You know, at present, the best equipment in the hands of other players in the game is the level 4 purple suit.

But their own equipment is not only one level higher than theirs, but also one level higher.
The last and most surprising thing for Luo Xiu is that this equipment comes with a stunt.
Equipment special effects are equipped with special effects, while equipment special effects are equipped with a special skill that players can release voluntarily.
Now Luo Slim’s stunt of this dark dragon emperor suit is super fusion of dragon blood!
[Dragon Blood Super Fusion]
Blood Knight, who belongs to Long, has super ability. After super fusion, his pet can quickly perform super fusion. According to the different abilities of the pet, he has different fusion abilities, which will consume a lot of experience in the super fusion state.
The former Luo Xiuneng Xiaobai is super-fused, and the super-fusion is a little long, so he must have enough time to prepare, but this process is bound to be a dangerous process.
But now that I have this dragon blood super fusion skill, it’s different.
I can be integrated in a short world, and I can be integrated with my own pet.
Magic skill is simply magic skill!
Luo Xiu is naturally very happy to get such a good set of equipment and have such a powerful skill.
But Luo Xiu was happy, but he was not happy.
Dun Dun Meat looked back from joy and burst with one shot. He couldn’t help but ask, "How do you explain that the Lord of the Dragon Egg is back now?"
Luo Xiu took one look at Jiang Gan, Jiang Gan took another look at Luo Xiu, and then the two men said, "I don’t know."
"Yes, what happened to the dragon egg? Don’t know what’s going on? Shield meat, do you know what happened? "
"Yes and yes, I haven’t seen the dragon eggs recently. What happened to the two dragon eggs? Did they become three? Or merged into one? "
Shield meat stare big eyes looking at the front of the two people lie like drinking water.
The horse shook its head like a rattle. "I don’t know, I don’t know."
Chapter 21 Because I am her man! (1)
After acquiring new equipment, Luo Xiu was very happy. шшшшы.m ё
The only pity now is that Pojun, the hero in his own hand, is still at level 25. If the level of Pojun, the hero, rises to almost the same level as himself, his strength will rise even more.
However, shield meat is not good at forging weapons, so Luo Xiu did not look for shield meat.
I’m counting on meeting Daodaozhai in the future and asking him to help me upgrade Hao Long Pojun.
Now, Luo has been upgraded in the blood forest and suddenly received a friend message.
It’s even killing.
"I’m sorry I tried."
When you see this message, Luo Xiu is a daze, so you try your best. There is no foreshadowing in front of it and no explanation behind it. Suddenly, you can’t understand such a sentence.
Then I received a unified message.
More accurately, at this time, the players of the wild map around the map of Tianyan City have received a unified propaganda.
[High Wind Hidden] A shot shattered the smile. Now we are guarding the corpse outside the west of Tianyan City. If it is a man, come and save it yourself! If she doesn’t have the guts, let her choose to go back to the city to resurrect.
The wind is hidden?
Luo Xiu has never heard of who this man is, but this man did succeed because he succeeded in igniting his anger.
Just as Luo Xiu was about to send a message and ask what was still going on, another sound was sent out when he just clicked on the friend list.
[Love Foam] A shot shattered the smile. Now we are guarding the corpse outside the west of Tianyan City. If it is a man, come and save it yourself! If she doesn’t have the guts, let her choose to go back to the city to resurrect.
See this note Luo Xiu eyebrows a wrinkly.
I also guessed that the Love Guild might never end with me, but I never thought that now they would use such tricks. I’m afraid that Feng Feng Yin was also invited by Love Foam.
Luo Xiu heaved a sigh of relief and ordered a friend list to ask what was still going on.
Laughter is still just coming to Tianyancheng. I don’t know if Luo Xiu is busy looking at himself. I think about it at lunch and we will have dinner together for a while.
If Luo Xiuzheng is busy, sending him a message himself will disturb his office, so he will go out of the city and find a place to train himself.
Can let smile still didn’t even think that he had just walked out of the East Gate when he received a message from Liansha, a person who seems to be familiar with himself, telling himself to hurry back to the city and not to go out.
But when I was laughing and still didn’t know what was going on, nothing could come.
Gas distortion at the same time, a cold cold mountain stabbed his throat.
Then the high wind attacks from the side and will still kill the laughter on the spot.
After that, many people rushed out from all sides and surrounded their bodies.
Laughter is still the most important choice for Tianyan City, but later, when a shot burst, I chose to go to Liuyan City, where I can’t have enemies. The only explanation is that these people are not aiming at themselves but at a shot burst.
My horse is prepared to choose to go back to the city for resurrection at the expense of rank, because he knows that if he is really here, he will definitely come to save himself if he is shot and shattered.
But Luo Xiu came to save himself and fell into these traps.
Laughing still prefers to choose your own loss of experience
But just before my soul left, I received two sounds.
Laughing after seeing these two sounds still knows that I can’t leave.
I have to admit that people who think of this way are too vicious.
Because after they say this, once they choose to go back to the city to resurrect, it is equivalent to saying that a shot is shattered and they dare not come, so they still choose to go back to the city to resurrect.
It’s a trap, but it just makes you have to jump in
Laughter is still so angry. The horse chooses the soul to return to the cemetery.
I want to be resurrected as soon as possible, and then my puppet of Yin and Yang will kill these people around me so as not to be shattered by one shot and fall into their trap