One by one, the sirens made a huge roar, and with their roar, all the sirens in the whole sea roared. More and more powerful sirens have gathered here, but in just three to five hours, tens of thousands of sirens have gathered here to open some minds.

The dense siren surrounded the waters near Wan Li, Fiona Fang, and its huge body wandered in the sea and air. They either rely on their own magical powers or hard bodies, and they compress the activity space of that Taoist little by little.
"A group of animals, Daoye is too lazy to play with you today, but Daoye is gone." When the Taoist priest with the sword saw more and more siren around him, he wanted to turn around and leave. As soon as he started, Yao Tao was so mad that Cao charged seven or eight hundred yuan gods to jump up and entangle the Taoist priest, not wanting him to walk away.
However, if this man dares to do such a killing here, he has already been prepared. Therefore, now I see the demon road blocking me, but I don’t worry. Instead, I take out a mirror from my arms and throw it into the air. After the mirror emerged, it tore a space directly, and the man wanted to get into the space and escape.
"Come if you want, leave if you want, and kill tens of thousands of members of my sea area at will. Don’t you just want to go like this?" Just then, the sea separated from the left and right, and a hydra emerged from it. The nine-headed monster snake is as high as a thousand feet, and a half-man and half-demon man stands above the central head.
I saw this man holding a copper bottle in his hands, and the bottle shone at the crack of the road flyover, so you abruptly healed the crack opened by the other side.
The Taoist priest who carried the sword saw that the crack opened by his baby disappeared, and he was frightened in his heart. He wanted to urge the treasure mirror to open another crack again to escape. I never thought that as soon as his mirror turned, a light shone on it and instantly melted it into pieces.
"ah!" Obviously, the Kendo bearer didn’t expect anything to restrain his treasure. Now, after seeing the damage to the treasure that can tear the space to ensure that he can escape from hundreds of millions of enemies, this man is obviously alarmed.
"looking for death." Road flyover with a long cry, four flying swords flying around, releasing boundless firm but gentle to wrap his body and fly away in the distance. There was a siren blocking it, and it was instantly strangled to pieces by the firm but gentle of the other side. Fortunately, the demon road is exquisite with the supernatural power Yuan Shen. With a wave of his hand, he rescued the soul of the siren, saving it from being smashed by the other side’s firm but gentle shock.
These sirens are also wise. When they see that the soul of their dead companions has not completely disappeared, they are even more crazy to rush up and use their own bodies to stop the escape speed of those who carry kendo. As a result, the man who carried the sword was suppressed alive, but after killing thousands of sirens, he was finally exhausted and swallowed by a siren.
The siren who swallowed the man carrying kendo was extremely excited. With a long cry, he suddenly ran to the side of the half-man, half-demon kind who took the bottle, and sank in the sea as soon as he rolled over and lifted his own kind. A large number of sea monsters followed, leaving only a small number of sea monsters still around.
"Daoyou is the Lord of the demon religion on Wanyao Island?" There are hundreds of feet of siren suddenly spoke.
"Yes, it is being original!" Yaodao paused a little, and then it didn’t react. It’s not surprising that these sirens can speak after he came here, and they have such powerful powers. "These are the souls of your kind. Being original has some means to collect souls, so I will help you collect them."
"Thank you, Master." A siren came forward and spat out a blister from his mouth, which swept all the souls released by the demon road into it and then swallowed it into his mouth again to hide it.
"Today, this villain innocently kills me. There are countless siren creatures, so we decided to suppress him into the eternal seal of the sea eye, completely cutting off the possibility of his birth again, and even punishing him. If the leader has something to ask him, it’s not too late for him to ask again after my family has completely suppressed him. " A siren said with a heavy voice.
"But it’s not necessary." Demon Road shook his head and said with a smile, "I hope you will not refuse when I visit you in a few days."
"The leader’s selfless propaganda and cultivation of the Dharma is a great good thing for my demon family. If the leader can visit us, we will certainly welcome him."
