"Zhenyuan Daoyou since colorful stone has wrapped the soul of the East Emperor Taiyi, wouldn’t it be bad if the East Emperor Taiyi was resurrected in the future and he led the demon race to compete for the leading role of heaven and earth again?"

"This won’t be a wisp of ghost at the moment, although colorful stone, the empress of Nu Wa, will take it away, but his memory of the ghost has dissipated with other annihilated souls. When this ghost grows up, he won’t have any memory of the ghost, and so will the friend of Hongyun Daoyou. Now he is another monk." Zhenyuan sighed while explaining.
"I see." Qin Na nodded, but he thought of something else in his heart.
"Monkey Sun did something against heaven without saying anything after eating the flat peach elixir. I’m afraid it’s because after eating the flat peach elixir, it remains in his consciousness that something of the East Emperor Taiyi’s breath is resurrected before he wants to revive the demon family’s heaven …"
"Friends of Daoism in Qinnan can come to my Wuzhuangguan in the future …" Zhenyuan came over and had a good relationship with Qinnan. Now the flood is still broken, and the East Emperor Taiyi and Zuwu fell to Zhenyuan in a hurry to find an opportunity to gain merit, so they handed over and said goodbye to Qinnan.
"Don’t Town Yuan Daoyou, my innate divination is inferred that there is something with Daoyou." Seeing that Zhenyuan is about to leave Qinnan, he quickly called Zhenyuan Road.
"I’m counting on getting merit from you. I can’t let you leave."
"Daoyou can figure out … Terran congenital hexagrams when it’s a great magic" Zhenyuan turned around and praised a full face of joy and then stared at Qin Na with a full face of tension.
Zhenyuan is a congenital wutu whose intensive cultivation has reached a semi-saint, but it doesn’t mean that the innate saint HarmonyOS’s purple spirit is doomed to become a saint, and if it weren’t for the saint, it would be difficult for him to end up in the middle of the robbery.
Some time ago, Zhenyuan had vaguely felt that this Lich War was a great opportunity for him to get rid of the robbery of quantity, and now it would be so urgent.
"Zhenyuan Daoyou’re a friend of the universe, the earth has been broken, and there are countless lives everywhere. You are born with a solid earth collar, and you have land in your hand. Being here is equivalent to saving several lives in the universe. This merit should be enough …" Qin Na is no longer hiding in Zhenyuan Road.
"Steady universe …" Zhenyuan’s face suddenly bloomed with joy after a serious meditation for a while.
"Daoyou said yes, I felt that a little opportunity happened to be original with the vast land. Thank you for waking me up. I’m going to stabilize the vast land. Daoyou must go to Wuzhuangguan in the future."
Come on, Zhenyuan went with joy at the opportunity of success.
He was born with a congenital earthy essence, and was born with the ability to stabilize the whole universe. It is a normal universe and disaster can’t be rooted in Zhenyuan. This time, Zhenyuan broke the universe and integrated his consciousness into the whole universe, trying to put the broken universe back together.
However, this time, the land of Hong Huang was shattered by chaos clock’s self-explosion, and the whole wilderness has been decomposed into several small continents, and many corners have been completely separated from the wilderness continent and directly transformed into another world.
Such a messy situation is beyond the reach of Zhenyuan even if he wants to restore it.
Zhenyuan worked hard for half a day, but he barely gathered several pieces of debris that were about to leave the vast land. But these pieces of land that were gathered by Zhenyuan were actually gathered together with the residual large pieces of land sources by mutual exclusion.
Zhenyuan’s heart is divided, and the mainland source of the flood and wasteland has been completely divided. Every piece of the flood and wasteland has its own independent source, and these mainland sources are mutually exclusive and merged together.
"Unless there is any way to fix all the debris, and then connect all the continental sources together, and then slowly run in these continental sources to build a stable system," the method of integrating all the continental debris makes it clear what is going on when Zhenyuan’s belief turns, and the method of stabilizing the earth also appears in his mind, but this method makes Zhenyuan hand in planning.
