Although this fellow knows how to boost morale, he doesn’t like to talk like that, so he speaks his purpose quite directly, regardless of the morale of these little demons.

A bunch of big demons who led the battle secretly complained, but at this time, the words of diabolism have been said, and they are still qualified to modify them?
Just then, Demon Road roared, "Go!" I saw the demon wind screaming under him, and then he rolled up the demon road like a tornado and flew to the island hundreds of millions of miles away. Fly all the way in the past, the squeal of the whistle from the tornado, Fiona Fang hundreds of miles, but dare not have any demon race dare to close to, because they are close to the past, was the squeal of the whistle shattered his head. Even those huge magic weapons of ships dare not cross.
The magic weapon of hundreds of huge ships followed the demon road and flew to the island. At first, a bunch of demons thought that the speed of the demon road must be inferior to that of the ship’s magic weapon. After that, I wanted to fly for a day and a night, let alone they surpassed the demon road. At this time, the demon road was already gone in the air. Fortunately, there are demon families who can push the location of the demon road, so some small demons are not allowed to think that the demon road runs alone.
Don’t talk about the magic weapon of those ships flying, just talk about this demon. It only took him a day and a night to reach hundreds of millions of miles away. When he found the island, Se couldn’t help looking ugly.
At present, this island with a size of thousands of miles has been densely arranged with numerous forbidden laws, so that people outside can’t get in and people inside can’t get out. And the existence of these forbidden law, it is extracted from Fiona Fang hundreds of thousands of all the aura. According to the diabolical estimation, if he can’t destroy those forbidden laws in the first time after killing thousands of small demons, I’m afraid the struggle behind will be extremely difficult. After all, there is no aura within the scope of more than ten Wan Li where they live, and there are demon clan with poor mana, but they can’t recover through the aura. And these are the things that worry diabolism.
"Infinite Buddha!" After saying the bugle, the diabolical way grimaces. After circling around the huge island, he had a dispute in his heart.
I saw him suddenly open his mouth, and then a thumb-thick demon wind came out from it. In the hundred years he talked about, this demon wind extracted the demon wind on Wanyao Island by itself, and fully absorbed tens of millions of demon winds.
These demon winds are condensed together, and after being refined by secret methods, their power is greater than before, and I don’t know how many times, and the magic is even more.
This demon wind hovered in the air, gave a bleak whistle, and plunged into the endless ocean. I saw that after the demon wind fell into the sea, it lived for two, two, three, and three times, and thick demon winds split out and walked in the ocean of Fiona Fang. Accompanied by these enchanting winds, the seawater in the ocean began to swim slowly, and with the passage of time, the speed of the seawater swimming became faster and faster. Behind them, the sea water near the island rolled up, and làng’s head, which was dozens of feet in size, rolled over the island.
The endless sea slammed against the island’s ban, giving out loud bangs. For two days and one night, when tens of millions of demons arrived here with the help of the magic weapon of those ships, the practitioners on this island still didn’t come out to look at it. They just stood behind the ban and pointed out the diabolical taunts.
In the eyes of those practitioners, this set of defense prohibition laws deduced by hundreds of clan powers is not destroyed by làng, a mere sea. What’s more, they also connected these forbidden arrays with all the spiritual veins on the whole island. If someone forcibly breaks these forbidden laws, all the spiritual veins on the island will burst. As a result, countless mortals on this island completely disappeared. The death of those mortals produces infinite karma and resentment, which is not what any clan or Sect is willing to bear at all. If you are alone, the infinite karma and resentment will directly destroy that person. Let him not even enter the reincarnation and disappear forever.
Seeing hundreds of magic weapons of ships and thousands of demons coming in the distance, the demon road shouted, "Look at being original."
While speaking, my mind moved, and the endless demon wind in the seawater instantly felt something. See the words sound just fell, diabolical way Fiona Fang hundreds of Wan Li all the sea water up, directly exposed below the hundreds of feet deep seabed.
Under the surprised gaze of all the demons and practitioners who stayed on the island, this million-mile sea water rolled back and slammed into the island’s ban.
There was a loud noise, and the thousands of miles of prohibition broke like paper. Then countless spiritual veins burst, the earth cracked, the mountains collapsed, and endless magma and floods spread all over the island.
There are countless monsters in the sea having sex, and the endless sea Lang is rolled up one by one toward the island that has lost its forbidden defense. These are the smallest sea Lang and hundreds of feet in size. Some practitioners are slapped by the sea Lang and instantly turn into Lu sauce to dissipate.
Just a few hundred breaths, this island with the size of thousands of miles in Fiona Fang disappeared completely, and countless practitioners were rolled back by the sea water and dragged to the depths of the seabed. Countless mortals sank with the sinking of the island.
There are earth practitioners who want to escape by breaking the boundless sea water with a magic weapon, while the tiger demon is reminded by the demon road, which makes Cao control the symbols on the ship and start to stop it. Tens of millions of goblins emerged from the ships and threw thunder and fire at the practitioners crazily.
