"Do you want to retreat and practice dreaming?" The clouds scattered by Wang Guang looked at Wang Guang with a face of surprise and exclaimed. "Although I have never seen this kind of secret technique, I have heard that it is very dangerous in some Taoist books. One person accidentally lost his life and even his soul disappeared without a trace."

"The boundless Buddha knows all about being poor, so don’t say anything more." Wang Guang waved impatiently and said, "It’s just a secret method. Some people have succeeded. Why can’t being original succeed?"? You just need to help me take charge of the Golden Roof, and don’t stop anything else. "
Clouds scattered and people wanted to say something, but they were driven out by Wang Guang.
Seeing that the stone gate of Wang Guang’s abode of fairies and immortals was closed, and numerous forbidden laws were started, the smoke and clouds scattered and stamped their feet, cursing the evil way and worrying that it was dangerous. At that time, my heart was so chaotic that I wobbled and went to a golden chain, leaning against it and thinking.
Speaking of this, there is a great chance that the clouds will disperse. If she leans on the golden lock earlier, the golden lock will blow her up, and so will it be later. However, it happened that she leaned up after this golden lock was wrapped around the ancient magic weapon, the sun and the moon, which was hidden in the veins. At that time, she only felt in a trance, and a large number of inexplicable words appeared in her mind out of thin air. Although she didn’t know these words, she could understand their meaning.
At the next breathing time, the golden lock trembled slightly, and a golden light burst from the chain, only blowing the smoke away for dozens of feet. If it weren’t for the powerful magic power and the magic weapon to protect itself automatically, it would have been blown to a pulp by the golden light.
Not to mention the hidden joy and confusion of the benefits, just talk about Wang Guang, the demon road of seclusion and meditation.
After closing the abode of fairies and immortals, this fellow once again carefully pondered the practice of dreaming. Although this secret technique is very strange and obscure, Wang Guang consulted some Dan teachers who lived in Jinguangding after getting this secret technique. Many of these Dan teachers have practiced dreaming. Although they didn’t stick to it all the time, they have practice experience.
Therefore, this fellow, after gaining the experience of more than a dozen practitioners, is not so afraid of this dream-dreaming technique.
"Dreaming is a dream, but it is actually a dream." Thinking carefully about the characteristics of this secret method, Wang Guang began to prepare a little bit. "The practitioner weaves a dream by himself, and then puts most of his mind into this dream, thus becoming another person living in a dream. Sick and sick, male or female, birds or animals, or bullying others, or being bullied by others. Thousands of identities and thousands of creatures will be experienced by practitioners one by one. "
"Every time a practitioner experiences a biological identity, he will increase his mind. If he can’t wake up completely from his dream, his mind will fall into the dream forever and disappear into the world."
"In this dream, the avatar doesn’t work, the special one has no effect, and there is no way to change it. As for the magical method, it can’t be used. If you want to wake up from a dream, only the mind is strong, or the mind remaining in the body can wake up the dreamy mind in time, and there is no other way. "
After repeatedly confirming the various characteristics of this dream-falling technique, Wang Guangshen took a deep breath and began to use this secret technique or practice.
I saw a puff of smoke gushing out from the mouth of the Taoist priest, which formed a mass of smoke in front of him. The Taoist priest took out hundreds of bottles of purple gas and threw them into this cloud of smoke, and hundreds of bottles of Yuet Hua were thrown in. In just a few breathing hours, the smoke of the size of more than ten feet changed into lavender.
According to the tips of the secret law, the Taoist priest kept branding prohibitions and symbols on this cloud of smoke, and branded them for nearly ten thousand times, which formed the first layer of prohibition of the secret law.
A trace of mind carrying a diabolical fantasy fell into the smoke, only to see the smoke rolling, and soon an illusory city appeared in the middle of the smoke. After the city appeared, there were human beings walking in it; Then the site became bigger and bigger, with peaks and rivers appearing, and finally evolved into dozens of cities of various sizes emerging in the smoke. Among them, the figure is shaking, and there are birds and animals, which looks good.
"There are nine layers of bans on dreaming, and each layer of bans has great power. After the first layer of prohibition was generated, I dreamed for a hundred years and realized one day. I just don’t know how long I can persist in my dream. " Looking at the environment where purple smoke formed in front of him, Wang Guang grinned.
This fellow left a small part of his mind in the body, and prepared a secret method for his mind, so that after a certain period of time, this small part of his mind could use the secret method to awaken himself from his dreams. After this, this fellow opened his mouth and sucked, but swallowed the dream of purple smoke change into his stomach.
The purple smoke that entered the body swam around a part of the meridians in his body, and all of it went into his head. According to the tips of the secret method, the diabolical way mobilized a lot of minds, and then cast the secret method and entered the dream outlined by himself.
I entered the mind in the dream, but I lost my original memory. This fellow fell to the ground and became a hare. Before he survived for a few days, he was killed by the hunter. Then the mind generated a tiger with a hanging forehead, and it was not long before it was slaughtered by the hunter.
A beast today, a bird tomorrow, I don’t know why, but this fellow didn’t change into a human once.
I don’t know how long he has been reincarnated in this dream, but the mind that stayed outside trembled violently, which woke up the diabolism lost in the dream.
