"hmm?" A few people are one leng, weird look at the calf witch.

Red Lan, the Cow Witch, smiled and said, "My father left this to me. If we follow the direction of ancient jade, we can save a lot of distance. We will definitely get to that Buddhist sanctuary before others."
The silent monk’s calm face in the past also showed a little surprise, saying, "Did your father come here?"
"Hmm …" Honglan nodded his delicate chin and said, "I heard from my father that he did come here for hundreds of years, but unfortunately he never entered that sacred area. At that time, his cultivation was still very weak."
Zhuge Liang and others were relieved. No wonder Niu Gang-li was so impatient that he stepped into the sand sea first. It turned out that he had always had bad feelings about it.
"Brush brush ~ ~"
Several streamers flew towards the sand sea, and the sand was wild all over the sky, but they could not stop their footwork. Occasionally, thousands of sand waves rolled up were also solved by several people in an understatement. The calf witch flew in the front, leading the way with ancient jade. But to be on the safe side, Zhuge Liang stayed with her. After all, this little witch is too weak. It’s really an emergency, and her means are doubtful.
In one breath, it flew out for thousands of miles, and the red haze once again hit a tactic in the ancient jade, which led to another place.
A large wave of sand waves swept in, and Zhuge’s brow wrinkled when he was not bright. He punched out and a purple fist shadow smashed up like a mountain.
There was a loud crash and the sand waves shattered. But at this moment, a rancid smell came to my face, and behind this sand wave, there was a dark claw hidden, dense with black gas and an unpleasant stench.
"What, there are creatures hiding." Silent monk urgent way, raise my hand a Buddha’s light played in the past, collided with the black claws. "poof!"
Black claws crumbled, large black blood fluttered, and this unpleasant stench choked the nose, which made several people frown.
"There are some inexplicable creatures in the sand sea, so everyone should be careful." Red haze reminded.
Zhuge was surprised when he was not bright. With his own gods, it was impossible to find that there were creatures hidden behind the sand waves just now. Could it be that his gods were not as keen as before when he was in this sand sea?
The black claw crumbled, only to see a dark figure emerge from the sand sea. It looked like a mummy, rotting all over, stinking, and yellow corpse water even flowed in some places. The left arm has obviously broken. It seems that the black claw that was just broken by the silent monk should be the mummy’s left arm.
"This man must have been a Buddhist disciple before his death." Chatter is surprised and makes noise.
Although the mummy’s body has rotted, a Buddhist garment covered with it is well-preserved, and the mummy’s head is wearing a gold hoop, which is a Buddhist monk’s costume.
"This man was a Buddhist monk before his life." Silent monks are also surprised.
"Yiya ~ ~ ~"
Mummy let out a piercing roar, toward a few people rushed over, with a large black gas, like the dark clouds all over the sky.
"I don’t want Buddhist disciples to be reduced to this …" The speechless monk could not help but shake his head and sigh: "Dust to dust."
Say and a golden "swastika" word flew out, cleaning up the black gas and hitting the mummy. Mummy let out a miserable roar, taking up plumes of black smoke. The golden light of Buddhism enveloped him, and without a moment’s effort, the mummy changed and the black gas in the sky dissipated.
"I have a feeling that the sanctuary we traced back to is not a good place." Chatter suddenly face rigorous said.
Stammer also nodded: "I … I … I feel the same way, there are … there are … there are …"
"There is a bad feeling." Chatter.
"Then I have to take a trip, or I can’t sleep well." The Buddha’s Light on the head of the silent monk is solemn and solemn. At this moment, his body can’t help emitting a terrible breath, and even Zhuge can’t help but cast an amazing look at him when he is not bright. He feels that in this breath, there is even a rage.
Compared with the silent monk who was born in the past, this is like a different person. This rage should not have appeared on this Buddha who is not stained with dust.
"Brother ….." Both stuttering and chattering face a tight.
The silent monk nodded, and the momentum on him quietly dispersed, and once again restored the Buddha who was laughing and smiling with compassion.
Xiaoyun’s face is also uncertain, and she looks at the silent monk’s eyes.
Zhuge Liang seems to see the subtlety of the silent monk, and the breath just now is extraordinary. But he didn’t make it clear. Everyone has an unknown secret, and Zhuge doesn’t want to expose it until he is bright.
Led by Red Lan, a calf witch, several people continued to rush to the depths of the sand sea. Silent monks and Zhuge Liang were preoccupied along the way.
The red light guidance in ancient jade really saved a lot of trouble for several people. In this vast sand sea, there are some forbidden areas, but with this ancient jade to lead the way, several people have cleverly avoided the past. Not long ago, Zhuge Buliang saw with his own eyes that a dozen practitioners had strayed into an area and were swallowed up by the sand waves all over the sky, and their lives were unknown.
"Zhu Zixian’s people are in front." Pack up red haze ancient jade, face rigorous way.
"Do you have a problem with Niutoushan and Zhu Zixian Gate?" See red haze face a bit worried, zhuge not bright can’t help but ask.
Honglan said, "Dad just killed two elders of Zhuzi Xianmen a few days ago, but I didn’t expect to meet them here again. It’s a narrow road to go."
"What are they doing?" Words Lao doubt way.
Not far away, a group of people from Zhu Zixian Gate gathered together, pointing and pointing, as if discussing something.
Zhuge not bright look a change, he felt the same breath as the mummy he had met before, more and more rich, and even there was an unpleasant smell floating in the air. Turned to look at the silent monk, and his brow was locked. It seems that he also felt unusual.