Chapter 595 Genocide

The Dugu family, which has been standing at the peak of the cultivation of immortals in Kyushu, is full of strong people, especially a few strong people who stepped out of the Dugu family hundreds of years ago, and even set foot on the road to immortality and entered the legendary fairy land, which greatly increased the reputation of the Dugu family in Kyushu and left endless legends. The children of the Dugu family are proud of their surnames, but anyone who goes out of the Dugu family will be respected by many people in the world of cultivating immortals in Kyushu.
Then today’s family of Dugu became restless, and the whole family was in a mess, and the children of Dugu’s family panicked. The core figures of your family get together and have secret talks. Because they got a shocking news.
Zhuge, who disappeared for hundreds of years, reappeared before dawn, and its strength was as amazing as a fairy. It could destroy heaven and earth with every gesture, and killed four deified masters and thousands of elite practitioners with every turn of hands.
This kind of strength, even the strongest in Kyushu can’t do it.
"Does he really have such strength?" The current family patriarch DuGuQing dugu face rigorous way.
An old man sitting next to him said, "I’m not sure whether it’s true or not, but an elder of Ziwei Tiange, Tianchi and my dugu family did die at his hands."
"Damn, this Zhuge disappeared for such a long time, how could it suddenly appear?"
Du Guqing heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Yes, this matter is really tricky. I didn’t expect this name, which has almost been forgotten by people, to reappear. I remember that I was just a junior in the family, and I saw Zhuge’s failure. At that time, his strength was already terrible. Now, hundreds of years have passed, it is hard to imagine what level his cultivation has reached. "
"Is it an empty period?" Several elders of the family were surly and speechless.
Du Guqing said, "We should get in touch with Tianchi as soon as possible on this matter and see what choice they have."
Just as several core members of the Dugu family were spies, a violent vibration suddenly came, and several elders of the Dugu family all stood up, pale to the extreme. They are familiar with this sound. It was someone who broke the large array that guarded the family of Dugu.
"What’s the matter?" DuGuQing eyelid pounding.
"Master, it’s not good." Outside the temple, a son of a lonely family panicked.
"What’s the matter?"
"Tell your master that someone … someone is trespassing on the family."
Voice down, DuGuQing and several elders of the family crackle rushed out of the hall, appeared in the air of the family. And the scene in front of me suddenly changed the face of several core members of the family, including Du Guqing.
I saw an indomitable figure standing there like a mountain miles away from the family, blooming like a fairy, overlooking this world.
"It’s really … it’s really him, it’s really Zhuge Liang!" Seeing the familiar face, Du Guqing clenched his fists and his body shook uncontrollably.
At this moment, there is a huge pressure. Under this pressure, several elders of Duguqing and Dugu family face a heavy face. They feel that their blood seems to have solidified, and their bones make a "squeaky" sound, which is overwhelming. It seems that there is a mountain of thousands of horses pressing on them.
"How … what should I do?" An elder turned purple and looked at Du Guqing.
Du Guqing gritted his teeth and resisted this oppressive force. He whispered, "Please ask the elder to go through the customs, and maybe there will be a chance to slow down."
"But the elder is closing the door and sprinting the hole. If he interrupts without authorization …"
"I can’t manage so much now. This time it is the biggest disaster ever faced by the Dugu family." DuGuQing hysterical roar a way, the elders immediately dare not say anything, brimming with the force of oppression towards the back of the dugu family.
Three miles away, the tall fairy shadow overlooks the direction of the Dugu family, and the purple gas fills the air around the body. It seems that this momentum affects the laws of this world.
I saw thick clouds above the sky, large lead clouds gathered, and purple Lei Guang surged like an electric snake.
Zhuge looked up before dawn, with a sneer on his mouth. With his current strength, the laws of this world could not help him at all. Zhuge raised his hand with a wave of his hand before dawn, and blasted it into the cloud above the sky, forcibly reversing the laws of heaven and earth with great magic.
A purple thunderbolt as thick as a mountain falls, but it doesn’t shine at Zhuge, but it crosses a radian in mid-air and flies in the direction of the Dugu family.
This is caused by Zhuge Liang’s forced reversal law. The purple Lei Guang burst in the family of Dugu, and the whole family of Dugu heard the shrill scream, and a shocking thunder almost destroyed most of the family of Dugu.
It is two purple thunder punishment, across a strange radian, straight to the dugu family.
The Dugu family faced a devastating scene. Countless children of Dugu family turned into fly ash in the thunder punishment, and buildings collapsed and became ruins. There is almost no room for survival under this terrible punishment. Large Lei Guang interweaves, making the whole family of Dugu become a thunder nest, screaming and hissing, roaring like a wild ghost, making people feel numb.
Zhuge didn’t smile, but his palm shook the thunder and split towards the dugu family.
Du Guqing and several elders beside him looked at this scene and looked pale to the extreme. This is the inheritance of the Dugu family for tens of thousands of years, but I didn’t expect it to be destroyed now. As a householder and elder, I can only watch helplessly, and there is nothing I can do.
"Live … stop it! Don’t! " Du Guqing’s eyes were bloodshot and hysterical.
Can answer him, really a stunning thunder, a thick as a mountain Lei Guang towards DuGuQing boom in the past.
DuGuQing hand appeared a long sword, sword above the rainbow burst out, toward the split to Lei Guang beheaded.
The next moment, the sword broke, and Du Guqing’s body flew out like black charcoal, risking plumes of smoke. With his strength, it is difficult to resist this devastating punishment.
Zhuge didn’t intend to show mercy before dawn. With a wave of his hand, he hooked a dozen thunderbolts, and Du Guqing’s coke-like body was enveloped by a large piece of Lei Guang, which instantly turned into a wisp of fly ash to dissipate and was destroyed in this punishment.
Zhuge, with a wave of his hand, grasped several elders in the dugu family with a huge palm, which covered the sun and circulated in the small world in the palm, and suddenly converged the four elders present. In the small world in the palm of your hand, generate, with a smell of destruction, crushed four elders of the Dugu family into blood fog.
And this time, there was a loud whistling sound from the hills of the Dugu family, and an old man rose into the sky, and his whole body was full of rich golden light. A golden shock wave flew out like a dragon and went straight to Zhuge before dawn.
But that golden dragon-like firm but gentle was not close enough to Zhuge’s unlit body, and it was collapsed by a lightning penalty that fell from the sky.
"oh? It’s about to enter the empty period. It seems that your dugu family has not wasted their time these years. " Zhuge didn’t smile. After all, before leaving Kyushu, the experts in the virtual period were still rare.
The white-haired old man is an old monster of the Dugu family, and he is already a master of stepping into the hole with one foot. Looking at the whole Kyushu, I’m afraid it’s the highest strength. But unfortunately, what he is facing now is that Zhuge is not bright, a figure who should not have appeared in this world at all.
Glanced at the dugu family, which has been turned into ruins under the punishment of thunder, the white-haired old man’s sad face twitched. Roared: "You … you ruined my family!"
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, how much this small place is destroyed ~ ~" Zhuge’s dim tall figure stands between heaven and earth, and clear voice laughs.
The hatred in the eyes of the white-haired old man almost turned into substance. He stared at Zhuge Buliang. Even with his half-step strength, he still felt a creepy smell from Zhuge Buliang, and he couldn’t help but tremble: "You … you came back from the fairy land?"
With Zhuge Liang’s current strength, he should not have appeared in this world at all, so the white-haired old man immediately judged the origin of Zhuge Liang.
"Ha ha ha, you can say that." Zhuge is not bright.