All this is due to the right-hand man of Tianxin, Galo 12, who was praised as a three-system sword by later generations.

Galo 12 is a good talent, and his spiritual path is aloof then avenue. However, after seeing several most powerful civilizations between heaven and earth and countless abnormal monks, his mentality has changed fundamentally and he has a new understanding of then avenue.
Then avenue was repaired to the later stage, and the first thing was to return the favor. But how to return it, no one knows The thirteen brothers of Galo walked in the colorful star field, and suddenly a thousand years passed. They thought that they would usher in a thousand-year fairy disaster, but the thousand-year fairy disaster did not come. This surprised all then practitioners, and the thirteen brothers of Galo realized faintly that this should be because there is no trace of hatred in the gorgeous star field. As the benefactor said, heaven and earth don’t keep corpses for vegetarians. It is the duty of all great magical powers to observe the micro-phenomena on behalf of heaven. Heaven and earth are filled with resentment, the wrath of heaven, and all beings are one. Punish with flash floods, earthquakes and even star sinking. The Millennium to the micro-fairy robbery is a punishment, a reminder and a reward. Cherish the ages and the present, then the yogi only values my Tao, thinking that he is superior, so he will never be robbed, and eventually the fossil will turn into a star, and he will not be promoted to the mixed heaven of Jin and Yuan.
We haven’t seen the Millennium disaster for two thousand years, and the thirteen brothers of Galo have affirmed their own ideas. Affirmed the three systems. Xuanzong Sange and all the Danxiu in Wandian were dumbfounded, but they thought it was incredible, but they also affirmed the three systems. Therefore, Xuanzong Zhan Ge and various families participated in the war against the Seven Color Major League.
This is also the fundamental reason why Tianxin asked Galo 12 to preside over the "Three Systems of China" in Huanghexingyu. Only those who have a profound and subtle understanding of the three systems can really implement the three systems. There are other reasons for Tianxin to rest assured that Galo XII will run the Huanghe Star Domain. The Galo thirteen brothers are one, and the war in the colorful star partition is over. Other Galo brothers will also come, and the Xuanzong veterans who have made good friends with them may be very interested in the imaginary world of the interstellar city here. The floating island can tick off the soul of the veteran. Moreover, Tianxin is also looking forward to what kind of spiritual collision and earthquake will be brought about by the re-entry of ancient Dan Dao into the starry sky of the Yellow River valley in Asia!
"Lord, the situation of the colorful star partition has been decided, and I don’t know what the Lord will do next," said Mihara Star City. Galo 12 received Tianxin Road.
"Practice, no matter what direction, is in the pursuit of quality of life. Therefore, we must try our best to improve our own practice. Now, the position of the highest official of the public affairs department of Huanghexingyu is with you. And I have to look around. "
"Yes, Lord. After coming to this Taoist world, the twelve Dan hearts often shake. Examine it carefully. The starry sky smells of evil, vanity also has evil, and deep space has more wind and rain … "
"Twelve, you’re right. The starry sky in NINEONE is a place where interest is gathered. If there is a problem in this world. It must be in the sub-starry sky. Good and evil people are mixed up, there is no inspection, and the people of the universe are gathered here, free … All the wind is born, the thunder is ringing, and the electricity is flashing … "
"What does the benefactor say about the world?" Galois 12 grasped new terms sensitively.
"The world is …" Tianxin elaborated on the information he heard from the emperor of the star country and the main domain tyrant of Qingqiong gens, and he was shocked by Galo. After a while, he said, "Lord, I think the people in the three pavilions of Xuanzong should be very interested in this news. They can be your best helpers."
"I have already communicated with them. After a while, Xuanzong Sange will have two billion roads each, totaling six billion roads." Tianxin smiled. "Since entering the Seven Colors Major League, the chief patriarch of Xuanzong has a lot of complaints about the world beyond the colorful star field. I am not convinced that the true spiritual practice has gone far in front of the Danxiu land and is planning to fully promote Dandao."
"Xuanzhou Taoist priest finally began to understand," said Galo Twelve, who was delighted by the news. "In the past, his subordinates always advised him that Dan Dao should not exist in the form of patriarchal clan, but should be widely opened to the public. He is always reluctant to start school on the grounds that the college has learned a lot and his disciples have too many side affairs to cultivate the essence of Dan Tao, so that the colorful star field has developed for two or three thousand planet years. Then the children are still confined to the clan they have opened, and the number is much less than that of the immortal students trained by the benefactor. This time, after entering the Seven-Color Major League, Xuanzong’s disciples can’t even gather together a senior Danxiu legion. Now that I think about it, Xuanzhou Taoist should be very sorry.
