In fact, it can be seen from the personal data that the stick and the acacia tree are strange in sight, but Ya deliberately asked!

Opposite the stick, he was habitually pitted. At this time, he didn’t think much about giving Ya back two words directly.
[private chat] stick to you and look at Sichuan.
Knowing that Ya must have something else to say is almost equivalent to waiting for Ya Laikeng!
After seeing the response of the stick, Ya first thought about adding a stick, an elegant string career and leaning on acacia, a heavenly heart, three vs five attributes. In fact, there are still some difficulties.
But at this time, Fang Jingshuo and others are busy. Who should they take with them?
Zhao Tiantian around me is a five-slag battle. It’s a question whether there is a second turn or not for the time being.
The goods haven’t been graded yet. I can’t help you!
After thinking about it, I have been pitted by myself before, and Ya thinks this product should be good.
But on second thought, if they go to kill the overlord, they will hang up their knives and wash the red after hanging up. Although there are props in the mall, what if they encounter an accident again?
After thinking about a game, players in the middle-level scene map and hostile camp can come and send a message to Lang directly on the smiling face.
Ya borrowed a team. I’m a little better. I want to avenge myself.
I don’t know if this product is very idle recently, because the news from opposite Lang will come back soon.
Lang is a god. ok!
Lang waited for almost five minutes after the news came back, and then sent another message.
Lang is a god. Someone will talk to you privately later. You just have to hand over normally.
Lang Xin just read Ya when he saw that his game number had received a private chat message.
Poke a look at a strange sense of disobedience and rise from the elegant heart.
[Private Chat] The mountain has Qiao Song (Long Xing Day) target name, target location and the number of times the target needs to be killed
Brother Lian is also a tease, and the message sent to Ya is also somewhat joyful.
Ya didn’t know that Lang’s arrangement for himself must be the best. He finally smiled and raised his hand to type.
[Private Chat] You have a Qiao Song (Long Xing Day) target name for the mountain. All members of the Zhantian Guild (the war overlord abused the dead) need to kill Yanta Mountain as many times as you can.
Brother Lian opposite is a little messy about such a message!
In other words, he can understand the target name and the target location, and there is no problem. Just switch to the hostile camp.
But how to break this number of kills?
What do you mean, I’ll kill you?
I don’t kill him, but I’m comfortable myself, right?
Without realizing it, Brother Lian finally took a small group of himself and directly killed the picturesque Yanta Mountain, where all guild players with "Zhantian" were cleaned up.
Finally, I felt that I still didn’t practice elder brother Shu and took my little friends in the picturesque scenery, and they all cleared up a circle in the scene they could enter.
After killing a circle like this, Brother Dailian felt that he was not only relieved, but also refreshed. The whole person was the most energetic!
Suddenly, in some white games, players like to kill people. pk is a kind of gameplay, and I feel that I can actually make another lap!
Finally, I stopped in Wangchuan to practice for my brother. After feeling all kinds of comfort, I took my little friends to clear a circle on various maps!
After half an hour, Ya saw the World Channel brush one after another. The members of the Zhantian Guild scolded and other small partners spoke out!
It is said that this kind of murder and blood spattering thing is actually done by brother Lian!
[World] Does the rival camp feel that your camp is too small to come to our side to play? Do you feel big?
[the world] I * * * * fuck * * * *
The war is still as ugly as before, and adults can’t watch it!
[World] Don’t go too far to fight the evil enemy camp. Don’t rob the boss or the game. What do you want to do in our camp? Is there no one in the picturesque camp?
[World] Fighting Demons Oh, gather together Long Xing. God, do you want to fight with the picturesque camp?
After that, there are many kinds of tricks for the world to scold everything.
And ya poked a stick after watching it for half a day.
[Private Chat] Tell them with a stick that the hostile camp can’t see the World Channel, or just speak loudly.
Just now, Ya made an agreement with Brother Dailian about killing people, and then he was ready to go to spend time in the country to clear himself up.
However, it happened that Zhao Tiantian, an idiot, had not finished her second turn because Marshal was busy, but her cooking skills have been upgraded to advanced level, but it takes the player two turns to upgrade her cooking skills.
In the end, Zhao Tiantian looked at Yayafa with a pitiful face, and he could also throw his number back to Chang ‘an and then help Zhao Tiantian turn around.
It’s not too much trouble to turn around. It’s just that it will take a while to fight the elite monster at last
However, the normal second turn of the player is not as complicated and isolated as Ya. When Ya finally hits the elite monster, Ya directly pulls his own tuba, and the two teams hang small plug-ins and it will be finished in a while.
After half an hour, Zhao Tiantian’s success in the second turn increased the fighting capacity a lot, but Zhao Tiantian didn’t care if he just took his own number to upgrade his cooking skills.
Looking at Zhao Tiantian, which has been successfully upgraded to advanced cooking, and her own number is still at the intermediate pharmaceutical level, some people say that she has relaxed a lot recently.
I feel it is necessary to make a dash for my pharmaceutical skills. Yazheng is going to take notes and pour the small No.2 medicine into the large one to wash away my proficiency, but at this time, I see the World Channel swearing at the members of the Zhantian Association.
Meng Meng’s automatic release is 2 days away from Meng Qian’s return! L
☆, Chapter 277 Food stalls
After being aired for half an hour, I was finally remembered that the stick is also cute at this time!
So he’s still waiting to be cheated?
How can it be forgotten like this?
The stick means no, and no one can compete with him!
Please let Heiya cheat him!
He has a thick skin and strong pit resistance!
The stick leaned against acacia and brushed it for half an hour. After that, it was finally remembered and summoned by Ya successfully.
It doesn’t look like a cheat people stick to show his solution when he looks at the message sent by Xiaoheya to himself, but he finally obeyed and did it, and he was still a big speaker.
[Loudspeaker] Stick (picturesque) Please pay attention, please pay attention to swearing words, and still scold the hostile camp, please call the Loudspeaker World Channel, who can see and fall!