After such a ceremony between the two sides, all those sirens got into the sea and disappeared. The demon road frowned and stood on the sea for a long time, then dispersed the magical power and rolled hundreds of pearls with the demon wind and returned to the demon temple.
Then ontology preached for decades, and it took a hundred years before he stopped preaching.
Looking at the size of the demon in front of him, listening to such drunkenness, the demon road reminds me of the Taoist priest carrying the sword. I don’t know how the other person practiced, but he released such a firm but gentle shock wave of the earth to attack. After thinking about the power of those firm but gentle, he couldn’t resist a few times. He went to think about a way to give nòng the four swords or the soul memory of a Taoist priest.
However, those sirens arrested the Taoist priest after paying a huge price, and it was extremely difficult for him to go to nòng to get the four swords back in a short time. Therefore, after a little thought, Yaodao decided to tell these things to those sirens in a few days, and then he could even pay another price to get the secret of the powerful firm but gentle.
Press these buttons and don’t mention it. Just say that the demon religion is over. After this sermon, hundreds of thousands of demon families decided to join the demon religion. The demon way, according to the habit, ordered the following demons of all sizes to round up the edges of these demon families, and then Cao practiced the array method to refine the demon power.
"Eight demon generals, eighteen masters, one hundred and eight demon gods and the one thousand and one demon that has just been collected all stay. Everyone else should go out!" After the sermon, the demon said to the demons below.
"You go to handle the trivial things, and then give me back to the demon temple to qianxiu. This retreat must last at least a thousand years. If anyone can’t persist, it doesn’t matter if he loses his identity now. Anyway, there are countless demon families waiting to replace you! Think about it and come here in three days. " The demon said in a cold voice.
These members of the demon race saw that the demon talk very seriously and knew that things were very serious, so they didn’t dare to delay time. After dealing with the trivial matters in their hands as quickly as possible, they plunged into the temple of the demon Sect and began to meditate. The diabolical ontology is also sitting here, and if they encounter something they don’t understand, they will answer it in detail.
Although noumenon stayed in the Yaojiao Temple and mobilized one-third of the star essence of the Yaojiao Temple to instill in these big demons, he split some minds and transformed more than a dozen supernatural powers to leave the Yaojiao Temple.
These minds left the demon temple, and they didn’t go there, but flew directly into the air. He wants to try to see if he can reach the extreme of the sky and then explore the stars in the sky.
It turns out that after he got the Zhang Xingchen array, some information spread out in it blended with some information he got from the magic weapon of fate, thus evolving new information.
Under the reminder of those messages, Yaodao found that the stars in the sky were very special, so he wanted to observe them on a star.
The supernatural powers turned into Yuan gods flying in the air. After flying a hundred million feet in the sky, more than a dozen Yuan gods had to stop. It turned out that an invisible barrier appeared above his head. And if he wants to break through this barrier, he needs to make a crack in the barrier with great force and great magical power. And want to break this invisible barrier, but with his current strength, but still can’t do it.
Unwilling, Yaodao tried dozens of times until he spent seven or eight yuan gods’ strength, but he still didn’t get anything. Just as he was going to return to the ontology, the ontology that was submerged in the demon temple suddenly realized something, and instantly took back the more than ten yuan gods.
There is a Yuan God who preaches to a large number of demons in the temple of demon religion instead of demon Taoism, while the demon Taoism itself flies madly inland under the package of a demon-inviting wind.
From time to time along the way, there are creatures who are as tough as him flying inland. If they are not mistaken, their goals are all the same. On the road, everyone meets, at most, a nodding acquaintance, and then they go their separate ways.
It turned out that the demon-Tao ontology suddenly received a message from heaven and earth when preaching. Under the reminder of that message, he noticed that there was a world entrance in the middle of the inland.
This entrance to the world is not comparable to the 108,000 small worlds of Yaodao, and it is also very different from the world before the evolution of the world.
