"Do you confirm the establishment of a mercenary group to’ surge’?"

An Xiaoya’s ear came to the system.
After she confirmed it, a series of unified tones came to her ear.
Congratulations to the players, please make persistent efforts as soon as the G-level mercenary group is established.
Congratulations to the player for being the first to establish the player’s mercenary group level 2 and "soaring" into the first E-level mercenary group. Have a good game, please make persistent efforts!’
Congratulations to the player on becoming the head of the E-class mercenary group and the guide to the mercenary group. Please see the mercenary interface. Have a good game and make persistent efforts.’
Congratulations to the players for setting up the first player’s mercenary group.
Congratulations to the player on establishing the first player’s mercenary group and "boosting" the mercenary group level 2.
Hanhai city system announcement
There is also the announcement of world unification
A series of crosstalk keeps appearing.
An Xiaoya watched all these sounds and kept shaking the communication bar to set up something.
First of all, I will design my own pair of Dapeng wings mercenary badge to grant the exclusive badge of "whirlwind"
Then came something else.
It’s impossible for a small mercenary group to apply for membership in a foreign league.
It can be invited by people in the group and then decided whether to enter after the management of the floor.
The external application is to be closed
Later, Lai Xiaoya quickly introduced the rules and regulations of the mercenary group and the contribution integral system of the mercenary group into the management panel.
As soon as these things are introduced into the panel, they look quite neat and full
It’s completely different from the feeling of swinging when I first applied.
Then-in fact, nothing happened.
Their mercenary group headquarters AnXiaoya has long decided to put it in the business district where Ann’s father sent it.
Even the places in it have been planned. Of course, there is no hurry to find some stations that are actually not reliable.
"all right! Little friends should upgrade quickly! "
An Xiaoya cut a picture of the interface and sent it to the friends who are destined to be members of the mercenary group in the future to encourage everyone to work harder.
Wait until level 20 to add a mercenary group!
Everyone was jealous when they saw one of the mercenary group attributes!
Even if it is this, you have to come on and upgrade and enter the mercenary group quickly!
Yes, that’s an attribute plus mercenary group attribute.
E-level mercenary group can give members of their own group an Italian attribute and increase their ability by 3%.
Which attribute you choose will get 30% more!
This increase is simply terrible!
You know, this is the E-class mercenary group!
Is it necessary to increase it by 100% if it reaches Grade A?
An Xiaoya heard Xiao Wan ask himself this question, and it was very dark. "I can say this-you think too much."
"Do you know how difficult it is for mercenary group to upgrade? How long do you think it will take us to get to the E level if we are not the first to establish the award? "
"How long?" Xiaowan immediately asked.
An Xiaoya thought about it and gave an answer, "About-seven months?"
Xiaowan drew a mouthful of air conditioning.
"Goddess, that’s very kind of you!"
If Goddess hadn’t been the first to upgrade to level 2 and set up a mercenary group, they would have worked so hard to get this kind of attribute reward.
But now they will be promoted to level 20 and enter the mercenary group, so they can enjoy this kind of treatment.