Blue ink Yan took RuXiaoNan through the crowd and went straight to the first position in front of the old duke.

"Let" green ink Yan lips light qi light spit out two words.
All the people present in the eyes showed a hard-to-hide surprise.
They all know that Qing Moyan is tough, but shouldn’t this be his most humiliating time? Without his identity, he has become what people call a "bastard", and he is still so strong.
"Let" green ink yan said another sentence.
The old duke just came to his senses.
Blue ink Yan sleeve gently waved holding RuXiaoNan in the old duke just sat down.
Everyone was surprised.
They are actually sitting at the head of the ancestral temple, sitting as the subject and guest.
Chapter 3 Leave with Lu memorial tablet together
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Blue ink yan pull RuXiaoNan sat in the first position.
The old duke looks just like the bottom of a pot.
Green ink yan hand ring RuXiaoNan waist let her sit on his leg.
Ru Xiaonan is still in a confused state after waking up, leaning against the green ink face and she is sleepy again.
The second young master stared at the blue ink Yan intensely. "Can you sit in this position?"
Blue ink Yan brushed her hair like a little girl’s sideburns. "Can’t you sit?"
"You don’t see what you are," the second young master said mercilessly.
At this time, everyone also came to their senses. "Yes, how can you sit here?"
"This is the position of the patriarch."
"You are no longer a Qing Dynasty official. I called you here today to expel you from the genealogy."
They buzzed with green ink Yan is firmly sitting.
"Why don’t you understand people?" With all the uncles in the family around us, the second young master is getting bolder and bolder.
Blue ink yan slowly raised his head and black and white eyes swept all instantly as if the temperature in the ancestral temple had dropped a few minutes.
It’s a kind of suffocation that makes people breathless.
The second young master just couldn’t help but take a half step back.
Qing Mo Yan’s lips gently pulled "It seems that your memories are not very good. No matter what my status is, my first wife is the first lady of Yue County. Do you think this one should be seated improperly?"
The old duke opened his mouth
As a first lady, you really have to sit first.
"But that’s her identity, not you," said the second young master. "You don’t deserve that."
Qing Moyan’s eyes bent. "Little Nan doesn’t like sitting alone, but she likes sitting in my arms." Then he bowed his head and whispered to Ru Xiaonan, "Are you right or not?"
RuXiaoNan on his arms is comfortable just don’t want to sit alone.
Hearing this, she nodded and rubbed into his arms at the same time.
Everyone raised eyebrows in succession.
It’s the first time they’ve seen a woman sitting in a man’s arms so freely without shame in public.
RuXiaoNan was staring at the milli bit shy.
She has long been used to being hugged by Qing Mo Yan, and when she was a pet, she didn’t sit beside him.
At this time, she also took it for granted to accept the baptism of everyone’s eyes.
The old duke’s eyes sank. "Let’s get down to business."
The second young master was full of ambition, and none of those means was successful when he was angry.
"My father said I was a little curious. He was my eldest brother for so long, but I didn’t expect that he turned out to be a bastard. My father was very kind. If you had been in Beppu for so long, you would have been thrown into the pool and drowned." Said the second young master, laughing.
The ancestral hall fell into a dead silence.