"Well played!" Many ghosts have been drinking to cheer for Su Qing.

Even Zhuge frowned when he was not bright, and the form seemed to be unfavorable to Wang Ba Wen. The magic weapon in Su Qing’s hands seems to be not weak, and Wang Ba Wen is not low. If Wang Bawen loses this time, it’s really a missing child-an adult.
And at that moment, Wang Ba Wen suddenly roared, black gas enveloped his body, and each ghost hand leaned out and grabbed Su Qing.
These ghost hands are all motivated by Gu Wu Upanishads, and their power cannot be underestimated. Thousands of ghost hands leaned out and swept to Su Qing with overwhelming force.
Zhuge didn’t shine at the moment, but I didn’t expect this Wang Ba Wen and his closet kung fu to be put to good use.
This trick, called Thousand Ghost Hands, is really Wang Bawen’s kung fu, and he found it in a barren mountain in eighteen layers of hell by chance. I will never use this trick until my life is dying. At present, the situation is in crisis, and he has to use his unique skill.
Thousands of ghost hands flew out and tore at Su Qing. Everyone’s face changed greatly. Obviously, even they didn’t know that Wang Ba Wen had this skill. Many ghosts looked at Zhuge Liang, and they mistakenly thought that Zhuge Liang must have given him this kind of kung fu.
Su Qing fuelling the spine across his front, light blue flame fills the air of the undead, horizontal chop vertical chop, will sweep the ghost hand scattered.
But there are too many ghost hands, and each ghost hand is clenched and smashed towards Su Qing.
"Bang bang bang!"
Even with the spine insulation, Su Qing still weighs dozens of fists in the blink of an eye.
Dozens of ghost hands leaned out, and Su Qing’s spine was taken away. Lost the magic weapon of insulation, Su Qing almost had no resistance, and was shot out by thousands of ghost hands, spitting out a mouthful of black blood in mid-air.
"You lost." Wang Ba Wen’s voice sounded, and he threw his spine at Su Qing.
Su Qing, clutching his chest, stood up with the help of many ghosts and said, "You won. You are our new leader now."
Wang Ba-wen turned to Zhuge Liang and laughed silly. He is really grateful to Zhuge Liang from the bottom of his heart. Without him, I’m afraid he would never have done this in his life.
A group of ghosts knelt on the ground and paid homage to the new Lord.
Zhuge came up with a smile and said, "Since my apprentice has become your new Lord, as a master, I will give you a small gift."
"a gift?" All ghosts are stupefied. Even Wang Ba Wen looked curiously at Zhuge Liang.
Zhuge Liang smiled and said, "How about helping you expand your field?"
On a hill, Wang Bawen and Zhuge Buliang stood there, overlooking a small town in the distance. The town is brightly lit, and even if it is far away, you can still hear the noise in the town.
"This small town is called Bala Town, which is the same force as our Sifang Town." Wang Ba Wen explained that Zhuge was not bright.
Zhuge didn’t light up and nodded: "After tonight, this town will be managed by your Sifang Town."
Wang Ba Wen nodded excitedly.
"Leave this leader of Bala Town to yourself, and leave the rest to me. Are you confident?" Zhuge looked at him before dawn.
Wang Bawen nodded: "Of course, I have confidence. I have borrowed Su Qing’s magic weapon, and with a thousand ghost hands, I believe I can give the leader of Bala Town a P before a K!"
"On the road!" Zhuge didn’t smile, and two streamers flew to Bala Town not far away.
The land area of Bala Town is not much compared with that of Sifang Town, and the town is extremely noisy, which shows that it is a bustling town. At the entrance of the town, more than a dozen ghosts are guarding it.
Two streamers landed at the mouth of Bala Town, and the ghost repair of a dozen guards was immediately surprised.
"What person!" More than a dozen ghost repair have flashed their weapons.
"A few? Can you still recognize me? " Wang Bawen walked up with a smile.
"oh? It turned out to be Wang Bawen of Sifang Town. What are you doing in Bala Town? " A ghost repair seems to be an old acquaintance of Wang Bawen, and immediately raised his head and said coldly.
"I want to see your leader." Wang Bawen said.