"This is the law. Tao gives birth to one, life to two, life to three and life to all things, so the world is prosperous. It is wrong to think that there is really any ancestral law in this world that will ensure eternal prosperity, and it is safe to abide by that law. Waiting for this kind of person, this kind of race is extinct, and it is beyond redemption. "
"Master Xie En pointed out that the Twelfth Five-Year Plan will make a good selection, keep pace with the times, blend with the environment, and strive to enrich the three systems based on the everyone judge system, so that all the employees in the Ministry of Public Affairs are the most ideal pioneers in the industry."
"Yes, it must be, and we can’t relax."
"Yes, Lord."
In 1452, the first year of the Earth-Earth interplanetary, on the twelfth day of Galo, another Galo brother and six billion people from Xuanzong Sange dived into the deep space.
Ten days later, all the stars in the three-system area are quiet and pleasant. But who also didn’t expect, after the dark void, will soon usher in the plane of the team.
Tianxin, as always, criss-crosses several star divisions in the three-system China, while inspecting the achievements of each star division, while cultivating the baby, finely controlling all instruments and absorbing all kinds of subtle knowledge created by the people. Life is very easy, and sometimes I changed my appearance with Ziyue, Due Jin Wei and other daughters, and went to the Democratic Alliance and the Emperor Star Alliance to see the Range Rover.
Lotus leaf in the next day is not to be green, the lotus is particularly bright red in the sun.
On this day, Tianxin tried Hualien for nine days in the void of flying stars in many countries in China. The overwhelming lotus leaves are derived from the sky. Give birth to a lotus flower with nine leaves. This is the ninth time that Tianxin has re-refined Jiutian Hualien. Flying Star Domain belongs to the wild star domain. After years of development, there are still one third of the area where adventurers have not set foot, and the wild breath is very fierce. The pure element gas taken from the rocky star zone has a very original pure texture.
And after nine times of training for nine days, Hua Lian is not comparable to the past at this time. When magnified to the maximum shape, the size is not less than the normal barrier of the 20-level star. Looking into the void, it is a star lotus. The seven seas inside. After melting into the spirit-invading medium, it has become a ghost domain. Those who practice at or below the initial stage of true spirit are trapped in seven seas, and there are many illusions. You can kill yourself, but if you escape, you will be advanced in cultivation; Red and white are the most improved, although the final state is only the second-order star state, but when the circle turns to Tai Chi, the force field of the two instruments can reach tens of millions of kilometers. After the reset of the photo-generated nine-rotation array and the nine planets mixed array, the color of the photo-generated nine-leaf lotus land is no longer a pure light color. But can change white, green, blue, red, the worst is colorless, colorless nine-leaf lotus is simply a magic light, in terms of mutual development. The power is comparable to that of the same order of magnitude, and the two large arrays are fully operational and derived from another heavy form, Tai Chi Sunday and Sunday, which is even more terrifying. If you are in a cosmic vortex, if you are at the head of a heavy wave, it is difficult to move, so you can’t be independent.
At this point, Jiutian Hualian, the most commonly used multifunctional attack and defense instrument of Tianxin, has reached the top. If you want to upgrade again. Unless Tianxin collects HarmonyOS purple light, pure gas and original fire, which have remained in shape since the beginning of the universe.
As a heavenly heart, I love the nine-day lotus flower. The main reason is that this instrument can’t use the powerlessness to control it. Powerlessness is the patent of the boat sword. The divine power of heaven, the true spiritual power, the immortal spiritual power and the true yuan power are all required by the twisting method. In nine days, Hua Lian will send out corresponding power. It is the best manipulation device. Unlike the purple iron sword, the dragon-drawing ruler and the original fire dragon in the later period, you have to use the divine power of heaven to be handy, but it will also expose most of your strength. As for God Baby Tianluo and Six-pointed Star Wheel, they are exclusive instruments for God Baby Boy. Don’t even think about driving them.
Such an instrument. When women such as Purple Moon and Jin Wei are admired, they can only look at the ocean and sigh, but they can’t rob the land. They don’t have the strength to play with this little lotus, and the knowledge needed to maintain and control this little lotus is too huge for them to afford. In their hands for nine days, Hua Lian can only exert one thousandth of her strength, which is a serious failure to take advantage of manipulations.