A blind black man covered his head and slapped a big tree in front of him. There were countless bees flying around the big tree, but it stopped the blind black man from robbing them of their hard-made honey.
Seeing that a large piece of bark was torn down by the blind man, and golden honey flowed out of the tree hole, the blind man gave a fierce shock, lost his honey and ran away. The black blind man rolled and crawled out for hundreds of feet, and then he stopped.
"Infinite Buddha didn’t expect being original to become a black blind man. Hehe, I don’t know if this black blind man has hooked up with beautiful women of the same kind, otherwise being original would be ugly." This fellow leaned against a big tree and thought about it at random, but his mind was awakened by the secret method he had set up at first.
Thinking at random, this fellow didn’t try so hard to leave the dream. On the contrary, he looked at the dream carefully.
At this glance, he found that the dream he had just built was very simple, and the vegetation and stones on the ground and the fish and insects in the river in the distance seemed so false. One moment there were trees there, but the next moment, the trees disappeared out of thin air. Even if animals passed by, they never showed any surprise.

Chapter one hundred and forty-two Flash years treasures was lost.
Chapter one hundred and forty-two Flash years treasures was lost.
Chapter one hundred and forty-two
"It’s really a humble dream, just practicing the secret method of the first layer. Presumably, the dream formed by the second layer of dreaming will make people feel more real." This black bear bobbing in that thinking, but didn’t pay attention to the dream not far away and gave birth to a hunter out of thin air. (Niu Wen’s novels ~ reading novels online)
The hunter is two feet tall, hunched, and tough. I saw him with a bow and arrow in his hand, and an arrow hit the black bear’s eye, only piercing his head and simply taking his life.
When the possessed black bear died, Wang Guang’s mind suddenly got rid of it from above, but he didn’t obey the call of the dream to get possessed again, but cast the secret method and got rid of it directly from the dream.
At the moment when this fellow broke away from his dream, a huge figure suddenly appeared behind his head. The figure was carrying a staff and a heavy book. The figure turned to look around and gave out hoarse laughter. When Wang Guang’s mind returns to the noumenon, this figure turns into a scarlet light and slams into the head of the diabolical way.
In Wang Guangyong’s secret dream, a figure with a height of dozens of feet suddenly appeared. The figure looked around the dream, and the whole body began to melt in a short time. After several breathing hours, the tall figure with dozens of feet disappeared, but a scarlet mountain appeared out of thin air in the dream. This mountain peak is foaming at the mouth, and the red light is flashing, and strange figures or monsters are born from Hongshan.
Not to mention the changes in the dream, but to say that all the minds of Wang Guang have returned to the noumenon.
Mind returned to the ontology, but before this fellow could see whether the mind had increased, he felt that the information he looked at appeared in his mind out of thin air.
These messages are happy, sad and resentful. Counting them down, they are all the information of this creature that changes in dreams. Hundreds of different kinds of information flashed in his mind, confusing the diabolical way, making this fellow feel like a bug for a while, a tiger for a while, and hundreds of kinds of information made him very confused.
"The boundless Buddha being original is a demon. In his previous life, he was killed in prison, and in this life, he went to this world of practice and experienced the demon of the bloody abyss." I don’t know how long it has been in the past, and all kinds of information in my mind have dissipated one by one, and Wang Guang really woke up.
"No wonder those Dan teachers haven’t practiced this secret method for a long time. If they are not careful, even if they get out of their dreams, they will lose their nature." After rubbing his head in trouble, Wang Guang had the heart to give up this secret method. Because he just checked, he experienced the danger of almost losing his nature, and only increased his mind by one ten thousandth, which made him very disappointed.
He choked out the decrees one by one, and with them flashed, a large number of bans floated in front of him. In a short time, these prohibitions changed into a blue palm. The palm of your hand or fingers, or flying in the air, control, to also let wang guang this fellow feel a little easier than before.
Rubbing Yin Lei, casting special tricks, and tossing it down, let Wang Guang find that it has increased his mind by one ten thousandth, which is still very beneficial. At least when he is manipulating means, he is a little more relaxed than before.
"It’s just that although it’s a little dangerous, I can always increase my strength. I will practice it for some time when I am original, and I will never practice this secret method again after my mind reaches a certain level." After the thought of mind increase, can let oneself practice the next layer of Taoism, this fellow a grind teeth, just throw the little fear in my heart to the back of my head.
As the days passed, this fellow came out of the abode of fairies and immortals every seven or eight days. On the one hand, he went to Zongmen to ask for a lot of purple breath and moonlight, on the other hand, he consulted some doubts in his own practice with the Dan teachers who had practiced dreaming at first. As for the management of this golden roof, all of them were thrown away by him.
Time is like water, and more than ten years have passed. During these ten years, the demon road practiced dreaming almost every day. The rest of the time is not to carry the method to increase the mana, or to use the treasures such as Ziyun Qi to purify your mana.
Although I have never used SPAR to increase my mana or swallowed Dan medicine to speed up my practice, the increasing aura on the top of the golden light makes this fellow practice faster and faster.
The practice has ten floors. In just over ten years, this fellow has cultivated the practice of "Introduction to the Great Sunday" to the tenth floor. After practicing Buddhism to the tenth floor, the diabolical way not only relies on the mind that has almost doubled, but also has enough mana and mind to practice new Daoism.