This fully demonstrates the enormous energy and comparable dominance of parliament.

Everything is just waiting for the big show.
The night is deep
It didn’t leave traces of green construction a few years ago, and several huge four-masted merchant sailboats were crowded on the shore.
All the rare overseas products needed for the wedding were shipped to the shore by them in these days.
I lit a pier lamp, and the merchant ships that had already unloaded their cargo in the dim water and light and shadow on the shore were not so frivolous in the darkness.
On the contrary, they are still as deep as if they were still full of goods.
At this time, some patrol dock guards slouched to the shore for several nights, chatting without a word while walking.
"I said, guys, we are really unlucky. God, what’s the name of Jericho Bunny? Are you going to get married or marry my lovely little Annie? It’s really unlucky that we should patrol here at night." One of the guards looked at the quiet and dark water and could not help cursing.
He also has reason to curse that compared with other guards in the War College, they are the worst. Most of the city guards have been replaced by the parliamentary secret guards, one is to create a happy atmosphere, and the other is to secretly guard against possible enemies
Compared with some sensitive areas in the city, are the docks outside the city abandoned, or are they allowed to patrol?
"Isn’t that right? All the other brothers in the city are on holiday and giving rewards, so we have to come out, but hey, you are also an admirer of Miss Anne?" Another guard some bored with 1.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you little toad wants to eat swan meat ….." The third guard also felt that nothing would happen to this pier root and laughed unscrupulously.
That smile is particularly mysterious in the lonely night.
"Burst-"just when they were worried about talking and laughing, a sudden noise broke their randomness.
"What sound?" Someone wondered
"You also heard? It seems that … something fell into the water? " The other person is also somewhat uncertain.
"Don’t scare yourself. It’s okay." Some people don’t want to rock the boat and want to go home and go to bed early, so they don’t want to pay attention.
"Wait, look at the water over there." But then someone found something unusual in those crowded merchant ships floating.
"Something is wrong. There should be no one on the boat." The man who said this was justified because he saw all the boat people go to the city for fun during the day.
"Do you want to …"
"Don’t worry about it. It’s okay."
Just as they were in a dilemma, a dumb strange smile suddenly sounded in everyone’s ear.
"Ha ha ha ….."
Moment a sharp shadow flashed to the extreme.
In an instant, all the guards had their throats cut.
"Burst-"The body should fall to the ground.
And a lonely figure stood in their original place.
"Although I accidentally made a wrong sound, you shouldn’t have killed them all. They didn’t have the guts to look at it at all …" At this moment, a somewhat childish sound came late, as if it had just crawled from the water with wet water.
"What do you know" said four words about its long speech, the lonely back, and then he looked at the city in the dark night.
The wet clatter stopped talking and looked at the War College together.
And in the crowded dock in the water, there is no shadow, and a blue shadow flashes by.
Like … some kind of big fish?
"If you want to go, I can take you now."
On the last night
The man who protect Annie in that dark finally came to her.
In fact, Anne vaguely knew that this person was learning from some details.
But those details don’t matter anymore. She is looking at him, a man who is also blind.
"Did he ask you to protect me?" Annie looked at him and felt that Chen Senran was really cruel. The man had already come to his side, but he just refused to meet each other.
"Yes" Li Qing answered a word, but it doesn’t matter what he answered.
Many things have been solved, and the most he can do is to take this girl away.
"I won’t leave." As expected, Annie looked at Li Qing, a man with a tattoo of overbearing years, and shook her head firmly.
"I see" Li Qing didn’t disappoint or show emotion. He asked this sentence because he didn’t want to live up to Chen Senran’s entrustment to say goodbye …
He slowly retreated into the darkness.
"Do you think he will come?" At the last minute, Anne suddenly looked at the darkness and asked
Dark and lonely
It took a long time to say a word.
"He still has a lot of shackles in his heart, and you are the heaviest one."
The heaviest one?
This night is doomed to be long and hard.
This night is doomed to undercurrent.
That night, all the bosses of the fight club who were fighting for profit received an instruction.
This night is the eve of history to be continued.
Ps woguo
Too much fun again
Page three hundred and twenty-nine I really love you
"It’s really funny to say."
Sacco looked down at the whole city from the window
It’s already dawn, set up in the center of the city, and dzmz makes a huge roar.
It’s not the same as going to the third place, but the highest specification when the War College held the ceremony.