Often a practitioner will be hit by tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of thunder and fire in an instant, even if their defense means are exquisite, they can’t resist it. Not only was the whole body strangled to pieces by thunder and fire, but even their souls were completely strangled.
The island sank, the mountains and the earth cracked, and hundreds of millions of miles of seawater in Fiona Fang all rolled up. Countless monsters living in the sea took the opportunity to vent their energy wantonly. From time to time, magma spewed out from the bottom of the sea and soared thousands of feet into the sky. Surrounded by a hurricane, the hurricane rolled and carried tens of thousands of tons of seawater on the ocean. There are creatures involved, which instantly turn into a mass of blood fog, and even the soul is temporarily imprisoned in it. If the soul is not strong enough, this hurricane can even grind the soul into powder.
"You leave! Let me stay here quietly for a while. " Demon Road turned to look at Tiger Head Demon and others and said with a smile, "This is the king of war. If you don’t shoot, you can’t give the other party any chance to fight back. "
Thousands of demons, big and small, were forced to kill those fleeing practitioners. Now, listening to the words of the demon road, they quickly got into the middle of a ship and were ready to go back at any time. However, some demons, big and small, stayed outside and thanked the demon for their advice.
"It’s just a pity that there are still some demon families on this island. If they join us, it will make our demon religion grow a little." The tiger demon sighed, turned around and led hundreds of ships to leave, leaving only the demon road, the master of religion, standing in the increasingly violent luàn sea.
The island sank, forming a huge whirlpool where it sank. A monster beast got close and was instantly involved. And this whirlpool, after absorbing the blood of countless monster beasts and mortal souls, actually drilled a sea eye at the bottom of the sea.
Out of the sea eye, thunder and fire came down. However, only a small part of the thunder and fire fell on the sea, and the rest were still in mid-air, which was blown away and polished by hurricanes.
The demon road releases a large part of mind to feel the formation of the sea eye. After watching the sea eye expand from the thickness of the thumb to the size of a thousand feet, he laughed in a low voice. Because of the formation of the sea eye, I actually felt the rules of heaven and earth, and I gave birth to a magic weapon of fate. Of course, this magic weapon of fate is not to suppress the sea eye, but to be born and claimed by other creatures.
I don’t know how many billions of miles the oceans in the world are continuous, and the fate of them is extremely strong, which is blessed by the world personally, and I don’t care about the so-called increase or decrease of fate.
The lucky baby born in the sea eye is a pearl crown, with 108,000 pearls the size of a thumb on it, and 108,000 points of light in each pearl. These light spots collided and merged, and actually opened up a small world in that pearl. This small world is neither too big nor too small, and it is only a million miles in size. What interests Yaodao is that there are 108,000 pearls on it, which is equivalent to the formation of 108,000 small worlds.
He laughed even louder at the thought that he was going to have 108,000 small worlds as a magic weapon for shock education.
"As it should be, being original has killed hundreds of millions, but it gave birth to you. If you don’t belong to being original, who else can you belong to?" With a strange smile, Demon Road reached out and grabbed the pearl crown.
"Maitreya! Don’t worry, Taoist, this thing is related to my Buddhism. " Just then, a voice sounded like thunder from tens of thousands of miles away. Accompanied by this sound, there was an infinite Buddha’s light that rolled over to the demon’s hand, but it stopped the demon from asking for the pearl crown. Another string of beads turned into nine-claw golden dragon and grabbed it at the pearl crown.
"Infinite longevity Buddha! Monk, please stay! This thing has a lot to do with my Xuanmingzong. " At this time, a voice sounded from another direction, and a star came from where. This star brilliance not only blocked the nine-claw golden dragon, but also resisted the magic weapons flying from other directions one by one. Only in this way, there is no ability to roll the baby quietly suspended over the sea eye.
It’s a long story, but it’s only a few breathing hours. After the demon road melted away the monk’s boundless Buddha’s light, dozens of powerful creatures had gathered over the sea eye. And as time goes on, there are more and more powerful creatures.
Among them, there is a ancestor who is the same as the demon road, and there is also a generation of patriarchs. Some people have demons, monsters and freaks. Finally, there are more than a hundred creatures that can stand in this turbulent sea. Moreover, the existence like Fei Yun Daogu did not appear for its own reasons. If they come out, I’m afraid there will be thousands of powerful creatures gathered here in a short time.
"Ladies and gentlemen, since everyone wants to get this treasure that suppresses bad luck, let’s not say that there is no fate. Let’s see the real chapter at hand." Yao Dao looked at the Taoist priest and laughed at him.
"What’s a way to see the real chapter?" A hundred-armed weirdos asked about the demon with a strange smile. This weirdo is seven or eight feet tall, and he obviously inherited the lineage of ancient ghosts and gods.
