Not only the creation body, but also the nebula, which is ridiculously strong in the Xingyuan world, is an immovable "scrap iron" on the two-instrument subcontinent. Even if Tianxin replaces the 9981 city boundary "planet" with the mysterious blood world, the flying nebula lives on the two-instrument subcontinent, and it only has the role of an airplane at most. A bird at high altitude in the subcontinent will also pose a threat to the flight safety of the nebula.

Fortunately, all the storage devices are still normal, with no obvious burden and functions.
The most annoying thing is the practice method. All the methods can be used in the endless version, and there is still some effect, no
The effect of Jiuyang Zhenjing and Jiuyin Zhenjing. The realm of heavenly mind and the state of mixing can learn the laws of heaven, but nine women can’t learn them. The cultivation of the world, on the two continents, is obviously impossible. The two instruments subcontinent, the interest of chaos is more than enough, and the interest of stars is not enough. Tianxin is sure that the world below the middle order of Xuanxue appears on the two instruments subcontinent, and the final outcome is to become a solid chaotic ball. From the world above the middle level of the mysterious blood to the all-green world, the result is not much better. Sky-blue world, unless practitioners can close the door, otherwise, there will be insufficient stars, insufficient spiritual power, and the space of stars in the sky-blue world will certainly shrink, that is, at a certain time, the civilization in the sky-blue world will break out because of the struggle for living space, thus the world will be degraded and degraded, and finally it will be doomed.
In this case, Tianxin and Jiunv had to find a tribal dependency nearby. He and his nine daughters need this tribe’s limited knowledge of the two-instrument subcontinent; With this knowledge and tribal people as the foundation, the knowledge in his chest and those in his nine daughters can be put to use, and only then can they have time to study and innovate the practice methods.
Primates are in an awkward position in all the times of the wild. They are strong but not strong. Generally speaking, individuals can’t live, and only groups can get living space.
In the bear tribe, Tianxin easily stole the leader’s position.
The limited understanding of the living environment of the bear tribe, such as edible plants, clay, open pit mines that make simple utensils, etc., quickly turned into data streams and stored in the world. Then one thousand five hundred and thirty-three people from the bear tribe took action and realized the division of labor in a short time.
Blue Ice Dragon’s great years in the wild space reappear in Tianxin and Jiunv, but Tianxin and Jiunv are much harder than Gaolv. What does that guy need? Just throw out a production line and a robot. And on the two continents. Not to mention the production line, robots, even minerals need to be rediscovered. In the Sunday dharma circle of Tianxin, there are all kinds of steel, but these steels are almost like pig iron relative to the two instrument subcontinent, and they have been cut down and cultivated. However, in the yin and yang that raged in the mainland this time, it rotted away in half an endless year.
If there is anything good about the flood years, it is not complicated.
Bears who don’t have enough to eat and don’t wear warm clothes always support those who can make them have enough to eat and drink. In this age without words. Few people have the heart of rebellion and going it alone. Rebellion requires strength and people’s hearts; Go it alone Without the tribe, survival is a problem, and there is nothing to do.
The bear tribe developed "downwind" like this.
There is Tianxin at the helm of the calendar system, Li Qiang, a crazy scientist, developed it, Lin Yilan explored energy, Huangrui Pharmaceutical, He Yuming taught words, Due Jin Wei made clothes, Haixin planted incense, and Tongya led the way. Xuanyuan magic sunny public security, clear and gentle waves as a secret, how can the development of the bear tribe not be linear, how can it not be downwind.
Sure. Tianxin didn’t expect how fast a primitive tribe developed, after all, there were so many people with the bear department. In the past, there were clouds, and the soldiers were dissatisfied. Full of invincible. The same is true for development. Under the three-system system, the population determines the total intensity of development.
Bears always fall for ten years, that is, Tianxin and nine women enter the two-instrument subcontinent for ten endless years.
The bear tribe has become the most gorgeous tribe in the neighborhood, and more and more small tribes have joined. In ten years, the population is 20 times weaker, reaching 30,000.
A super-large castle rose in the residence of the Bear Tribe and became a symbol of the Bear Tribe.
However, in the past ten years, Tianxin has made little progress in improving the internal energy book in the borderless edition. The chaotic yin and yang in the two sub-continents have changed endlessly. The internal energy book in the borderless edition has been inspired by the earth machine, but it is impossible to track the evolution of yin and yang. In the boundless world, the five realms of the universe and the wild exist as chaotic five elements. In this continent, there are obviously two states of yin and yang everywhere, like machine language, which is not 1. In fact, what you see is either true or false. Of course, such a form can only be sensed by Tianxin and Jiunv, and 30,000 people from the bear tribe are not qualified to find it.
However, the strength of ethnic individuals on the two-instrument subcontinent is very strong. Adults with bears are better than nine women in terms of strength alone, even if women have bears. As a result, Haixin Liuxiang, a witch with seven hearts, often sighs why she wasn’t born on the two-instrument subcontinent. She has worked hard for more than 2,000 interstellar years, chasing after her fiercely, but her strength can’t catch up with the 18-year-old bear man on the mainland last time.