The girls couldn’t get rid of it, but someone really took a fancy to this lotus.
When Tianxin tested the power of various colors of photogenerated nine-leaf lotus land, a hole was quietly opened in the boundless deep space. Ten black legions, like a black line, flashed into the deep space of the three countries; What’s more, after the black line went away, hundreds of people chased one person in the slowly closed hole and flashed in. It is this hundred single people who come for the nine-day Hualian.
"Domain night white, you can’t escape, ha ha, want to give domain bully children tidings. Do you want Lao tze to tell you where the domain bully children are, Gaga … "
Heavenly heart frowns, and God knows everything.
As soon as the hole in the deep space was opened, he noticed the abnormality. After all, that’s where he often collects the texture of the misty world, and the shovel at the other end has been ringing for too long, so he planted boundless neural radar there early. The black line army rushed in and washed away a batch of neural radars, but that cut also sucked in countless nano-scale neural radars.
"These guys are a bit like domain bully described kuntian spirit world middleman. Hehe, everyone has the cultivation in the later period of the true spirit, and the domain hegemony is miserable. "
Tianxin, the strength of the Star Country’s domain bully, is known. Although it has two star domains and has developed tens of thousands of planet years, except for his own people in the green dome, it has not yet cultivated a true spirit warrior, let alone an established true spirit legion. There are hundreds of critical fairy legions, which only appeared after importing energy food from three countries. However, this guy’s ghost elves are also very concerned about current events. After the birth of the fighting star method base in Jingang, he just poured financial resources to buy 20,000 seats from the three-system China countries to protect the river system in the capital of the star country of Canjun Star Field. However, because he doesn’t have enough low-order true spirit fighters, 20,000 seats of star method base that can only emit fairy energy can not stop each other’s high-order true spirit army.
As a result, a wave of gods’ knowledge was sent to the Star City of the Earth’s Nine Extremes, and Tong Ya was informed to let ten legions of light yuan and dark yuan leap into the star domain adjacent to the star country, and ten legions of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, which were stationed in the rainforest galaxy, were informed to be on alert.
Just after the order was issued, the hundred single people who fled and chased in the deep air had moved to the vicinity of Jiutian Hualien, which was reduced to a hundred kilometers, but still in full bloom.
A man is innocent, but he is guilty.
In addition to the one who fled to the land and didn’t pay attention because of the urgent escape, the red lotus body of Nine Days Hualien and the red and white swords that are doing Tai Chi around the lotus body deeply attracted hundreds of guys who chased people.
"Ding," a light ring. Tianxin Hualian finally recovered into a small lotus flower and flashed in Tianxin’s hands.
"What a gorgeous magic weapon," some people sighed, some people were greedy, and some people stared at the master of the instrument with red eyes.
At this moment’s pause, the escaped people have moved away.
"Shit, big brother, the domain escaped in the night." A guy in black and armor, but a little reckless, shouted.
"Run away, and when he finds the bully, maybe the Red Prince has wiped out the star country of the bully boy." Led by a tall, thin man with a black armor and a high nose and an eagle eye. "That boy is too late to send a message now."
"Eldest brother thought is that as long as the red prince locked the target, there are few escapees. The bully boy, hehe, ended up with nothing. Under the Black Blood Corps, the blue dome clan has to be extinct! "
"Shut up, it’s confidential."
"Eldest brother … won’t leak, hey hey …..", black armor savage eyes suddenly and violently out of a murderous look.
Tianxin looks funny. This group of people is interesting. My younger brother is chattering, but my eldest brother is staring at the glittering and translucent red lotus in him. His eyes are looking at Tianxin from time to time, evaluating the cultivation of Tianxin, and his mouth is moving quietly.
In the void, a breeze passed by. Dozens of people behind the eldest brother moved their positions and surrounded Tianxin.
"Boy, hand over the nine-leaf lotus in your hand and spare your life." Big brother became arrogant when he saw that everyone was in place.
"Are you killers?"
"Can you speak the words of Kun Tian Lingjie?" The tall and thin brother was very surprised, and immediately thought of something. He said fiercely, "You know Yu Ba’s lost dog, you deserve to die."

Chapter six hundred and five Ascend again
The international years are better. In the chaos of diplomatic envoys and foreign affairs personnel from various countries, I don’t know that the interstellar years have passed, and the camps of thunder and fire have gradually become clear, and the smell of gunpowder between the camps has become increasingly strong.