It can be said that the world opened this time is derived from the world of practicing qi. If someone can control the world, it can control the rules of heaven and earth at will and become the real master of the world, just like some existences in ancient times. It can be said that the person who controls that world, even if he is a mortal, can use the power of that world to kill them easily. If the people who control the world are creatures as tough as the demoniacs, I’m afraid they will gain immortality in an instant, and finally prove eternity.
A master of the world who is almost the same as the world of practicing Qi, a world with countless living resources, and a world that can be blessed with infinite fortune and merits, all of which are crazy and confuse them.
The speed of diabolism is getting faster and faster, not only slowly surpassing the creatures who walked side by side with him, but also surpassing those who walked in front of him at first.
In just three or five days, the demon road flew over the hill where Taoist Feiyun and their hidden cave was located. Just as he hesitated whether to say hello to Taoist Feiyun, Taoist Feiyun suddenly jumped out of the hidden paradise to stop him.
"Wang Daoyou, don’t call the attention of the world, the world is too strange, when we reborn people found the entrance to the world. I have entered thousands of people to explore the world. I never thought that after these years, none of the people who went in came out, and there was no news. " Taoist Feiyun tugged at the demon’s arm and said in a hurry, "Although there is a chance to prove Taoism in that world, it is not as great as this world of practicing Qi. You know, that world was born just by attaching to the world of practicing Qi."
"Infinite Buddha!" Demon Road paused a little, and then grinned: "Martial Uncle is joking, and being original is also thinking about proving the truth, just trying to control the world and have endless luck. By that time, the demon religion of being original can last for hundreds of millions of years, until the guards in the ancient battlefield kill this world again. "
"The evolution of this new practice world is said to have a great ability to push the performance. This world has merged some fragments of the long river of time in ancient times, and the power is extremely earth. Among them, the world barrier is not broken by guards in ancient battlefields. " Flying clouds Taoist smell speech involuntarily relieved. She thinks that the demon road only needs luck, and these words can persuade him to give up entering that world.
"The resurrected beings in ancient battlefields have already been besieged by the puppet guards in ancient battlefields. The situation of those beings looks extremely bad. I think it will be our turn after those beings are completely sealed. Therefore, I must increase the luck of the demon religion, so as to gather more demon families to practice according to my ideas, and finally become an incomparable warrior who can fight against those increasingly powerful puppet guards. " Yaodao took a deep breath, then reconstructed the image he saw that time, and then showed it to Taoist Feiyun.
To Yaodao’s surprise, Taoist Feiyun didn’t lose her mind too much after seeing his restored image. She just muttered something in a low voice. As for muttering something, diabolism can’t hear you clearly.
After a long time, Fei Yun Taoist began to speak. She sighed and smiled: "We have already expected this. Hmm! At that time, so many people were reincarnated and reborn, but after a few traces of ancient existence flashed in the practice world, there were no other too many existing figures, so we concluded that most ancient powers had an accident. It was only confirmed by you until today. "
"All right, you unify the demon race, we unify the practitioners, and finally the two unite to find a way to deal with the puppet guards on the ancient battlefield. Now I’m worried about whether the puppet guards’ ability will become stronger after completely sealing the ancient beings. In that case, I’m afraid we will never have the means to resist. We must know that our current strength is less than one tenth of the previous strength. " Fei Yun Taoist said here, God Se seems a little helpless and sad.
"Our strength has not actually decreased much, but the rules of this world have changed greatly after re-evolution, which seems to weaken our strength in disguise. I believe that as long as you have enough aura, you can restore the magical powers of the past. Unfortunately, there are too few aura in this world. Even if you are blessed with a paradise, I am afraid you can’t support anyone who is reincarnated and reborn to set foot on the peak again. " After deducing the rules of fire, geomantic omen and nether world, Yaodao’s understanding of some things is no longer what it used to be. That’s why I have these words now.
