"Hey, I don’t know what to say, sister. Come on, we’re behind you."

"Hehe, Lin Ye’s mouth shut. At this time, I still want to pull the pit owner to take the pit owner out by myself. Ma Qing’s program is not ready to blame the pit owner."
"Why can’t you blame the pit owner? You have to speak with your conscience. Poetry programs are now more than ten times. The pit owner didn’t do poetry before the conference, and none of the market programs were sure to succeed. Now, more than a dozen files, how do you let director Linda play? It’s all the fault of the pit owner. Come out and take the blame."
"Poof Li Shizhen skin"
"What, I said it doesn’t make sense?"
"That makes sense. Everything is the fault of the pit owner."
"The worst evil of the pit owner comes out."
"it’s hard for the pit owner to come out with a back pot."
"The sin of the pit master can be forgiven for being possessed by ghosts."
He searched the pit owner again, and he came out to take the blame.
Suluo is very lucky to have 10 thousand arrows in his knee, but he has finished eating the melon. Now it is really time to go out and beat up Reservoir Dogs.
Log in to Weibo and go directly to Aitlinye.
"Millennium rhyme just a dozen programs can be finished.
Sorry, I won’t take this pot.
Learn, brother
Chapter six hundred and ninety-one China choir shock debut.
"The pit owner came out."
It is the first to find that Su Luofa’s voice in Weibo has not fallen. This Weibo has been praised thousands of times.
"Ha-ha, I told you that the pit master’s bad temper must not be tolerated."
"What does the pit owner mean by going back to direct the third season Chinese poetry conference?"
"Nonsense, is this possible?"
"Stop talking and hurry up. Go and see the message from DreamWorks official Weibo."
"Oh, come and don’t explain."
I rushed to DreamWorks official Weibo to take a closer look.
"China Choir draws a Chinese style and sings the Chinese soul. After one hour, log in to the dreamer’s dreamland plate. Don’t ask if you have come. Just click and poke it in."
Attached is a hand-painted poster with Chinese style. Over.
That’s right. That’s enough
It is simply a precaution against the boiling of Weibo fans
"China Choir"
"That’s amazing. The pit owner wants to hold down a certain desk. Ha ha ha ha ha."
"What program is a variety show?"
"It’s obviously anime. Look at the poster and see the information. Draw the Chinese wind dreamer’s fantasy land plate. It’s obviously anime plate."
"Choir? A choir in a western church?"
"This is exciting."
"One hour, damn it, this time it’s so fast."