"Ladies first, you go first!" Li Yi smile happily of say.

"Li Yi, I am a teacher. If I let you speak first, you can speak first." Liu ruoying said.
"Well, actually, I came to you for the other day." Li Yi said.
"Oh, you say it!" Liu ruoying choked back herself, and let herself not say that she was also for that matter.
"In fact, I was also wrong about that day. I shouldn’t be angry. There may be some mistakes in my explanation, so you didn’t understand." Li Yi said.
"Actually, I was wrong about that, too. I shouldn’t blame you without asking what happened." Liu ruoying said.
"We both made mistakes, so this time it was a misunderstanding. Let’s not take it to heart and be good friends!" Li Yi said.
"Old good friends." Liu ruoying said.
Actually, I want to be Li Yi’s girlfriend. God, Liu Reying, how can you have such an idea? You just like Li Yi. Li Yi’s girlfriend is Lin Keer. You are so sorry for Lin Keer.
Liu Reying shook his head, ready to throw away those ideas.
"Yingying, what’s wrong with you? Did you just get hurt? " Li Yi asked.
"Nothing, maybe I just ran a little fast, and my head was a little dizzy." Liu Reying said with a slight redness on her face.
"Then take a rest first, and then we’ll talk about you." Li Yi said.
"My things? I have nothing to do. What’s the matter? " Liu ruoying asked.
"Nothing much. Didn’t you just say that you had something to do? Why not? It’s not your head, is it?" Li Yi finish is ready to stretch out his hand * a * Liu Reying head.
"Li Yi, what are you doing? There is nothing wrong with my head. " Liu ruoying grabbed Li Yi’s hand and said.
"Look at it, it’s all nonsense, and you say you have no problem." Li Yi said.
"I’m not talking nonsense, Li Yi, you can’t do this." Liu Reying said in some disgust.
"Look, you said you had something to ask me before, but now you say you have nothing. Isn’t that sick!" Li Yi said.
"Hey, hey, hey, Li Yi, that’s what I just said, okay!" Liu Reying said with some helplessness.
"Well, why didn’t I hear it? Is there something wrong with my ears? It shouldn’t! " Li Yi is also very surprised.
"In fact, the thing you said is what I want to say. Since you have finished, then I don’t have anything to say. Isn’t that the end!" Liu ruoying smiled and said.
"I’m dizzy. I knew I just didn’t say it." Li Yi patted his head and said.
Chapter one hundred and thirty Cooking and eating
"Well, I’m done. Do you have anything else?" Liu ruoying asked.
"Well, no, where are you going to eat at noon?" Li Yi asked.
"Guess!" Liu ruoying said wittily.
"Well, I don’t know. It would be fine if I could predict the future!" Li Yi said.
"Guess and I’ll tell you." Liu ruoying said.
Li Yi was speechless for a while, so I had to guess for myself. Why not just tell myself? What a waste of time!
"Well, let me guess. By the way, give me your hand first." Li Yi said.
"Why should I give you my hand?" Liu ruoying asked.
"Let me see, otherwise how can I guess!" Li Yi said.
"Li Yi, I tell you, you are not allowed to take advantage of me!" Liu ruoying said.
"Don’t worry, don’t worry, I am a good boy, and it is impossible to do these things that take advantage of others." Li Yi said.
If at this moment, if Lin Keer were around, he would take Li Yi’s hand and say, every day you know how to lie to girls. How can you not do this kind of thing that takes advantage of others? I think you have done it before!