"Just a moment, I’ve prepared some treasures for you. You can take these treasures back to suppress the evil cult’s bad luck, which can be regarded as a little help from Martial Uncle!" Taoist Feiyun was silent for a long time, turned around and returned to the cave, and then piled up a mass of soil in her hands in front of Yaodao: "This kind of soil was excavated from the depths of the earth by coincidence. According to everyone’s deduction, it was only produced in the place where the fragments of the long river of time merged in the earth. It’s a pity that we have searched many places over the years, but we haven’t found many. I hope you can make good use of it. "
"Into the island?" Looking at the dirt in the hands of Fei Yun Taoist, she wondered.
"What turned into an island is a kind of waste material from the evolution of this soil, but what is really precious is this thing. As for their mystery, we are not as clear as nòng. However, suppressing fate is enough. " While speaking, Taoist Feiyun forced this palm-sized mud into the hands of the demon: "Go back and store this thing first, and even if you die in that world in the future, the demon religion you run will not collapse."
"When the time comes, you can take over?" I don’t know why Yao Dao suddenly felt warm in his heart. Although the relationship between him and Taoist Feiyun was a little stiff after the evolution of the world, I didn’t expect that Taoist Feiyun was still helping him at this time.
"Is to let you stay the cause to replace you. Don’t think that I don’t know that your boy is the most cunning. If you don’t have that skill, you will never venture to explore that world. If you can deceive others, how can you deceive me? " Feiyun Taoist reached out and knocked on the head of the demon road and laughed in a low voice. This reminds her of something long ago.

Chapter three hundred and twenty-two The future world
Chapter three hundred and twenty-two The future world
"You go for me! Just throw this thing into the demon temple. You know this thing in more detail than I do. Well, after going there, you can take a turn at my sutra depository, where I have deduced various rules. If you are interested, you can copy some of them. " Demon Road shook his head and threw the dirt to Taoist Feiyun again. "I want to get to the newly opened world as soon as possible. I don’t know why this time, I feel that the world is very dangerous, well! Because it is extremely dangerous. If there is no accident, all those who enter it this time will die. "
"Then you’re still going?" Taoist Feiyun heard the sudden change of Se in her face, which was not what she thought. For her and those who are reincarnated and reborn in the paradise, the newly opened world may be dangerous, but it will never be dangerous to the extent of all death as the demon said.
"Those ancient powers are trapped in the center of that world. This time, I not only want to control that world, but also want to see if I can save these ancient powers." Demon Road closed his eyes and was silent for a long time, then said in a heavy voice, "At first, I thought of waiting for a long time before trying to save them, but now everything has changed. The ancient great powers trapped there can’t hold on. I must find a way to save them, otherwise, with us, they are no match for those puppet guards."
"When will the guards in ancient battlefields arrive in this world?" Taoist Feiyun immediately thought of some bad things after hearing what the demon said. She hit her head and whispered, "Is everything mixed up with luàn? Why can’t we deduce anything about ancient battlefield guards! And you know so much. "
Demon Road didn’t answer Taoist Feiyun’s words. He just took a deep breath and continued: "This world has merged some fragments of the long river of ancient times, and the long river of ancient times was broken, which led to the whole world’s past, future and present mixed with luàn. The past may appear in the present, and the present may appear in the future. And that newly opened world is the future world. "
"It won’t be long before, after those ancient creatures are completely sealed, the future world will coincide with our present world, and even those long rivers of disappearing time can hook the past world to coincide together. What will happen at that time? " The diabolical way looked at the cracks in the future world in the distance and said.
"Maybe before that time, we were killed by those ancient puppets, maybe we will be made into puppets, or maybe we will disappear in this world. Well! By the way, you should pay attention to the people in the so-called Y and N Cao hell. This group of garbage is stirring up trouble everywhere, as if it has something to do with the guards in the ancient battlefield. If you meet them, you’d better kill them all. " Taoist Feiyun was a little silent and whispered, "If you can’t come out of that world after a thousand years, I’ll go in and find you."