"Microcode province … is there such a province? Other countries? It shouldn’t be. How can other countries still have Chinese characters at the provincial and municipal levels? "

Lin flipped through the information on her mobile phone, and it was as informative as Tse.
Training scene information data scene 2 times the training scene!
S 3 years!
Location: Luyaxing!
Identity student! (For the specific identity, please check the Minyi Wisdom Brain Chip! )
Bank card 5 yuan Taitai password 123456! (The bank card is in the wallet, and the monthly life will be credited to 1 NT dollar. The monthly life has been credited to the bank card.)
Important scenes limit the death of the character and eliminate it!
Special rules: If one trainee is eliminated in one year of training, one point of military merit will be obtained; if ten trainees are eliminated on the same day, one special training guide will be obtained; and the final winner will be awarded 10 million points of military merit.
"Lu Yaxing … never heard of it!" Lin soon found WeChat on the smart phone … This is a good thing. I have to go to the internet and go directly to the mobile phone network like once.
"WeChat nickname is still’ God of Wealth’!"
"Looking for’ Dragon God’ … I rely so much!"
"Wait, I’ll find out how many micro-signals are called the God of Wealth … more than 100,000 * * change the nickname’ Dark God of Wealth’ and this is the only one."
"Looking for’ Ice Wind Dragon God’ … With a dragon wisdom, this guy is as fast as me!"
Lin and Long Zhi had already agreed on various secret codes, and they signed up for the second special training after they reached the gravity area of 30 times, and they were working on these secret codes until most of the training.
Add wechat friends!
Lin sends the message "Long Zhi?"
Long Zhihui replied, "It’s me!"
Lin asked, "Do you know Lu Yaxing?"
Long Zhi said, "You don’t know?"
Lin said, "I don’t know!"
Long Zhi said, "Go and buy a’ silver’ necklace with you."
Lin immediately walked out of the teaching building and the school without asking more questions. He called the mobile phone map on the street, looked at the map and marked it one by one and walked in the direction of the nearest shopping mall.
While walking in the forest, I read WeChat. Longzhi has written and sent the information he knows about Lu Yaxing. "Lu Yaxing is also called the dead planet. At the end of 3 years (I don’t remember the specific time), a terrorist virus plague broke out all over the planet. This virus is called zombie virus, which was made by a scientist called Beru and also called Beru virus … The whole planet’s human department is dead!"
"This virus has a long incubation period, and it seems to be able to lurk for more than ten years. When it breaks out through air broadcast, it will turn people into zombies. Now the whole Luyaxing people are almost 100% infected with this virus … zombies, you should know what it is!"
"But this zombie virus turns into a zombie, which is much more horrible than the zombies in Resident Evil in the 21st century. Even if it is smashed in the head, it will not die. Only by blasting the nuclear silver weapon of the zombie virus in the zombie body can it completely kill a zombie!"
"If other metal weapons hit the virus gene nucleus, the gene nucleus will slowly recover automatically and slowly recover the original zombie body …"
"Now the zombie viruses in our bodies are in the incubation period, which can suppress the zombie viruses and prevent the virus from erupting. It is the metal’ silver’ that makes you buy silver with you, and you should wear it close to your body without clothes."
Lin finished reading the information sent by Long Zhi. Fortunately, I brought Long Zhi, otherwise I’m afraid I don’t know how I died.
Lin said, "Because I don’t know the specific time, I have to prepare food, water … the most important thing is a lot of silver. Where are you now?"
Long Zhihui "Langka City, Code Province!"
Lin said, "I’m in Nanfeng City, microcode province. I’m trying to make money now. Please come as soon as possible!" "
Long Zhi said, "Good!"
If you want to prepare a lot of food, a lot of water, especially a lot of silver, money is essential.
How much I still don’t know … Long Zhi didn’t know about’ Death Star Lu Yaxing’ until he read human history. It’s not as good as what Lin experienced personally in the 21st century.
Now this society is still an orderly society. After all, zombie viruses have not yet broken out, and you have to rely on money to get what you want.
Lin is no longer a player who knows how to play games. He has learned a lot of computer knowledge through the’ study chair’ in the secret research institute. If he is placed in the future real world, he can be regarded as a computer elite. In this era of three years, the network is absolutely like a god.
A smart phone in your hand is enough!
While walking, I manipulated my smartphone fingers and kept moving.
Sneak into the bank network to find some accounts and then directly change their own figures … Lin is really grateful for giving such a period of security. Without this period of security, I’m afraid Lin wants to get a lot of resources to rob.
Can he beat other players?
With bare hands, no armor, no props, no help, no home court … One result will be death.
Lin’s computer technology strength is definitely not in this era. Computer technology can stop changing its own data very smoothly.
In this digital age, it is just a bunch of numbers.
Lincoln has no time to make a little money … This is not the 21st century. He doesn’t understand this century, but he believes that Long Zhi’s memory is quite good, although he doesn’t have photographic memory. He will certainly remember this special historical event correctly.
At the end of three years … it’s already September, and it’s only the last four months to a year.
Four months is definitely not four months.
Three months may be about the same.
Lin is calculated according to two months, and there are still two months when there is enough money to prepare what to do to deal with the upcoming outbreak of zombie virus … There are large spacecraft manufacturing factories and interstellar airlines on this planet that can fly to other planets.
However, Tong will definitely not let players leave this planet by spaceship, and if it is possible, it will lose its training significance.
It’s still early on September 1st!
Long Zhi will arrive at noon.
When they met, Long Zhi saw Lin’s expression and asked, "Are you rich?"
Lin nodded "Yes!"
"How much?"
"As much as you want!"
Long Zhi stopped asking and said, "This special training was held in this virus … The first thing is that we need enough food and water and a lot of silver, which requires a big place for us to buy a building and rebuild it!"
Lin shook his head and said, "No, we should have a military base!" "
Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine widespread indignation and discontent with the god of wealth!
"This is special training?"
Stay up at night and look at the environment around you. Like Lin, it is also in a classroom surrounded by middle school students who look fifteen or sixteen years old.
Unlike Lin, Lin Touch is a teacher with an explosive temper, but she is a very beautiful teacher who stays at night and has a very good temper.
"Listen to the class at night!" Beauty teacher will wake up at night and say with good spirit.