It’s just an instant. The look on people’s faces is dim. Desperate, I sighed with great reluctance: "It’s a sin. Being original thought you were in the friendship of teaching together. There must be a meaning of compromise and peace, but it is hard to give in to face. Being original is only intentional because I want to mediate for your Sect for the sake of my fellow countrymen. It’s a pity … It’s a pity that it ended up like this. Let it be. Being original has tried my best, and it is really impossible to mediate! "

Bai Meng’s doubts in his heart can’t be seen for a while. It’s really hard to believe this and this expression. Thousands of thoughts flashed in my heart and I was suddenly surprised that I had the idea of killing myself just now.
Or … He even had the idea of killing people in Lei Yun. It must have come to this. If he hadn’t changed his story in a hurry, he would have done it at once.
If you don’t have it before, I’m afraid that in Lei Yun’s master’s heart, he’s too peaceful, and the Yin and Yang Sect has secretly decided to deal with the Shushan Sect.
When has Bai Meng ever been afraid that it is really too dangerous to have a cold sweat on his back and a cold shirt at the moment? Life and death are just between the thoughts of a clean person.
If they join hands with each other, where is the chance for themselves and Huang Lingzi to survive?
At this moment, he doesn’t even know whether he should be grateful or contemptuous or admire the "ginger is old and spicy" statement. If you change your position, your first choice at this moment is to kill two weak people, and simply tear your face and unite the Shushan Sect to destroy the Yin and Yang Sect.
Bai Meng knows that this moment can’t be loosened. As long as he reveals his flaws, Huang Lingzi’s life is still in jeopardy. Maybe it’s too clear that the mountain gate array in Wonderland has already started, and no one can walk away.
Unless ….. two people die, or don’t do it at all, and save the honor of Taiqing Sect to avoid people saying that he is Taiqing Sect secretly provoking sit quietly and watch the tigers fight.
At this point, if one word is wrong, everyone will face it.
Bai Meng immediately stepped forward and said to the master in Qingliu, "It’s a pity that the master’s painstaking Lingbao is grateful. Lingbao was also bent on solving it to protect the general trend of Taoism. But today it seems that there is no solution! "
The clean master looked at Bai Meng with a slight surprise but a slight chin, and his eyes showed a rather appreciative brilliance. Then he lamented, "Now it is really impossible to resolve the problem of being original and devoting yourself to Lingbao. You also want the whole Lei Yun master to do your best. So let’s go our separate ways. No matter what happens in the future, I’m too clear to participate in the struggle between your two factions! "
Now, the master here in Lei Yun has leaked the whole story. The master here just wants to take advantage of the situation to mediate and make a good reputation for the Taiqing Sect. So he has to tactfully prevent these four people from fighting here.
The master here in Lei Yun was still skeptical. At this moment, seeing that they were an old man and a young man, there was no loophole, they believed them, but they were still resentful and clean. The master here shouted: "The master Guangchengzi said in those days that’ the cat changed after five thousand years’ Xuanxing Road declined and the demon taught to die; The ninth resentful daughter, thirteen human-god, reappears in the world; Heaven, Earth, Moon and Five Elements Book Peach Blossom Wonderland; Two innocent nine kings in Kunlun, the underworld, have become rivers of blood in this world; If you want the world to be free from this disaster, destroy the stars first and then destroy the business. Your honor is not far from the truth. You must not hesitate. Today, we will extinguish these two stars here! "
Bai Meng surprised Huang Lingzi surprised desire, and Qing Wen was even more surprised. They all stepped back and stared at Lei Yun master as if they were watching a madman.
The master in Lei Yun shouted, "Brother Lei Gang, you and I will kill the stars first!"
At the foot of Bai Meng’s great horror, the black light flashed, and Dreadwind Excalibur showed that he was not waiting for the Lei Yun master to offer a magic weapon. He had already rushed out with Huang Lingzi.
Two people fly out of Jinxiaodian Lei Yun master cheng yen and Lei Tan have been chasing up for the winter.
Bai Meng offered a sacrifice to the Zi Xia Immortal Temple to protect him. The mirror of Huang Lingzi’s reincarnation has already fallen. The 128-star king clear voice shouted: "It’s shameless of you in Lei Yun to bully us two backward students here!"
