves and expect Queen The Story Of Diu Sim to take him out of this into the badlands.
Double The Story Of Diu Sim grunted, "But the so-called contract seems unable to notarize this bet on coordinates. Why don’t we bet on some equipment? This can’t be played."
"This ….." Ye Feng so disdained to sweep a child’s equipment Lv Xiaobu and double The Story Of Diu Sim are all epic except ornaments, and Lv Xiaobu’s weapons in his hand are ten * * or artifacts. Most of the other three epic equipment is also odd, so it was a high-end atmosphere, but Ye Feng’s eyes are disdainful, which means he is not interested in these advanced rags.
Double The Story Of Diu Sim immediately nu "what do you mean? I don’t want to gamble, let’s go! "
"Shit!" Ye Feng lost the bet! You say how to gamble! "
"If you lose, I want you to shuriken!"
"The vision is not so good." Ye Feng said that the heavenly sword is a cow force, but the value of the artifact is still a little worse than the lack of moon in the stars.
Order determines value. This is the method in the game to overthrow the golden rule. Except for a few exceptions, an artifact attribute can never be stronger than an artifact.
"Then you lost?"
"Take you to the door and send you out of the wilderness."
"Then what?"
"What then? Uncle, don’t push your luck if you don’t have enough people. "
"Shit!" Ye Feng hate grind estimates that even the queen fan girl oo mind.
"I want him to Zhan Ji or talk!" Suddenly I caught a glimpse of the hot Ye Feng in the eyes of double The Story Of Diu Sim, giving the conditions instantly.
"then you have to add your shield!" Double The Story Of Diu Sim will compete for money.
"No problem!"
"Sister The Story Of Diu Sim really gambles!" Hu Yidao put in a mouth, probably didn’t see the light, and Lu Xiaobu’s war Ji was not worth it.
Ye Feng looked a little melancholy. Lu Xiaobu’s mouth picked up a narrow smile. "Lu Bu’s classmates are afraid!"
"Afraid of your sister! I don’t believe you can rebound again! " Lv Xiaobu decisively angered and brushed a horizontal brush. Zhan Ji posed a style that was more fashionable than the modeling spirit.
Ye Feng is so fond of fighting wits and wits with kids that he can even try his tricks and dare to do things that are already poor.
So Ye Feng sneaked away a freshly baked duel contract while the iron was hot, and then curled his mouth and pretended to be arrogant in the air. "Dare to take it?"
Lv Xiaobu snorted and quickly glanced at the contract. Suddenly, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. An uncle had the courage to haggle over the iron and gamble with him. Whoever loses his fortune will strip off all his equipment.
This is a standard gamble. The excitability is never worse than a sack of bets on a gambling table. You know, Ye Feng’s equipment is over 10 million yuan. Although it is not as high-end as Ye Feng, it is not much cheaper.
At this moment, Lv Xiaobu hesitated, but his eyes came into contact with Ye Feng’s narrowness and despised his eyes. Immediately, his heroic thoughts swept through the contract and he didn’t have a chance to stop it. Besides, Ye Feng and Lv Xiaobu could see the details of this contract, and she knew nothing about it.
Lv Xiaobu is still a little regretful after signing it. When he saw Ye Feng’s mouth full of tricks, he smiled from the bottom of his heart and regretted his intuition and told him to fall into the pit.
However, Lu Xiaobu fully inherited the characteristics of Lu Bu’s great man, and this negative emotion was immediately replaced by contempt and anger. After a while, I wanted to give Ye Feng a very unskilled challenge. "There is a kind of pure technical flow!"
Ye Feng learned to double The Story Of Diu Sim posture and spread his hands with a look of "I am ok".
"I fork! Come on, I won’t cut you to death, you idiot. "
Double The Story Of Diu Sim also noticed that Lv Xiaobu was in a wrong state and threatened Ye Feng "No enemy, no rebound! Otherwise, if you win, you won’t find a delivery door. This is a wilderness sister’s site, okay? "
"Elder sister, I know! In fact, I am here to pk, not to split the festival. "
Ye Feng laughed and laughed, and the contract was completed. They wanted to depend on it, and when they got the equipment, they were not afraid that these kids would not submit.
