"Queen’s sanctions!"

This skill is a life skill added by Turtledove’s talent after merging two classes. This skill can cause a 6 times absolute attack on the target when the male player starts, and the critical strike chance of this attack is as high as 5%. This skill can be used once a day.
Critical strike 35
There’s not much blood left. The tyrant’s whiteboard was directly dried by the turtledove.
With the whiteboard down, this time all the guards were wiped out.
Through this battle, the high team experts also saw the strength of the new alliance. The original team has always been the strongest, and the high team has to admit that the strength of the new alliance has been able to compete.
After the battle, Duke Ju asked Ye Ye, "Is the sword in your hand a crimson punishment?"
Ye Ye "How do you know?"
"Because the other side is’ water blue and cold’ in my hand," said Zhu Gong, and he flashed a sword like an ice sculpture.
Ye Ye frowned and asked, "What do you mean by telling me this?"
Zhugong smiled and said, "I mean, let these two swords be combined."
Ye Ye "Do you mean you will give me your sword?"
Zhu Gong, "Your joke is not funny at all. Why should I give you my sword? Of course, you have no reason to give me your sword, but the two swords must be together, so these two swords can belong to the strong."
Ye Ye "You said that the strong man is yourself, right?"
"Bamboo" is not necessarily, otherwise, how about we make a bet? After this war, the two of us will have a duel and the winner will get these two swords! "
Ye Ye smiled and said to Zhu Gong, "Fight with me? If it is with others, I have some concerns about hitting you. I have no pressure at all because I am the strongest sword. "
Bamboo and sneer at a way "is it? I’m going to meet you, the so-called’ strongest sword’! "
Ye Ye "See you after the war!"
Zhugong "It’s a deal"
After getting rid of the player guard team, the new alliance high team entered the temple.
Kasler, the Lord of the big chair in the temple tower, is sitting firmly.
Seeing Gao Rang and others enter the hall and repose in the chair, Kasler slowly opened his eyes and asked lazily, "As I expected, you finally came."
"Yes, we are all here to kill you, a human traitor!" Cat pointed to the seat Kasler shouted.
Kasler glanced at the corner of his eye for a moment and then said in a mocking tone, "Where are you from? The Lord of Bugs is not talking to you. I am talking to my good brother Arheur Ka."
As Kasler will pick a guy in a cloak to extricate himself from invisibility.
After the mysterious man took off his cloak, everyone saw that his face was exactly the same as that of Alasler on the seat surface. It turned out that they were twin brothers.
The mysterious man’s head shows the blue name "Arheur Card", saying that this guy is with Gao Rang and his gang, not the enemy.
Arheur looked angrily at the seat surface and said, "You are a demon root and you don’t deserve to be my big brother. You don’t even let go of your own father. You are a demon and a beast!"
O Kasler "’beast’? This word doesn’t suit me, but I like it when you make me a demon! "
Arheur card "today I will kill you, the devil, and your head will pay homage to our dead father!" "
Said Arheur card directly toward the seat Kasler.
O Kasler, "It’s up to you not to do this again."
Say Kasler also jumped up from his seat and rushed to Arheur Card.
Out of habit, Gao let the two brothers gain insight for the first time.
A Kasler (Super boss) HP 2
Grade 6
Attack mode surface
Attack skills? ? ?
Auxiliary skills? ? ?
A Kasler is now the Lord of Fengxiu City. He is very hot and unscrupulous. His strength is unfathomable and he is a very dangerous opponent.
Arheur Card (Super boss) HP 16
Grade 65
Attack mode surface
Attack skills? ? ?
Auxiliary skills? ? ?
Amos, the Lord of Fengxiu City in Kayuan, Arheur, is now the twin brother of Kasler, the Lord of Fengxiu City, but Kasler is different. Arheur Ka is somewhat weak by nature, and he gradually became strong after pursuing and straightening his brother Kasler to kill his father. He vowed to cut off Kasler’s head to pay homage to his dead father.
Look at this dogfight together two brothers Gao Rang and others also have some can’t tell who is Kasler and who is Arheur card?
Tutu "Who are we going to kill after spending all my eyes?"
Mei Gong: "That pair of trousers with gold edges is my brother Kasler, and that’s our goal."
Ye Ye said sourly, "Is it true that your eyes are kryptonite dog eyes?"
Black Wolf: That’s right. The gold edge of the trousers is our goal. Everyone attack individually and don’t hurt another Arheur card.
"It’s easy to know which one is the target." Tutu directly applied a pink mark to the target Kasler.
Kasler became more recognizable after being marked with pink by Tutu.
"everyone attack that target with the pink mark!" The black wolf immediately ordered that
Before waiting for the equal height to give way to Kasler’s hand, Kasler quickly stepped back and flashed.
Escape from all the people and attack Kasler, raise his right hand high and shout, "The Guards Department will escort me into the temple!"
With the roar of Kasler, it also issued a warning to Gao Rang and others.
Warning! Warning! In Kasler, the Lord, all the guards of the Lord’s mansion will be killed in the temple to protect them. It is estimated that the number of guards will be around 3 thousand.