"You’re an inverse star who brought his sister from Ma Sheng to Emei and knew that you were going to be born. It’s all evil, but for the sake of the whole world, this deity will destroy you even if it is physically and mentally destroyed!" The master here in Lei Yun seems to be so excited that he can’t suppress his inner emotions, even his voice vibrates. After all, this moment is the best time for him to get rid of evil and save the whole life.
The clean people led the other elders and flew out, not far from the four of them, but they hesitated and didn’t know what to do.
"Why do the Grand Master Lei Yun have to fight with the Lingbao Patriarch here? No matter what their festivals are, they shouldn’t do it here!" Yuyang flew to the clean people’s side. He had the benefit of being white. Naturally, he wanted to speak for the white people. He was appreciated by the clean people more than others. At this moment, others dared not speak, but he dared to speak.
Clean master cheng yen suddenly startled when he heard Yuyang speak. If you follow what Lei Yun master cheng yen said, wouldn’t you kill even Yuyang? How can this be too clear? If you want to reach the top in the future, you and Master Ming’s sweetheart have been counting on this child.
At this moment, there were mixed feelings in people’s hearts, but it was a quiet whisper of Qing Wen: "Don’t forget to leave a message before my teacher went to Zi Xia Wonderland, saying that’ one day I will soar to the sky’ and only rely on Dreadwind to point Zhengyang’. Brother, the great disaster in the world is the operation of heaven. Can the Shushan Sect reverse it? "
A smile flashed in the eyes of the clean-flowing master, and then he drank in a positive color: "Listen to being original, master Lei Yun!"
Lei Yun master cheng yen and Lei Gang master cheng yen glances know that it is not good. Their respective teeth have been sacrificed to the mirror that day and the nine-day Yuan Yang ruler. In their hands, these two treasures are dozens of times more powerful than Jingtai real people and Frost Hanzi.
But when I saw the colorful light shining on the mirror, it came like a colorful light, and Bai Meng gritted his teeth and sacrificed the reincarnation mirror. This light also bounced back and forced Lei Yun people to give in.
Master Lei Gang kept his eyes closed all the time, and suddenly he opened his hands for nine days, but thousands of golden flowers fell from the sky, and the Zi Xia Fairy Hall roared as if it were going to break.
Bai Meng and Huang Lingzi immediately merged into one, prompting all kinds of true elements to merge into Tai Chi between heaven and earth, and they didn’t have the strength to fight back. They could only be filled with all kinds of cracks that were broken in Zixiaxian Temple.
Nine-day Yuanyang ruler is a magic weapon of nine-day plough. Twelve big five-line golden flowers are inlaid on the ruler, which can be directly thrown out to hit people and fly out of thousands of golden flowers.
This golden flower looks glittering, but it is the magic weapon of the big five elements. The so-called big five elements are the combination of the five elements of Yang and Yin, and the magic weapon of the five elements will be broken as long as it belongs to the column of Yang and Five Elements.
Zi Xia Fairy Hall is a typical magic weapon for protecting Yang and Five Elements. Where can it stand? This magic weapon for the big five elements has never broken any treasure. At this moment, however, cracks are already everywhere.

Chapter two hundred and twenty-three The cat never changes.
Bai Meng has seen this nine-day Yuanyang ruler once imitate its principle, refining the big five-line golden flowers and flying out 33,000 big five-line golden flowers. It’s just that compared with these nine days, it’s really one day at a time.
He really can’t help it. It’s rare for him to have any protective magic weapon like the sun and the moon in these nine days. Even if there are several grades, there is a big difference between them.
"Lingbao today, the deity will tell you the truth thoroughly. The Shushan Sect has never been greedy for your magic weapon, but it is only that you put yourself in Taoism and kill demons. Everyone knows that we have to play the role of the wicked. Now that we have put it bluntly, it’s all right that the Shushan Sect and your mysticism are at odds, not greedy for your treasure just to save the whole world! "
The golden light of Lei Yun master here suddenly soared after saying this, and people like Jin Xian generalized the Baizhang method to dance with great enthusiasm. With a wave of his big sleeve, he has offered another green light but a blue fairy sword with a handle.
This sword is full of green light, and when it comes to hand, it has a myriad of blue neon days. The lightsaber is more than 60 feet long, and its body pattern is simple, green as a green spring, but it is suffocating and touching.
