It is said that in 15150, a group of people quietly fell behind in the mainland of China. There are not many people in this group, and there are only a thousand practitioners, who practice between chaotic environment and cultural environment. As soon as these thousands of practitioners touched the land, they immediately infiltrated into the spiritual space and settled down in a settlement.

In the following ten interstellar years, three batches of practitioners with the same amount appeared one after another, and like the first batch, they all entered the fantasy space.
With the arrival of more than 4,000 practitioners, the atmosphere of comfort and tranquility in the spiritual fantasy space is no longer there, and there are disputes everywhere.
Perhaps, as the Taoist Zhunti said, "It is not feasible to directly attack that fellow. The noise is too big, and whether it is done or not, it will give that fellow a brilliant reputation. Haha … How can the old road let this guy have another reputation similar to the Marine Fairy? "
Therefore, the strategy of building power in the mixed spirit world and making the spirit fantasy space smoky has become the first choice. If the owner of the spiritual fantasy space can’t help it, it will just give the bliss space and the meridian space a chance to intervene, and at that time, the spiritual fantasy space will be malodorous and will be abandoned by the mixed immortals. At that time, it will be Zhunti and Meridian themselves. Without the interests involved, there may be no mixed fairy who will stand up, or willing to drill out their mysterious spiritual world and mysterious celestial body to meddle.
Disputes are rising, and Tianxin is not a fuel-efficient lamp.
Zhao Sheng, the soaring fairy, was sent out of the customs to cooperate with the giants who had entered Gankun Tower to specialize in the land belt of 100,000 light years in the center of the spiritual space, including the abyss of thousands of light years …
Everything is prepared for a rainy day.
Since then, the mixed immortals who have good deeds or great talents have also sent people to occupy the mountains in the spiritual fantasy space, reaching 15,500 in the celestial calendar, and the population of the spiritual fantasy space reached 100,000. And also in this year, the value of spiritual fantasy space was recognized by more and more mixed immortals. In other words, the far-sighted mixed fairy realized that the mixed fairy would spread magnificent historical poems in the mainland. If we ignore it and don’t cut into it, I’m afraid there will be less fun, and the news of cloud nine will be known later or less than others.
Such a change in the spiritual space made the Meridian Emperor, the Taoist priest and the Taoist priest stunned. It seems that their plan to suppress the spiritual space was abolished without much progress.
"ascended a cloud, we ignored the influence of ascended a cloud. Although we are sure that the nine heavens will not be unearthed, other mixed immortals don’t think so. That fellow won this round. " Meridian mysterious space, meridian emperor depressed way.
Blissful mysterious space, quasi-mention Taoist laughed. "Otherwise, the spirit magic space from good and evil people mixed up. Qian Fan race show, too much mixed Yuan Xian cut, that fellow thought that the fantasy space was still his? I am afraid that there are already mixed Yuanxian in mind. "
"Teacher younger brother, not careless. Judging from the current situation, that fellow is a master of creating momentum, and the current situation in the fantasy space is probably intentional. " The Taoist priest frowned. "You’d better come in person."
"Follow the instructions of the senior brother."
In fact, the spiritual space that makes the meridian, the quasi-lifting and the connection uneasy is now in the situation, and Tianxin is quite disappointed. Although there are more and more people in the spiritual space now, it has reached more than 100,000, but the heavenly heart operates and the spiritual knowledge is filtered one by one. It is found that these entrants are not derived from heaven-opening space, but are the wandering giants of the mixed-yuan spirit and the world, which are included in the mixed-yuan immortals. This can explain why there are so few mainland giants who are mixed with Yuanling Tianliyu, and it also dashed Tianxin’s hope of obtaining the secret of heaven and space.
For hundreds of interstellar years, Tianxin has been studying the space shell excavated from the meridian space. However, apart from the progress in material technology, the subject of how to make the mysterious radiance of the magical baby penetrate the space shell has never seen the dawn.
I thought the Hunyuan immortals sent servants. He can get a little bit of truth from these people’s mouths. I never thought that these guys are all giants, both giants. Of course, it is impossible to know a lot about heaven space. It is hard to say that they have always existed in the servant space opened up by mixed yuan fairies.