In fact, nine women’s Daoism has been transformed into Yin-Yang-Er-Qi in the mainland of Liangyi in the past ten years. Because they are Xingyuan people, although they are the most self-developed Daoism, although nine women have increased their exercise in the subcontinent, they can’t rush in.
The heavenly heart is clear and empty, and the Taoist body is better. The realm of life, the realm of confusion and the realm of chaos can be continuously circulated in five periods, and it fights with beasts and birds in the subcontinent forest all the year round, and it has a good degree of integration with Yin and Yang. If we say that when we first arrived in the mainland of Liangyi, it was only slightly better than the young and strong bears, then now the earth and activity of the Qingxu Taoist are far better than those of the young and strong bears, and can be compared with the sword rhinoceros in the forest.
The strength has gone up, but the internal energy of the confusing realm and the chaotic realm has not broken through a bit, and it is still maintained between 22 and 17. Ten endless years of land harvest, that is, heavenly heart to the internal energy after 31 days of land harvest.
There are thirty-six grades in the order. The state of mixing in the thirty-fourth paragraph and the state of chaos in the thirty-fifth paragraph are all thirty-three. The last state can be temporarily designated as thirty-three items in the thirty-sixth paragraph.
The reason why the products are ordered is mainly to give the inner mind formula of this divine baby to nine women for reference, hoping that they can learn from it and create their own cultivation method formula suitable for the mainland of the two instruments. Because there is no reference to the internal energy book in the infinite edition, it will never become the internal energy book in the two-instrument edition in a short time. Tianxin has been running countless times, and the gods have scanned the two continents. I haven’t found any superior people to learn from, and the only vast and desolate two-instrument subcontinent that spiritual knowledge faces. And there will be no archaeologists in the bear tribe for a hundred years, helping Tianxin to discover the soaring ruins before the 27th cosmic era, and to find the abode of fairies and immortals or treasures.
Everything, you have to rely on your own exploration. It’s a long way to go, Xiu Yuan …
When Tianxin and Jiunv struggled inch by inch on the two-instrument subcontinent, Xingyuan world, which had been calm for more than 60 interstellar years, had a dangerous atmosphere of floating and restless.
The most shocking news is that the earth’s nine-pole interstellar calendar 2388,: ~ space stopped drifting, and the confrontation between the four stars also stopped.
No one knows what happened to the four stars, but. The confirmation that the four stars do not drift to the center of the stars is fermenting something in the sky of thunder and Mars.
The fact that the four stars are not coming south means that the stars of thunder and fire are not doomed. The scene of the demise of many countries in our country and the starry sky has been shaking the sky of thunder and mars for dozens of interstellar years, and many people who are empty of thunder and mars have begun to expand. They can’t chew on the earth, but the ten families of the universe without Tao and the Simba civilization with few Tao and even the joint civilization between heaven and earth have attracted their attention.
This is in line with the principle that the world will be divided for a long time. With the rapid development of Taoist starry sky, in the absence of new vast starry sky to expand, they naturally scan their eyes to each other’s thunder and mars sky and the thunder and mars sky of several major groups in Xingyuan Jietian.
In the year 2401, when the celestial heart was in harmony, there was an alliance between thunder and fire everywhere.
Even the superior knows it. There’s going to be a Star Wars between thunder and fire.
In this year, the orders received by Zhu Tianhua and other countries were ten thousand times that of previous years. Several other big groups in Xingyuan Jietian also seem to have eaten gunpowder. Military industrial enterprises are in a frenzy.
"What should I do?"
The security officials of Ditai Jiuji Star City, Ziyue and a bunch of Chinese countries are facing a decision.
In a short time, the thunder and mars are empty and useless, which is beneficial to all countries in China and does no harm; But for a long time, the merger of thunder, mars and air through war will inevitably produce a United big country with many people. If there are several starry countries with thousands or even tens of thousands of Taoists in the thunder and fire world, it will definitely be a disaster for many countries in China, and it will definitely be a disaster for all countries in the star world. It’s okay for everyone to live in peace. Once there is a war, it will definitely be cheaper for the four stars in the far north waiting for the opportunity.
The wheel of history. Zhu Tianhua countries have no right to stop it, and there is no reason to stop it. From a certain point of view, the thunder, mars and air war can also make Zhu Tianhua countries achieve unprecedented development. Expensive war money and a large influx of people who avoided the war just injected capital and manpower into the desolate starry sky in the thunder and fire area.
It can be thought that hundreds of interstellar years later, Zhu Tianhua and many other countries will face several integrated starry countries. Both Ziyue and the security officials in China feel out of breath. Forty-eight psychic soldiers killed twelve Taoist priests for so many years before they succeeded. If they faced thousands of Taoist priests or tens of thousands of Taoist priests, they all believed that they could win, but that victory would undoubtedly be a disastrous victory, which would wipe out all the countries in China.
"When you go to Chaduc and Jiwu, you must pay close attention to the intelligence collection of the thunder and fire countries."
"Instruct the Seven Spirits to carry out research and training of military quasi-pathless people."
"Lingqi warrior one thousand people, with an interstellar year as the second time, take turns to practice into the ancient god array. Most of the others were transferred back to Qiyuan Jietian and entered the san huang starry sky to practice. "
"Tianyu Research Institute strengthens the research and development of fire, mine and star air force."