"I won’t give it."

"bring it." Feng Kuang said, reaching for it.
"If you don’t give it, you won’t give it." Qin Shaojie shouted, slapping aside Feng Kuang’s palm, throwing off one side of the wind chimes, and quickly ran into the room, holding the Tianbao box in his arms, just pouting on the bed, for fear of being taken away by others.
Seeing this, Feng Kuang didn’t know whether to laugh or get angry. He stared at Qin Shaojie for a long time before turning to wind chimes and saying. "Look at him and take him to the devil tomorrow. If something goes wrong, we will all be finished."
Say that finish, the wind is a jilt sleeves, and went out.
"He’s gone." Wind chimes closed the door and said to Qin Shaojie.
"I see." Qin Shaojie got up from the bed and toyed with the open Tianbao box.
"Is this shit, make of the spiritual world to rob to, cigar smoke. I really want to slap it and ruin it. " Looking at this humble black box, Qin Shaojie grumbled.
It was this stupid thing that forced him to play dumb and take the initiative.
"Why not open it now?" Wind chimes looked at Qin Shaojie and asked.
"oh? You want to see it, too? " Qin Shaojie took a ponder look at the wind chimes and asked with a smile.
"No, don’t think about it." Wind chimes quickly explained. "I mean, isn’t it all the same if you take it away or try to open it? Why wait until tomorrow? "
"Of course I have my ideas. You just need to stay with me tomorrow, and I’ll take you away. "
"I see." Wind chimes said.
It’s not that Qin Shaojie doesn’t want to open it, but that as long as he opens the treasure box now, it will be noticed by the mysterious man. When I saw the mysterious man that day, Qin Shaojie was a little confused, although the black robe covered the body and the mask covered the whole face. But whether you are a fairy in the sky or a mortal on the earth, your appearance can be changed, but your eyes will never change. Through the only two eyes exposed on the mask, Qin Shaojie felt that the mysterious man himself seemed to know each other, but he couldn’t figure out where he had seen it.
Therefore, Qin Shaojie decided to find out when he went to see the mystery man tomorrow. Judging from the last time I saw him, besides the mysterious man and himself, the only people present were Feng Kuang and Wind chimes. Presumably, Brother Pang was ready.
"By the way, I have a question for you." Qin Shaojie looked at the silent wind chimes sitting on the bed and asked.
"What?" Wind chimes looked at Qin Shaojie in confusion.
"If I kill Feng Kuang tomorrow, will you be sad?"
Looking at the expression of wind chimes, after hearing this question, suddenly became cold, and hurriedly said. "I’m just saying that if, of course, you want him to live, I have no problem, but I can’t guarantee that he will die at the hands of others in the future."
"Whatever, kill if you want." Wind chimes said, these words, almost from the teeth. See Qin Shaojie one leng one leng.
How much hatred does she have for following the wind? It is because she is taken as a pawn by the wind that she can give birth to such hatred.
Qin Shaojie didn’t understand because he hadn’t experienced it.
It didn’t start at an early age to say that she hates wind crazy.
When she is sensible, she also expects her father to care for her and take care of her. But gradually, expectations turned into discouragement, and discouragement gradually turned into disappointment and give up. In the end, it became hate.
For example, a child who grew up in an orphanage has no relatives, but he is eager to find relatives. No matter what he abandoned at the beginning, he is eager for another home.
Husband and wife can divorce, friends can get together, but the only thing that can’t be separated is the affection that blood is thicker than water.
But when you know that you have relatives, but you can’t get care, even after you know that you are just a pawn of your closest relatives, that kind of hatred is estimated to be difficult for others to understand except the parties.
"I don’t like the way you keep a straight face." Qin Shaojie suddenly said. "That’s not good-looking."
Although Qin Shaojie can’t understand this kind of thing, he can definitely feel the deep hatred from the expression and tone of wind chimes. For an instant, Qin Shaojie felt that this girl was really pitiful.
"Don’t worry, I’ll take you away. I promise, you will live happily for the rest of your life." Qin Shaojie took wind chimes by the hand and whispered.
"Well, I believe you." As the wind chimes spoke, they fell on Qin Shaojie’s arms, and two lines of tears fell silently, wondering whether they were happy or sad.
Chapter 262 Surprise
"Let’s go out, they are coming soon." Early the next morning, wind chimes, like a little wife, tidied up Qin Shaojie’s collar and whispered.
Qin Shaojie just wanted to say something, but he didn’t say it, and he became that silly expression again.
This acting skill, even the fat cat who is famous for playing a fool, has to sigh when he sees it. It is estimated that he is qualified to take the Oscar statuette home.
A moment later, footsteps sounded in the yard, and the figure of Feng Kuang appeared in the yard.
Obviously, the wind chimes are very reluctant to see the wind crazy. After frowning, they took Qin Shaojie in one hand and opened the Tianbao box in the other, and they didn’t talk crazy with the wind, and went out.
Wind crazy cold hum 1, also didn’t speak, directly turned to lead the way.
As Qin Shaojie expected, there was really no one else in it, except Feng Kuang Fengling, who was himself.
"Ha ha, you’re here." There was a loud laugh in the darkness, and then the mysterious man appeared in this dark altar.
Qin Shaojie tried to listen for a long time, but the voice of this mysterious man was clearly changed, and he simply couldn’t recognize who the owner of this voice was.
"The wind crazy, do well. Your daughter is quite capable, haha. " When the mysterious man saw Qin Shaojie’s retarded expression, he stopped talking to him and laughed at the wind directly.
"The devil flatter me, this is what she should do." The wind crazy deadpan said.
"Well, now, let him open the treasure box." The mysterious man looked at the wind chime with the treasure box and said.
Wind chimes bitten to grind, then handed the treasure box to Qin Shaojie, and Qin Shaojie, also very obedient to pick up.
"Open it." Wind chimes said softly.
Qin Shaojie eyes staring at the treasure box, slowly stretched out a hand. At that time, he could clearly feel that Feng Kuang, not far from him, had been staring at him with his eyes, and his body trembled slightly. I don’t know if it was because he was about to get something in the treasure box, or what. To his surprise, the mysterious man didn’t have any mood swings. Even … Even, Qin Shaojie couldn’t feel the breath of his existence.
"Who the hell are you?" Suddenly, just as three pairs of eyes were staring at his hand reaching for the treasure box, Qin Shaojie grabbed the wind chime and suddenly retreated, and opened the Tianbao box, which was also put into the dry bag by him.
"Qin Shaojie, you …" This sudden change made the mysterious man and the wind crazy paused, and the wind crazy realized that it turned out that he had really been fooled by him.
"Yes, I am, you guessed it. Unfortunately, it is late now, and there is no reward. " Qin Shaojie pulled the wind chimes behind him and said with a smile. "Mystery man, hehe, I know you."
"Ha, ha, ha, ha. It’s true that a hero is a teenager. I didn’t think of it. I was cheated by you, which is equivalent to personally returning the Tianbao box to you." Mysterious * * laughed. "However, you don’t have to provoke me, you think, you get the treasure box, can go out from here? Even if I can’t kill you, I can still keep you. "
The words sound just fell and out of the seven people in the darkness, it is the remaining seven door owners in the eight doors. At this time, Qin Shaojie also felt that the outside of the altar has been surrounded by many magic disciples.