"Governor Kojima, we were about to protest. Why did the invaders leave?" A look like organization guy asked.

"I don’t know, maybe it’s urgent?" Junichi Kojima shook his head. "You take everyone around again and continue to demonstrate."
In fact, not only he doesn’t understand, but also the media and Japan, and even the United States, which suffered from the intervention of destruction, can’t read it, because when Chaduc and his party disappeared, 5000 black armor fighters such as Jiwu disappeared without a trace, which shocked the media and made Japan revel, shouting that the entertainment empire was so much, and Ryukyu was still in Japan’s hands.
The first day passed like this. When the sun rose again, dawn appeared in the east the next day. On the corner of Naha, a heinous thing is being staged at this time.
Shang Longwu, a native of Ryukyu, some people say that he is a descendant of Ryukyu royal family, studied in the United States, and has been committed to the independence movement of Ryukyu, because the Japanese are jealous. After the maritime entertainment empire announced the ownership of Ryukyu, he and a group of Ryukyu people returned to Naha for the first time. His action is naturally in the hands of the Japanese intelligence department, which lists him as a dangerous person. Moreover, he chose this crucial time to come back, and his purpose can be imagined. Japanese intelligence decided to make an example of him. On the first day, because of the unknown situation, he was not moved, but the next day, he was stopped. The head of the intelligence department, Yokota Kurata, who was extremely dissatisfied with him personally sent an order from Japan to force him to death and make those cheering Ryukyu people "cry".
Therefore, Shang Longwu, who has the habit of morning exercise, was beaten and dying on a remote path when the sun rose. The Japanese thought it was a secret, but they didn’t know what they had done. A Ryukyu man who came back with Shang Longwu saw this scene and dialed 7777 without any help. I saw flowers at the moment, and Chaduc in imperial uniform appeared in front of him.
"Help my companion, he’s about to be killed." Cried the Ryukyu people.
A few Japanese were about to end Shang Longwu’s life when they suddenly felt a shock on their hands and the weapon fell. A man stood in front of the damn Shang Longwu. "Who are you, who dare to stop the samurai of the Great Japanese Empire from treating traitors?" A leader of the same guy called out.
"Guangtianhua Day, how dare you commit a crime in Ryukyu House, my entertainment empire, and win it for me." Chaduc drink a way, the propaganda planning of the maritime entertainment empire is too busy for his baby Milan to pay attention to him. Now it seems that the effect is not great. Therefore, he hates people who misinterpret the rules of the entertainment empire.
Five guys with samurai towels were captured by several deputies who came with them. Shang Longwu was given first aid by Chaduc, and he could also exhale.
"What do you want to do with these bastards, do it yourself, or entrust the imperial black guards to enforce the law for you?" Tielin asked.
"What authority do I have and what scope?" Shang Longwu studied the management principles of entertainment empire and asked.
"Imperial laws do not allow people who make mistakes to go unpunished. Therefore, at this moment, you can treat people who hurt you in the range of 1 to 10 times. These guys, the lowest punishment limit is that you are dying, and the highest punishment limit is the death penalty! " Tielin serious tunnel.
"Well, I’m going to kill these bastards myself. I didn’t expect that I would be able to give blood for blood in my lifetime. A tooth for a tooth, a hand blade for the Japanese, relieved me. Happy, happy! " Shang Longwu laughed, affecting the wounds all over his body, and suddenly his teeth cracked in pain.
"You rest first, and I’ll get the evidence." Tielin took out the crime brain wave detector, approached it, silently transported the internal energy, started the detector, and then shone the detector on the heads of several murderous Japanese warriors. "Hey, behind and boss. Mr. Shang, you can’t execute them for the time being. After we catch all the people behind them, we’ll leave them to you. Go back and recuperate first. "
"Boss, the matter of Shang Longwu is not simple, and there is another inside story." Tielin walked beside Chaduc and reported the situation detected by the detector in detail.
"Sha, Manager Sha, thank you for saving me," Shang Longwu thanked Sha Dike for further improvement. "Can I make a request?"
"Come on, what are the requirements?"
"These dogs don’t eat chop suey, and it’s not worth wasting food. I want to deal with them now. As for the mastermind behind the scenes, I don’t have the power, so I will ask you all." Shang Longwu gnashed her teeth.
"So all right," Chaduc wanted to think. "Tielin, deal with things here!"
On the outskirts of Naha, a tall building.
"I haven’t heard from these bastards until now," said a guy with a moustache. After a while, he leaned toward the high chair on one side. "My Lord, do you think you can send more people to meet him?"
"Eight, Takeshi Yamato when become so useless, come back must be strict training. Yours, send someone else. "
"No, they were cleaned up by my entertainment empire security guards." A voice sounded, and two figures suddenly appeared in the hut. It was Chaduc and a black guard. The former sighed, "Alas, if only I could catch people in the air with the boss’s trick, I don’t have to run around like this. It’s so hard!"
