Cloud just came in and let people all back to Mu Lian and made a gesture of please sit down.

Mu Lian immediately sat down, but the tea was ready for a week.
But his identity is a prince.
"Buddhist adult" Mu Lian couldn’t help but call one to kneel and salute the cloud.
Cloud immediately motioning with his hand, "the ceremony will not work. Are you from Wangfu who want to come to Buddhist mansion? Just say it. "
Mu Lian couldn’t help wondering if the cloud was generous and direct.
Then he paused and asked, "Master, is your granddaughter really being held hostage by your secluded hall?"
In fact, he just came to confirm and inquire whether Yiyun was going to save his granddaughter.
To the population so ask cloud can’t help but see his one eye.
Did he make it clear to Chi Mi before, so someone asked him again?
Then I remembered that Qian Yunzui and Chi Mie took Mulian in and stayed in Mie Wangfu easily.
So now it’s Mulian, right?
It’s not surprising to think of the cloud like this. He slowly replied, "Yes, it’s a great shame to make you hold the Buddhist granddaughter hostage. But this strange pool country doesn’t know how big the influence of the strange pool country is. If you rush to rescue, it will be dangerous."
Mu Lian couldn’t help being silent and immediately retorted, "But in the long run, wouldn’t Miss Yun have been killed?"
959. 959 Assassination (4)
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Although Mulian doesn’t want it to be like he said, just because he doesn’t want it doesn’t mean it won’t be like this.
He hopes that things will develop for the better, but he is also worried about the worst result.
"This Buddhist has not thought about it, but this matter really can’t be rushed for a while, and it is necessary to plan for the time being to save people."
He won’t tell Mulian the truth, because if he says more, he needs more. Then follow Mulian’s words, so there won’t be any flaws.
Mu Lian is not silent again.
Chi Mi and Yun are the same. If you are worried that you will lose both sides, you will do nothing.
But everyone thinks so. What is Yunzui ‘an going to do?
Do you really care?
Mu Lian wants to talk about his heart, but the cloud is grandpa Yun Zui.
How can he not worry about his granddaughter?
Maybe it’s too much to do, and there’s no way to stay put
"Excuse me," said Mulian, leaving.
Cloud looked at longed for even figure can’t help but stop "wait a minute".
Mu Lian couldn’t help but stop and look at Yunyun and immediately asked, "Are you Mu Lian?"
Mu Lian couldn’t help but feel surprised. But the second collision with the cloud didn’t report it. So now even if the identity is seen through, there won’t be anything, right?
"It is the younger generation" Mu Lian has no plans to cheat Grandpa Yunzui more.
Cloud still can’t help but say, "I can’t control this matter, Wang Ye, and you still don’t have to worry about it. Otherwise, it’s not just a waste of energy. If you want to save people, maybe people will not succeed in saving them, but they will take themselves in."
Cloud talk is to persuade Mulian to listen or not. That’s his business.
Mu Lian finally left the cloud and could not help sighing.
The ancient cloud drunk provoked Mulian, and Mulian’s identity was a wanted man, which was really a trouble.
It’s better to save Yunzui this time and let the ancient Yunzui sleep and disappear completely.
I don’t know who controls the body when the three of them are together.
Clouds look up day by day and year by year. If the wolf and fairy don’t think of cloud drunkenness and pool, it’s really hopeless.
With a faint sigh, everything was smooth when Qian Yunzui first came, and now it has become a bit bumpy.
I really hope Yunzui won’t have anything to do.