Bai Meng knew at this time that this was the real Qing Suojian. It used to be rubbish, but now I know that its power is still above Dreadwind Excalibur. He and Lei Yun are too different in real strength. Even if Dreadwind Excalibur is not weak, there are too many green swords to sacrifice Dreadwind Excalibur and its antithesis.
Seeing that his own Zixia Xiandian will be broken by the ruler of Yuanyang for nine days, Bai Meng felt helpless for the first time in his heart. This Guangchengzi is so amazing that he can forge such a treasure.
When Jingtai is used by real people. He hasn’t felt anything terrible yet. Now it’s in the hands of Lei Yun people. It’s earth-shattering. It’s terrible.
Just when Bai Meng was at a loss, there was a burst of crisp and melodious Fengming in the sky, but it was a clean person and others. Six elders of Taiqing each stepped on a Cai Feng bird and landed between Lei Yun Master and Bai Meng.
These six Cai Feng are gorgeous. The phoenix tail is swaying. Scattered with colorful neon lights and golden lights, I don’t know how many years I have lived. In the hands of a clean master, there are hundreds of millions of heavenly stars flying out of the sky, as vast as purple clouds. Is glittering and translucent spread baizhang completely isolated from Lei Yun master cheng yen and Bai Meng.
Quiet people are also lightly lifted. With a bottle of purple crystal. The whole body is crystal clear, and you can see that there are seven beads of various colors in the bottle. As soon as this bottle came out, it flew out of thousands of colorful treasures and set all the millions of golden flowers in the air.
The master in Lei Yun was frightened and shouted, "Do you want to protect this devil, Master Qingliu?"
The venerable master of Purity frowned and sighed: "The Lei Yun Master here is a fairyland of my Taiqing Sect. Anyway, the patriarch of Lingbao and the distinguished guests of Huangling Sect are also my Taiqing Sect. The four sects would have died long ago if the Yin and Yang Sect had not destroyed the mountain gate for nine magic thousand years. So now we are a little lucky and don’t be too aggressive. "
Master Lei Yun’s face turned cold, and he was still urging the green rope sword, but Master Lei Gang shouted, "Brother, this purple star tripod and amethyst bottle are the magic weapons left by red pine nuts. It’s no use beating the three treasures down the mountain. Let’s go!"
Bai Meng had heard Jin Yu’s real person say that the secret fairy was divided into six treasures, Nangong Hall, tahoe Sect and Taixu Sect each got two treasures. According to legend, it was left by Red Pine Son.
This red pine nut is a long-lived man who swallowed jade and fire when Emperor Yan took it. He learned Taoism and metaphysics, set up a sword-refining skill, and passed it on to Shang Yangzi. Shangyangzi was originally a god bird of Shangyangzi, so he thanked De for reincarnating as the son of Huangdi and helped his father punish Chiyou.
Shang Yangzi was not allowed to soar in the Spring and Autumn Period because of his anger, so he changed the Nangong sheep to a new monastery and skillfully embraced Shanzi to create the Nangong Sect. When he flew to the immortal, thousands of colorful feathers fell off because he was a god bird of Shang sheep, which is the origin of "feathering to the immortal"
The world calls Pinus densiflora the ancestor of sword fairy, which is why it comes. When this red pine nut attained enlightenment, Guang Chengzi did not leave Lishan’s mother, nor did Bi Xia Yuanjun appear, and he was the first person in Chixian to ascend to heaven. Before him, it was said that san huang was all saints from heaven. Therefore, it can also be said that Pinus densiflora is the ancestor of the fairy in Chixian.
Bai Meng used to listen to Jin Yu’s real person mentioning Tianlong Zi, but he never cared. Today, when he saw it, he realized that other people’s refining devices were all better, but it was really hard for Guang Chengzi and Chi Songzi to surpass them.
The magic weapon they have refined has been bizarre to the point of strangeness. The materials used and the mystery are unheard of and have never been seen.
In addition to them, the reputation of the seven seals of the magic religion was far-reaching and shocking, and it was not good. The main reason was that the materials used in these seals were too harmful.