"Cut, stop it." The ghost xiu snorted lightly: "Is our leader also a pawn in Sifang Town? There’s nothing to go away. I warn you, the ghost repair in Sifang Town is less than that in Bala Town. "
Wang Ba Wen smiled and stepped back.
Zhuge stood up before dawn, with his hands on his back, and shouted, "Go away!"
As soon as the words sound just fell, Zhuge’s dead eyes turned, and the dead eyes could directly hit the soul. A dozen ghosts immediately felt their souls tremble and drew their weapons one after another, shouting, "It seems that you are here to find fault."
Zhuge didn’t bother to give this kind of wannabe verbose, and the purple nebula vortex swallowed it directly, without looking for any traces, and swallowed up all a dozen ghost repairs.
Chapter 292 The Ghost King, please welcome
Zhuge didn’t bother to give this kind of wannabe verbose, and the purple nebula vortex swallowed it directly, without looking for any traces, and swallowed up all a dozen ghost repairs.
A dozen ghosts disappeared immediately, and Zhuge clapped his hands and said, "Go, go in and take over your field." The scene at the entrance of the town was just seen by several ghosts who were hiding not far away. As soon as Zhuge Liang entered the city, he was immediately surrounded by many ghosts, and cold light shining weapons were chopped at them. The originally bustling city war was filled with shouting ShaSheng.
Wang Bawen walked lightly behind Zhuge Liang. Zhuge did not light up the purple nebula vortex above his head, but when he saw a ghost repair rushing up, he swallowed it directly without saying anything.
"Wang Bawen, you are a pawn in Sifang Town, and you feel that we are making trouble in Bala Town!" A ghost repair jumped out and directly hit the surging black gas towards Wang Ba Wen and Zhuge Bu Liang.
"This is the deputy head of Bala Town. It is a good repair and should be comparable to Su Qing." Wang Ba Wen explained in Zhuge’s unlit ear.
Zhuge didn’t say anything until he was bright, with a snort of cold, and his robe and sleeves were displayed, which immediately dispersed the black gas.
"Wang Bawen, you are too presumptuous, and you feel that I am wild in Bala Town." The deputy head of Bala Town shouted.
Wang Bawen snorted: "I officially announce to you that I am now the leader of Sifang Town, and I have come to crusade against Bala Town and ask your leader to come out."
"crusade?" All ghost repairs are stupefied.
The deputy head of Bala Town sneered: "Wang Bawen, this joke is not funny at all. Do you want to crusade against Bala Town with you two?"
Say and Bala town deputy chief black gas surge, forming a vortex cover down.
Zhuge is not bright and there is no wind, and the purple nebula vortex instantly devours the black gas vortex.
"what! The smell of strangers! " The deputy head of Bala Town was shocked and looked at Zhuge Liang. He said, "Are you the stranger in the eighteen layers of hell?"
"Now I officially announce that your town of Bala belongs to our town of Sifang!" Wang Bawen is on his high horse, backed by Zhuge Liang, and he is fearless.
"The tone is not small, and I am afraid that you can’t swallow it in Sifang Town." Bala town deputy chief whistling, the body rushed up, as if there were endless dark clouds hanging over here.
When Zhuge was not bright, the purple light surged, like a real dragon breathing, and seven stars were suspended overhead, just like the seven worlds.
Bala town deputy head with a heavy drink, swooped down, boundless dark clouds to find below.
The purple brilliance is surging, sweeping out a big dipper screen and swinging the boundless dark clouds. At the same time, the purple nebula whirled upward, devouring the deputy head of Bala Town.
Bala, the deputy head of the town, was surprised, and his body instinctively fell back, but he still didn’t avoid the purple vortex. The whole person didn’t enter the vortex, and the nebula churned and drowned it.
The ghosts in Bala Town were shocked, and this was just a cliff. I didn’t expect the deputy leader of my own side to be swallowed up by the other side. It is the first time in the history of eighteen layers of hell that strangers have swallowed up ghost practices.
Wang Bawen scanned all the ghost practices in Bala Town, and said with a heavy voice, "Call your Lord out and tell him that my king Bawen has come to take over this place!"
Everyone was silent and stood there with a full face of fear.
"Bala town leaders? !” Zhuge is not bright and heavy, and the sound waves are rolling out.