He finally loved her and I was a fox.

I give him back his palm, but I’m not the only one.
I have everything from him, he is everything to me, my sky, my land, my home, my love, my proximity and my reason for living.
If one day he dies, I think I will die, too
But now I think if I die one day, he won’t die.
That’s all right.
My lover can be happy in this world.
He laughs more and more.
Before, he never cared when he would die, but recently, he has become more and more dependent because he wants to stay with her longer, because he wants to give her everything he has, and he wants too much, but he has too little life.
So I was more and more careful that he absorbed toxins until that day I finally knew that I was not an ordinary fox …
I am a thousand-year-old fox, my blood can dissolve all poisons, and my heart can cure all diseases.
The imperial doctor said that my elixir can cure me. After that, I will become an ordinary fox, lose all my memories and die one day.
On that day, Jun Shen medicine catalyzed me to be an elixir, and I finally saw how beautiful I was.
My beauty is short-lived, but I still can’t help but want to be seen by the public
I wonder if he would … love me if I looked like such a beautiful girl when he first saw me.
Gong was really amazing. He said Hao’s son was very beautiful.
He doesn’t know that these simple words can hold me high.
I asked him if you love chapter 974 [Haoer Fanwai] Grandfather, please allow me to live in the afterlife.
I think I became a man and voluntarily became a woman, although I prefer to be a fox.
Struggling to resist will get more shame, and I learn to make a false smile.
Finally, on the day when it was going to be auctioned, they saw that I was always obedient and never made trouble, and I didn’t take too much precautions against it. I escaped from them when I was careless, and they quickly reacted and immediately chased me.
Fortunately, I was quick to slip away from the crowd.
But the thugs who chased me behind me reminded me of the hunters who chased me day and night. They shouted at me angrily and told me that running again would break my legs, but I still ran like crazy because I knew that even if I stopped, they would not let me go.
I tried my best to ask for help, but the street people rushed to give way to the road. I ran hard, and the thugs were still chasing after me. My parents sounded in my ears. When I was a child, I often told me to run as hard as I could when I met human beings. You can run whether their sweet words tempted you or their vicious words frightened you.
Because once you stop, you will be skinned and cramped.
It is self-evident that there are so many people in the street, but one person helps me. I was caught by accident and almost tied up and sent back to the brothel. I met him again.
He is still so beautiful, like a fallen fairy, moving cool thin’s eyes gently, and without any effort, he untied me from the bondage and lost my color. Suddenly, a rainbow appeared again.
It turns out that only he can save me from danger and only he can give me warmth.
I seem to see a snowy mountain, and I see him hugging a white fox and telling her to follow me. Then you can call Hao Er.
Haoer! Finally found you!
Six kings in the crowd untied me and hugged me.
I lost my memory when I was shocked, and today’s pictures overlapped. My lips consciously murmured, "Say goodbye to my illness."
How much I want to hug his body backhand and tell him that I have experienced something with him.
He was glad to find the missing fox, but I found that I had turned into a fox before I knew it.
I finally saw his eyebrows and his eyes, and I finally remembered my dream.
It turns out that he is the six kings. It turns out that he is my husband and the man in my dream …
I’ve been paying homage to the emperor all my life
I finally regret looking for memories, looking for memories is to find him and then be with him. I have been doing this all the time, but now I see the girl next to him, and I finally regret meeting this pure white boy again. It turns out that the memory I lost is to leave him.
It turns out that forgetting is the greatest happiness.
I think it would be nice if I could forget it longer.
But how can I forget you forever?