"Kill people, until the last person left here is qualified to take that treasure. Do you dare to do so?" The diabolical way grimaces, and at this time, endless resentment has condensed the dark clouds that have gathered above him. The dark clouds seem to be tumbling, but they are not smashed by the hurricane làng. On the contrary, the hurricane làng fell into it and was swallowed by the dark clouds in an instant, thus contributing to the power of the dark clouds.
"This method is really harmful. Let’s use our own means and get the treasure by chance!" There is a big demon frowning slightly, but he doesn’t like that the demon is so murderous. You know, every creature who can come here has great ability. If they really tell the difference between life and death, they can’t do it without hundreds of years. During these hundreds of years, some people still don’t run away. If someone runs away, they want to tell the difference between life and death, but they don’t know how many years it will take. Of course, if two unite to deal with one, it may take hundreds of years to tell the difference between life and death.
If we really kill only one person here according to the diabolical method, I’m afraid it must be a scuffle. A person who is accidentally ambushed may die in an instant. After all, the magic weapon of fate suspended in the sea eye will fall into the sea eye a little bit over time. If the magic weapon really falls into the sea eye, no matter how tough they are, they can’t go into the sea eye to search for the treasure. You know, there are not only some strange creatures guarding the sea eye, but they can be pressed into rü u cakes by the pressure of hundreds of millions of tons alone.
The magic weapon of fate will stay in the sea eye for hundreds of thousands of years after it is integrated into the sea eye, and then it will fly by itself and fall directly into the hands of the right person. And the one who is predestined friends is selected by this magic weapon. It is even possible that this magic weapon of fate will cultivate sanity in hundreds of thousands of years, and then it will become human, and no one can snatch it at that time.
"Display means? By what means? I’m afraid that no matter how subtle your means are, you can’t get this thing out of everyone’s sight. Let’s go! In my opinion, it’s better to kill the baby. " Demon Road stretched out his hand and pointed to the endless grievances above his head and smiled: "Being original has just killed billions of creatures, and it has completely destroyed countless spiritual veins. Now there are grievances between heaven and earth to polish being original. Maybe you can take the opportunity to kill being original, or you will lose an opponent."
When they heard this, they just shook their heads. Some people despised the diabolism, saying that diabolism was the most shameless person. Of course, for these disdain, diabolism didn’t care. He was standing in the air and laughing impudently.

Chapter three hundred and nineteen The ever-changing too many things to see.
Chapter three hundred and nineteen The ever-changing too many things to see.
It’s not unreasonable that diabolism is rampant. Now there are hundreds of millions of people’s grievances on his head. That resentment can’t help diabolism, but it can incite the rules of heaven and earth to reduce punishment to deal with diabolism. And this punishment of heaven and earth is an attack of fire and feng shui. If someone communicates with him at this time, the rules of that day will also regard this person as a group, thus lowering the punishment of heaven and earth to nullify the matter.
"I don’t think so. If you can survive this disaster, it’s just as well to give you a magic weapon to suppress clouds. After all, you killed hundreds of millions of creatures, including karma. If there is no magic weapon to suppress fate, I’m afraid you will be completely finished in your life. With this magic weapon of fortune to suppress fortune, it will only linger on and will not achieve much in the future. If it fails, then how we distribute this magic weapon of fortune has nothing to do with you, and you don’t need to care whether we kill or not. " There is a female road flyover laughed.
As soon as this statement came out, hundreds of creatures around felt that the Taoist woman was right. After all, it would take at least several years for the magic weapon of fate to sink into the sea. And this time is enough for them to find a way to distribute the baby, hmm! Or robbed. Some people even want Yaodao to take away the magic weapon of luck, and then find an opportunity to kill Yaodao with three or five friends, so as to regain the magic weapon of luck.
You should know that although the magic weapon of fate can increase the fate of one faction, it does not have much effect on the demon road with endless karma. He has the magic weapon of fate, and that magic weapon of fate will not release it to protect him in the dark. And if this magic weapon falls into the hands of another person, if that person does not make great efforts, this magic weapon of fate will protect his master in the dark, so that he will not suffer too much disaster.
There are not only many people with this idea, but also many. After a very short discussion, they immediately made a decision. A Taoist gave birth to Xiangyun with his first step, and entrusted his body with Xiangyun to swim in the air, suppressing the storm in the range of hundreds of feet in Fiona dàng; A big demon released the demon wind and began to collect endless sea breeze to cultivate magic weapons or magical powers; There are also creatures sitting with familiar people, or playing songs with swords, or drinking and talking.
No matter what attitude these powerful creatures make, they all release a lot of minds hovering around. On the one hand, observe the demon road, on the other hand, prevent others from suddenly attacking. After all, the magic weapon of good fortune is too fascinating.
Seeing that those people have made such a shape, Yaodao will not say anything more. Just standing in the void out of thin air, silently waiting for the disaster of heaven and earth to come.
As time goes by, thousands of miles of grievances continue to condense and compress, and these grievances are bizarre. Whether it is làng in the hurricane sea or the great means of practitioners, they all have no effect in the face of these grievances.