A small bowl in a family of four is one of the most lonely people.

Besides sex, it’s because of looks, but both children are good-looking. How can she be ugly?
However, compared with Song Xing, her facial features are not so delicate, but it is a little bleak. Every facial feature is good when viewed alone, but it will feel mediocre when connected together.
But because of this, the small bowl looks very young among a group of middle-aged women who have been honed by life.
She’s been spoiled by her family since she was a child, and she has never suffered before or after marriage. She looks like a generation behind a group of people.
It is also because of this that there are very few people who speak in the brigade.
When I was young, most of my friends were far away from home, and there were all kinds of frictions. The eldest daughter-in-law couldn’t talk to her, and the younger daughter-in-law rejected her in all kinds of ways, that is, with several sisters-in-law at home
She has always been soft-tempered and absorbed in her own affairs, but this is when she is not offended.
It is obvious that family is the bottom line of this good-natured woman.
She let out her hoe and walked over there. The malicious people stared at her quietly.
At first, the man was hostile to ridicule and then he was a little ashamed. "What are you looking at?"
"I’m looking at you." Qu Xiao Bowl held his chest in his hands and looked at the man condescendingly again.
It was Zhou’s daughter-in-law who married a few years ago and never dealt with Qu Xiaowan. It should be said that she did not deal with Qu Xiaowan unilaterally.
I have been trying to compare my husband with Qu Xiaowan and my family with my children.
I really want to talk about it, except that my husband can do something.
However, although it is recognized that Song Xing can’t work, it is also recognized that he is good-looking
People don’t like it if it’s a wedding photo, but if it’s just watching or being a concubine, many people want it.
Qu Xiaowan knows all about this, but her husband knows it himself. Although he is lazy and slippery all day, he looks like a flower, but people are the most polite.
Asking is afraid of being taken advantage of.
It’s good that he looks so good, and it’s normal for Qu Xiaowan to have such concerns.
She looked down at Zhou’s daughter-in-law and saw her dark yellow skin and her face twisted with jealousy. She gently lifted her eyelids and pulled her mouth, which was careless and insulting.
"It’s ugly. Jealous is uglier than a mountain monkey."
Say that finish song small bowl also not much said picked up a hoe and left directly, but very natural and unrestrained.
It’s also that she leaves the Qu family at any time, but no one will say, but they don’t know, and they will definitely be scolded by their families.
"She, she …" Zhou’s daughter-in-law was speechless with anger.
Other onlookers raised their eyebrows. Several women’s houses looked at each other, and their faces were full.
I can’t see it. There’s something in the small bowl.
Today, it left a deep impression on everyone. After all, no one expected that this small bowl would be so angry at ordinary times.
I heard that Zhou’s daughter-in-law lost her temper as soon as she got back, and her husband clamored to go to the sales club to buy things, which was another night.
This is not waiting until the next day, it is the election time, but everyone is still talking about it.
That one or two people can’t ignore their eyes when they look at each other.
Momo peach at first, they looked at themselves, pulled themselves up a little, straightened up a little, and then lifted up their little heads.
"Why do I feel that they are looking at their mother?"
"Aren’t they just looking at your mother?" Mrs. Qu cheerfully said, "Your mother was so fierce yesterday that she cried her bully."
Isn’t that Zhou’s daughter-in-law crying silently after Qu Xiaowan left?
This casual swearing is harmful, but the most harmful thing is that it is true.
"Really?" Momo peach stare big eyes "mom so much?"
Qu Xiaowan blushed and pursed her lips. "No, I just said."
In other words, she still learns from persimmon’s usual training style, otherwise she can’t scold people.
"Where is that? It’s just a daughter-in-law who is clever. Just two sentences can get rid of a person but it’s very severe." Song Xing laughed and hugged her shoulder and voted again
"Daughter-in-law, don’t worry, I don’t even look at those old ladies. It’s in my heart that my daughter-in-law is alone …"
Momo peach vomitted to stick out tongue little finger touched the face "shame".
Others turned supercilious look early in the morning and silently stayed away from them.
This Song Xing is really …
But the words are so said. Looking at Song Xing in this way, everyone still has some envy and stared silently at their own home except the bed. That’s a husband who doesn’t say anything.
Can’t compare.
While several people were talking, the election officially began.
The election of their brigade is very simple. It is good to elect these candidates anonymously, introduce themselves in the front and let local people vote.
This vote, the first few village committees have already made the votes, and everyone has it. Just put the list in the box and count it.