It’s no use fighting again. In a rage, the master of Lei Yun also took a magic weapon and shouted, "Too empty, too clear, and tahoe went to the Nangong together. You are self-sufficient and have no consideration for the world. Let’s just say that the names of the four factions have not been talked about since then. "
When people in the clean stream see that things have reached this point, they don’t just tear their faces and say, "The Shushan Sect was originally the Nangong Sect, and it was also the ancestor of the Red Pine Son, but you almost cut it off. We three sects have long complained. For thousands of years, you have only known that there is Hiroyuki in the world, but you didn’t know there was any Pinus densiflora. If you want to break off the friendship between the four factions, it’s up to you! "
Master Lei Gang, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly sneered and said, "Although Red Pine Son is old, it’s nothing to think that Guang Chengzi is one of the twelve golden immortals. What’s wrong with us worshipping him as Mao?"
The more people there are, the more stiff the tattoo is. The master can’t help but anger: "Jin Yu still doesn’t see guests off?"
Jin Yu’s reality is a face of embarrassment. This matter has come to this stage. One night, two or three generations of these old guys have to go to Lei Yun and Lei Gang to leave.
Looking at Lei Yun master cheng yen and Lei Gang master cheng yen leaving angrily, Bai Meng finally breathed a sigh of relief and accepted the records of Zixiaxian Temple and Qingliu master cheng yen.
"Thank you don’t have to be original today is really trying my best. Being original has long been discussed with Taixu and Qingcheng. Stay out of the fight between your two factions. We have done everything that can help you in the past. It really depends on your own fate whether you can get through the layers of disasters in the future! " Clean people watched Lei Yun people leave just now. Although it was very hard, they were more or less unhappy at the moment. After all, it’s been hundreds of years of friendship, so it’s gone up in smoke and turned against each other. How can you be comfortable?
Listen to the words of qingliu master, and there is a faint meaning of Fujian. Bai Meng can only forget about it here. It seems impossible to want to talk to Taiqing about Yuyang. He thought for a moment and took a jade symbol. Part of the true sutra of Taiping Jing and the unique skill of sword array using large array method with sword were recorded in jade symbols.
He called Yuyang over. Sighed: "I have reached the peak of the Xuanmen two-pulse Juexue, which proves that the mixed-yuan road and the Daomen one-pulse peak chaotic road have their own advantages. I see that you have something to do with our school, and I want to ask the master for mercy and allow you to enter our school to practice mixed yuan avenue, prove Taiping and learn Pangu. Who knows that you and Taiqing are too close to each other to be shaken by manpower? But there is a deep bond between you and me. Even if you can’t enter my porch, I should help you make a name for yourself. In this jade symbol, it is recorded that Jiugong Juexue is a spiritual treasure, and the Buddha can use the fairy sword to use the mystery of heaven and earth. If you can come to Zi Xia Wonderland one day, I will exchange the dragon turtle for your body and help you to return to the sun of Jiuyang on the 9th. "
Yuyang exultation quickly bowed down and gave thanks for taking this jade charm, but he didn’t know what to say.
Hearing Bai Meng’s promise to change Yuyang back to her true identity and giving her exquisite juexue, the original gloomy heart suddenly surprised her. She said, "What Master said is really accurate, and it is really a’ rising to the sky in the future’, only relying on Dreadwind to point out Zhengyang. ’
Immediately, he stepped forward for a few steps, but his face was extremely dull and white: "The nine-day yuan ruler was refined for you, and you need to be careful in the future. People in Lei Yun are not terrible. People in Leigang are terrible. Even I am no match. You can help Yuyang get back to her true self, and you don’t owe it to my tutor to secretly give you a bloody whip. This whip has boundless power, which was left by The Hunger in those days. It is almost impossible to control it unless you meet the supreme immortal Dabao, which is close to the strength of the fairy magic weapon, such as the three treasures of Kongtong, and the magic weapon of the lock spirit! It’s just that you have to find a family teacher who can use this whip. In those days, there was a saying,’ the thirteen orphans outside the Twelve Phases’. In the Qili Cave, there is a strange man with a red soul and a bloody shadow, and the baby sword only suits you.’ You can look for it according to this, and don’t ask being original. Actually, I don’t know much about the meaning of the family teacher! "
Ming sweetheart sent a blood shadow whip with the help of Jinfeng in those days. Although her reputation was loud and white, she never understood the mystery and left it in the treasure house without paying attention to it.