Tianxin once again realized that the chaotic plane is really different from the boundless world and the astral world. Here, like an imperial emperor, he went to a remote country and could not use all external means except his own ability. In these hundreds of interstellar years, more than a dozen people have come up from the two continents, but this manpower is not enough. The only relief is that there are few people who are soaring. As more and more outsiders are stationed in the spiritual space, they are the flow of meridian and quasi-lifting, and their minds are temporarily not put on the soaring people.
But the shortage of manpower will inevitably make him walk to the stage.
After 650 years and 100 stars, Tianxin handed the Gankun Tower to nine women to take care of it, and then rose from the ground to the ground to personally manage the land belt in the center of the fantasy space of 100,000 light years.
At this time, the land in the fantasy space is already very tense. The fantasy space is only 10 million light-years in Fiona Fang, with a normal population capacity of 10 million giants. However, the mixed immortals set up mountains in circles, which greatly reduced the capacity of people in the spiritual fantasy space. It’s not, with a population of only 300,000, there is no "ownerless" land in the spiritual fantasy space.
This is also the reason why Tianxin has to go out. Without land, there is naturally the idea of mixing Yuanxian into the central enclosure where the owner’s strength is slightly weak, not only for the land belt of 100,000 light years, but also for the one thousand light-years deep zone in the land belt, because some incredible changes are taking place around the deep zone, specifically, the first concrete in the mainland of Liyu is emerging.
It doesn’t matter whether the concrete is heavy or not. All the mixed immortals are like mirrors. The land of Liyu, even if it is a mixed land, has always existed in the form of floating soil. The so-called floating soil must be taken as an example, just like accumulated snowflakes, which can be used for melting snow water and building snow houses, and have no other use. The appearance of concrete means diversified resources, colorful ecology and down-to-earth …
So many meanings, how can you not let the mixed yuan immortals red-eye! And Tianxin’s "Lu Zhanxian" title faces this situation. Can only rise again!
Dark clouds overwhelm the city to destroy it.
As the heavenly heart raised its sword, 800 giant soldiers raised their axes, and more than 6,000 giant residents roared in the sky …
To tell the truth, there is no single force in the spiritual space.
Stronger than the central land belt. There are only a thousand enclosure giants brought by the fiercest and most talented land, and the number of mixed fairy enclosures adjacent to the central land belt is not more than 10 thousand. Therefore, the mixed immortals haven’t learned to engage in the Lian Heng Alliance with each other, and the central land belt is basically safe.
Actually. The marginal area of the central continental belt is an annular trade belt. The once-a-decade market in the fantasy space is held in this circular trade belt. Since the concrete was produced in the endless stream area of the central land belt, the circular trade belt has been in the market almost all the time, and there are mixed immortals and their giants coming in and out constantly.
Raising swords, axes, and growling, the mixed immortals and their giant men in and out of the circular trade belt barely converged some arrogance. However, for the requirements of the mixed immortals to go into the fog area of thousands of light years (that is, the mixed crystal stars are put into the earth-like abyss) or to obtain concrete specimens, the heavenly heart smiles but not the flesh, and also invites the mixed immortals to open their sky-opening space to thousands of giants in the central land belt to realize the dream of wandering the giants in the countryside.
The wandering giants’ lifelong dream is to open the sky, which the mixed immortals know in their hearts. It is reasonable for the owners of the central land belt and the fog area of thousands of light years to put forward such a demand.
But … Have mixed yuan fairy unwilling way, "your Excellency. As far as we know, you are a budding fairy … "
When Tianxin heard this, he smiled and said, "Senior, my metaphysical realm has been opened to the giants in the central land belt. However, as you know, I am a newly promoted celestial fairy, and the metaphysical realm is inappropriately small. The giants are very disappointed."
"This …"
"If you don’t want to open your open space. There are holograms and important products. I think the giants may be satisfied. "
"Don’t even think about it," said Yuan Xian, with a thick voice.
"That’s no way out. Coagulation fog area is created by all the giants in the central land belt. I almost lost my life if I had land. You have something they dream of, but you don’t want to exchange it. Although I am the owner of the central land. But you can’t go against their wishes. " Tianxin shrugged. "Ladies and gentlemen, break up."