He is a hierarch-level innate treasure, which is the most sensitive to communicate with the earth’s source, but now the vast land is broken into this kind of land, and one can’t take care of it, and the other can’t settle all the mainland fragments.
Just when Zhenyuan was in a hurry, a Tai Chi map fell from the sky to Zhenyuan.
"Zhenyuan Daoyou Taiji Map can help the people by stabilizing the vast land. You can use Taiji Map to settle the debris of the vast land and then communicate with each piece of land carefully. Daoyou’s success day is Daoyou’s Daoyou’s Daoyou’s Daoyou’ll get this great merit in the future. If you have the earth in Daoyou, you won’t be reincarnated. Daoyou’ve saved countless creatures in the vast land. Since then, Daoyou should be respected as Daoyou’re a Daoyou’re a Daoyou’ll be honored as a Daoyou’re an immortal .."
Tailaojun’s voice came with the Taiji diagram.
"Thank you for your help." Now Zhenyuan has made a vain effort to thank Tai Chi Tu for kowtowing, and then he took Tai Chi Tu into his own hands.
Taiji diagram is only three teaching levels in heaven and earth. It is a lot easier to have Taiji diagram to help Zhenyuan stabilize the wilderness.
"Go to Taiji, Yin and Yang will set the source of the universe …"
The transformation of the whole Taiji diagram into a virtual shadow instantly covered all the debris in the wilderness. These debris stopped smoothly in the Taiji diagram and stopped everywhere, no longer spraying around.
Since then, the vast land can be divided into four continents, namely Dongsheng Shenzhou Nanshan Buzhou Xiniu Hezhou Beiju Luzhou. Since then, all the creatures in the vast land have been born in these four continents. When there are thirteen overseas islands, they are called overseas ten continents and three islands as adult holy places. In addition to these remaining fragments of the vast land, there are 30,000 small continents, which can be transformed into a paradise with natural spiritual veins. Many monks can practice accordingly …
Zhenyuan shouted to himself while working hard, but his voice was so loud that all the creatures in the whole mainland fell to their knees after hearing the vowels of Zhenyuan.
If it weren’t for Zhenyuan’s stable flood, these creatures would be turned to ashes in this catastrophe.
Just when Zhenyuan completely stabilized the vast mainland, a golden light of merit fell from the sky and enveloped Zhenyuan. Although Zhenyuan Yuan Xiu did not grow, it emitted a force of rank from Zhenyuan.
With this rank force, Zhenyuan, who lives in the vast land, can compete with the saints.
These Yang Yuan learned from Kong Xuanhe’s precepts that he was too low to detect Zhenyuan’s movement, but the two Jin Xian, Jie and Kong Xuan, could feel Zhenyuan’s movement slightly.
"I depend on Zhenyuan. It seems that it’s much better to go to Wuzhuangguan this time. Don’t say that the ginseng fruit is just playing well with Zhenyuan, which is equivalent to pulling with a saint." Yang Yuan was whispering in his heart and suddenly he was shrouded in a light.
This light beam is not a golden light of merit, which Qin Nan knows very well. He has received many times and there are many merits.
At the moment, this light beam enveloped Qin Nandu until it disappeared, and he didn’t feel any change in himself.
"What is this?" Qin nan was surprised to check himself, but he didn’t find anything. The light beam was like walking around himself and leaving without leaving anything.
"This is such a pit dad" Qin Na couldn’t help sighing at this time when suddenly a force poured into Qin Na from Qin Na’s feet.
With this power, Qin nan actually feels as if he is one with the earth, even if he wants the earth there, he will always keep his feet on the earth, so Qin nan will do his best.
"Don’t just give me the beam is not merit but … a step force" Qin Na some shocked.
Chapter two hundred and thirty Dongsheng China
This thing of rank power doesn’t mean that if you have it, you can have the reincarnation of your ancestors and ancestors. This is the birth of the rank power of the underworld. It is in the blessing of the rank power of the underworld that Hou Yi can shoot nine suns in one breath.
If you are afraid of Hou Yi in the underworld, you may not be afraid of the East Emperor Taiyi.