"I don’t care what you’re doing here!" Double The Story Of Diu Sim is wearing a small waist and is very queen. "Last but not least, you can’t have a pet, Brock!"
“ok! I am ok! " Ye Feng feels more and more that The Story Of Diu Sim’s future and moral integrity are simply broken to a new level, and its realm is high. Catch up with Amiens. It is estimated that practicing for a few more years will be even more outrageous than Amiens.
It seems that Amian’s position in the world of moral integrity is threatened. Ye Feng is deeply worried but a little worried. When Amian is shown the video, it is estimated that Sleeping God will no longer feel that life is lonely like snow and it is hard to lose.
With such a sigh of relief, Lv Xiaobu has been very unkind to summon a pet, and a huge beast roared. A giant beast with a height of less than five yards and a gorilla appeared in front of Lv Xiaobu.
Watching Xia Yumo cover his mouth with consciousness, he exclaimed, "Beamon beast!"
Chapter DiYiSiSan Lao niang spell
Since Ye Feng entered eternity, he has never seen Bi Meng, a horrible creature known as a powerful dragon, but he has never eaten pork. He has always seen pigs go to major virtual online games to design Bi Meng pictures and information, and he has seen a lot of pictures and information. After being seriously distorted in his aesthetics, he has always believed that big is beautiful, huge is beautiful, and he is even more impressed by this monster that sleeps in his bones.
In fact, the Beamon beast is comparable to the sacred dragon in the cognition of senior online game players. In terms of pure strength, it is even better than the physical dragon. The strength is too strong, which determines that the Beamon beast is rare and excessively rare, which also determines the high-end Beamon beast. It is said that there are ancient fierce beasts whose blood is inferior to the Beamon beast, and after the level reaches a certain limit, they can break through and become powerful beasts.
Ye Feng has already made a high enough forecast for Lv Xiaobu’s overall strength, but I didn’t expect to underestimate this little guy’s support from Beamon behemoth. No wonder several children with serious occupational deformities can mix so smartly in the wilderness.
However, shock belongs to fear and worry. There is never such a negative word in Ye Feng’s dictionary that weakens his image as a pure man. It is a pity that once the pet recognizes its owner, it can’t be traded. Even if it is changed, it can be released first, so that even if he has a bright tongue, he can’t fool Lv Xiaobu into betting on the Beamon monster.
At this time, the countdown is over and the duel is over!
Lv Xiaobu just ate a big boring loss and was killed by Ye Feng alive. This time, he finally learned his lesson and was not in a hurry. He was in no hurry to move his mind and command the Beamon beast and rushed to Ye Feng.
Ye Feng had previously broken the Beamon beast attribute with a level of 150 and blood volume as high as 2 million, which is definitely the bloodiest cow among the ground pets. So he gave up the idea of testing the Beamon beast strength decisively to see if this big guy is as tough as he said.
Beamon beast growled and stepped out of the earth’s trembling surface and immediately shattered. The huge fist bloomed in coils of khaki ripples. Although this big guy has no magical talent, it can be seen that the so-called physical attack distance is not much worse than the magical attack. It is estimated that every 15 yards is enough to effectively kill Ye Feng.
Ye Feng still doesn’t flash, doesn’t avoid the limit, and the mighty pestle is in the same place. His right arm lifts his palm and grabs the double The Story Of Diu Sim next to him. He looks at it and exclaims in horror. Be careful. Nai Bawang’s boxing is an instant skill to hide, but he has to guard against it before he has a chance. Lv Xiaobu thought that Ye Feng was so abnormal that even the grabbing skill would be caught by Ye Feng if he wasn’t careful. Bang, bang, bang, three punches, and a slap in the face. Once again, the tragic blood volume bottomed out and was dropped by a second.
The winning and losing duel contract will take effect immediately. Lv Xiaobu’s body and equipment department will automatically peel off the golden light and fly into Ye Feng’s backpack.
"wow! Uncle is so handsome! " The little loli ran away and clapped her hands, so she didn’t have team spirit to drink.
Lv Xiaobu was left with a set of clothes and trousers that didn’t have the slightest defense to prevent him from getting naked. This handsome little face was completely withered and turned white, and he didn’t see his arrogance at the beginning again.
"Sister, this sb pits me!" Lv Xiaobu whispered with a sad face.