Chu Yun put this mask on, regardless of evil or disgusting, and directly started the bloody mode.

Crack, kill and chop!
Chu Yun attacked a person in front of his mouth and went to crack and kill him. He directly cut his head and the instantaneous blood flew horribly.
This scene shocked those Japanese players. What’s the situation? What’s the blood in the game?
Crazy thunder and anger!
Chu Yun directly a nu ray to a person’s head to split suddenly white * * fly off disgusting than.
This scene is even scarier than the previous one. What the hell is going on here? Isn’t the game bloody?
"Who dares to try again?" Chu Yun holding a dark Baal sword four Baal beads flashing strange colors than strange.
Because of this bloody scene, the players are full of fear and have a retreat.
Soon the bloody scene disappeared, and at this time I don’t know who shouted again
"Everyone killed this Chinese dog. Kill it and expel the Chinese dog!"
Perhaps this sound brought the fighting spirit to Japan, and the players suddenly rushed to kill them.
"Looking for death!"
Chu Yun offered a dragon piano and released a dusty sound.
Brush brush …
This is a range. As soon as the skill was released, several people’s lives were harvested.
Blood, rain, wind, flying limbs, broken limbs, broken legs, even the waist has been cut, which is terrible!
Fortunately, this horrible scene lasted for a while, otherwise it would make people collapse.
Chu Yun’s attack power is terrible. Those people were killed without even shouting out their pain.
And at the moment, Dongying Huangcheng Square.
One figure after another appeared, screaming that they could not feel anything but pain.
"Devil, this is the devil …" A man covered his head because of physical pain, so he never dared to face that terrible Chinese mad dog again.
In five seconds, the enemy is about to arrive for five seconds. Chu Yun directly summons the holy light. If you fight again, you may be killed.
Although these are ants, many ants will kill elephants.
After summoning the holy light Tianma, Chu Yun immediately sat down and let the little saint cast the holy light shield and fly directly.
When the holy light soars into the sky and the arrows magic ball follows, it’s a horror!
Seeing that Chu Yun is away from Japan, players are screaming that they are crazy.
Chu Yun left and went straight to Sakura Valley. I don’t know what Koizumi Yuxu would do to himself.
After all, I hurt her national dignity!
As soon as Chu Yun entered the Sakura Valley, it was like entering a pure land. The beautiful scenery was fresh, the flowers were faint, and the smell of earth and grass was mixed.
Chu Yun soon came to the front of the cabin because of Zhang.
That is, touching the beautiful image is independent in the cherry tree, just like the cherry goddess, indifferent, quiet and beautiful.
"Jade thread …" Chu Yun patted Koizumi’s jade thread on the shoulder before walking step by step and cried, I don’t know what I always feel sorry for her.
"Ah, you’re here." Hearing the familiar sound, Koizumi Yuxu immediately turned to surprise.
"What are you thinking?" Chu Yun smiled curiously and said that she should have happened to herself.
"I …" Koizumi Yuxu silently lowered his head.
"Yuxu, have you been here?" Chu Yun asked.