"What are you from? Bage, where are the people outside? " The grown-up guy is angry.
"Who am I? I am the master here. You committed murder in Ryukyu House, my maritime entertainment empire. I was entrusted by the victim and sentenced two people to see your celestial gods." Chaduc relaxed his hands, took the two men, took a photo of the crime brain wave detector, and tut said, "One is the leader of the warrior club here, and the other is the director of the secret spy. Good, good, two, who died in the hands of the black guard of the maritime entertainment empire, should be in print. Execute the execution. "
Chaduc waved a push, and two guys who kill people without batting an eye at ordinary times were so soft that they flew out with a shock. The guards in black were punished according to the maximum penalty of 10 times, and one knife went down, and the two guys were muffled and divided into several sections. Chaduc heaved a sigh of relief, and now it’s just the intelligence minister who was detected by the last detector. "I’m so tired!" He muttered, while the black guard stood still.
Let’s talk about the origin of black guards. In the maritime entertainment empire, Tianxin defined that security guards only have the responsibility of catching prisoners for two reasons. They can fail, but they can’t kill people. There are two reasons: first, security personnel have no enmity or hatred with prisoners, and they are contaminated with blood for no reason, which will inevitably lead to a great change in temperament and regard human life as dirt, so they are forbidden; Second, put an end to the phenomenon of manslaughter and indiscriminate killing, so that security personnel can avoid being killed. The people’s judge system is not fun. In this case, the black guard was born. It is a series of law enforcement robots hand-crafted by Tianxin to accept the entrustment of victims who don’t want to do it themselves to punish prisoners.
Tokyo, intelligence headquarters.
Since the order was issued, Kuroda has been frightened. Now the situation in Ryukyu is strange and unknown. The black armor people sent by the entertainment empire can still see it at first, but soon there is no trace. The order to operate on Shang Longwu has been issued for 24 hours, and there is still no response. The arrogant intelligence minister is a little worried.
As the heir of Kurata family, the second largest family in Japan, he wanted to wrest the title of the first family from Yamaguchi family from the moment he took over the baton. Yamaguchi, the heir of Yamaguchi family, became the emperor’s bodyguard, which made him envy for a long time. After several battles, he also took the position of the highest commander of the government intelligence department.
At the thought of Yamaguchi, he suddenly trembled as if he had caught something. He is the Minister of Intelligence, of course, he knows that Yamaguchi went to the maritime entertainment empire, and then, the maritime entertainment empire came forward to announce that it owns Ryukyu. From this point of view, Yamaguchi Jun is fierce, and the Yamaguchi group seems to have disappeared, and some ships and planes of the navy and air force have disappeared.
"The emperor’s words," he suddenly exclaimed, scalp pins and needles. "The emperor lost Ryukyu in a word; I gave an order to kill myself … What does that mean? "
"Somebody, somebody," he shouted, and heard footsteps coming from behind him. "Call for martial law and send the highest-level super soldiers."
After waiting for a long time, there was no reply. He suddenly turned around and saw two people he didn’t know standing behind him, one white and the other black, with something similar to a digital camera in his hand. Seeing that he turned around, the white man smiled, "Minister Kurata, nice to meet you. I really don’t understand Lao Sha. When did Shang Longwu become an enemy with you? You want to kill him. Now, according to the people’s judge system of our maritime entertainment empire, Shang Longwu convicts you of murder and entrusts it to the imperial legal department for execution. You accept your fate, murderer, and people will always kill it. "
"What, that untouchable …"
"Nothing untouchable is untouchable. When my maritime entertainment empire announced that it owned Ryukyu, he was as noble as the king. Black guards, execution. " Chaduc look a cold.
"You, …"
Facing the approaching black guard, Kurata took Tatsu Yamashiro across the desk and chopped him across. He was caught by the black guard, and Tatsu Yamashiro broke into two pieces, one across Kurata’s horizontal neck, and the other pierced his heart deeply. Chaduc casually dropped the punishment order of the maritime entertainment empire, which integrates crime confirmation and execution. Then, holding the guard in black, he jumped up and disappeared. Leaving the exclamation on the first floor behind him, "Minister Kuroda was killed, Minister Kuroda was killed!"
Junichi Kojima was haggard, and he finally knew how the maritime entertainment empire owned Ryukyu. The personnel of the maritime entertainment empire disappeared in Naha and the border did not disappear, and the efficiency of the people’s judge system made him even more frightened. In Naha, the capital, the Japanese who used to bully the world were either slapped, or punished financially, or beaten and killed by people who had bullied them before. It is inevitable that people with great power will have it. The world-famous Japanese intelligence minister, Yukihiro Kuroda, was declared by the law enforcement case, and anyone had better not think about killing people within the national boundaries of entertainment places, otherwise, no matter where you are on the earth, you can’t escape punishment.