Kui this fellow can come up with such a name.

Jane has suddenly a head of sweat and a face of dark clouds.
"Get out! Don’t let me see you in Daoxiang Village again, and my appetite will be ruined!"
"Brothers have something to say. No matter what, we are also righteous Jin Lan brothers. I think we carried a gun together and found a girl together! Life and death … "
Jane’s face is black.
Su Yuting’s face is also gloomy and terrible.
After all, who was Jane before? She was Cheng’s witness. Later, Jane fainted and woke up and witnessed the change all the way. Therefore, she can be the most indifferent to these past events.
"Bad guy!"
The Third Ring Road spoke directly and glared at Han Wuyan.
"Wu Da, please ask Brother Han to eat some roasted chicken legs first and teach him to learn our Jane’s weight-loss exercises by the way!"
"It will be ordered at the end!"
Wu Da said that he grabbed Han Wuyan’s arm and immediately screamed like a pig.
"Brother Time … somehow we are also righteous Jin Lan …"
The sound is drifting away and has been dragged out of sight by Wu Da.
Finally, after visiting the villa again, they all said that they wanted to go to Jianjiazhuang for a meal and eat a few immortal. By the way, they also brought some fragrant wine and toilet paper, and then everyone was very satisfied to leave and go back except Han Wuyan, a fellow with a face of bitterness.
"I will definitely come back!"
After riding his Ferrari, Han Wuyan said something that immediately reminded Jane of the bad but unlucky Wolf.
This is an illusion. Jane nodded a little, but what do you think of this fellow? At least he is the opposite image of the comedy with the patched hat being chased by the pan all the way.
"I’m leaving, too!"
Zhao Yi’s handkerchief pursed her lips, indicating that she had had enough to eat and drink, and she should go home and keep the house alone. She glanced at Jane with a face of bitterness.
"This … I send you!"
Jane has volunteered.
"Why don’t my body send a send! There are guests here, so you have to be greeted not to be rude! "
Su Yuting came out and said that she could do it for her!
"This …"
Jane hesitated a little.
"I just want to talk to my sister. I haven’t had a good chat with my sister these days!"
Two women have their own means. Jane doesn’t know that it is absolutely impossible to believe that two women may end up unlucky when they confront each other. The man made an excuse and ran away.
"My sister has sent me so far, so I’d better go back and worry about it!"
"He has nothing to worry about? If only I didn’t have to worry! "
"It’s also my sister who has to watch it closely!"
"This is not the elder sister to worry about their own officer person which also can let people care? Alas, this summer resort is excellent. What do you think of Daoxiang Village, Sister? "
Zhao Yi didn’t just look at Su Yuting.
"The official said it was to entertain guests, but I don’t have any guests to stay there if I want to go there. To put it bluntly, it’s all my own family stealing a fun place. How dare outsiders come!"
"Sister said these words …"
Zhao Yi is more and more confused. This woman will not declare the main display advantage here!
Su Yuting shallow smile.
"I know that this Daoxiang Village seems to be specially prepared by one person!"
Zhao yi is almost a conditioned reflex general asked 1.
"Zhao Zhen is your sister!" Su Yuting’s Gherardini words suddenly made Zhao Yilei stunned for a long time and never reacted.
Su Yuting won this round and the widow went back to Zhuang with the fox’s tail between her legs!
Chapter one hundred and forty Disputes over running a school
It’s easy to tell whether Daoxiang Village is reserved for Zhao Zhen. When Zhao Yi returns home, she will have completely disbelieved Su Yuting’s words. However, although this sentence is not true, the degree of nausea is not lower than that of Zhao Yi’s return to Zhuang’s village.
Who is preparing Daoxiang Village?
Has Jane considered this question, because it is no longer in his consideration category? Su Yuting directly said that this garden should be Jane’s parents’ leisure place, which is a reason for filial piety. Jane can’t refuse and doesn’t want to refuse.
However, the official reward has come.
To announce that it was a little eunuch who accepted Su Yuting’s ingot of gold as usual and smiled to congratulate Jane again.
"Cheng Shilang is now a holy family, so you need to look after him more when you enter the court in the future!"
"Good talk!"
The eunuch speaks politely, but what does it matter if he enters the court and obeys him? Is this fellow still obsessed with letting me enter the palace?
Jane has stabbed the dead eunuch through six or seven holes in her heart and bled!
The imperial edict is still in the vernacular form, which is a special favor to Jane. It’s no wonder that the dead eunuch said that Jane has a holy family and is strong. Since ancient times, there has been only one imperial edict in the vernacular!
The reward is still like Jane’s wish to connect the villa back and forth again and draw two more hills for Jane. In this way, Jane has officially entered the ranks of big families and landlords even at the foot of the imperial city
Similarly, the number of guards in Jianjiazhuang can be increased to 200, which is also a great favor. Of course, a powerful landlord class privately raises 200 nursing homes. This is not because Jane has a general family of royalty, which is not raised by hundreds?
A team of 200 people is almost two companies!
Wu Da has now become the head of 200 people. Recently, he has been walking with the wind. He wears a cloak and flies all the way to avoid ghosts and gods, especially riding his stallion (not male and female, which is similar to bus). He is flying at the top of the field in Jianjiazhuang, and his ju is quite heroic.
"Boss, your ju is too simple!"
Li Si this fellow will kiss up and jump out again.