Suddenly, there was a harsh and burning light in front of my eyes.

Xie Hengyan got up and tried to touch the bedside to support the balance beam, but in this turning gap, the cold and stiff face of the man behind him came into view with great reservation, and severely cut through his heart, the most vulnerable position …
But it seems that she can’t be anyone but her sudden appearance at this time.
At this moment, she lifted the curtain with one hand and set it in front of him, looking pale and cold, and her face was no stranger.
"Sugar, sugar water elder sister …"
Xie Hengyan got up with a lump in her throat and sat down next to the bed at the same time. Chen Lang’s stiff body was hard to say, and the fear was pungent and foul.
Suddenly he forgot what to say.
He couldn’t believe that his intuition was so accurate today. "What … could it be you?"
"What’s not me?" Ten ripples of arrogance looked up and took an inch of leering. Xie Hengyan hurt her leg for a long time. In the past, she suddenly relaxed, bent her thin lips, giggled in a row, and made two silvery sounds.
"It’s you … you give poison to Chen" Xie Hengyan stiff way
He remembered that Shilian had been responsible for delivering meals for Chen Lang since the winter. Later, on New Year’s Eve, he called Chen Lang for dinner together with Yinzhu … And what did Chen Lang say?
At that time, he kept repeating the words "no", "no" and "no" to Xie Hengyan by his wrist.
At that time, Xie Hengyan still couldn’t figure out that the two families were so good that they asked Chen Lang to go to Una’s house for dinner, but they would react so violently.
And now he seems to have figured it out more than half.
Xie Hengyan struggled to set up half of his body for ten ripples, and every word was still trembling and said, "Chen Lang … is afraid that you turned out to be because of this! Sister Sugar Water, I really don’t understand why you would be so cruel to a silly girl … "
"No, you’re wrong." Ten ripples cut him off.
Xie Hengyan looked up in astonishment. "… what?"
Shilian sneered, "I’m not the one who gave him bad luck."
Xie Hengyan "…"
Seeing his silence, Shilian asked himself, "Do you know who Chen Lang was?"
Xie Hengyan deliberately don’t carve one’s face obviously don’t want her to say more.
"He is not a poison … it is a method."
Ten-Lian agent put his hand into his sleeve and took a small porcelain bottle cork. When he unscrewed it, he immediately flew out of it, which was the size of a purple-gray butterfly nail cover, and flew back and forth with his fingers flapping.
"If I tell the whole story, you may not believe it-Chen Lang’s mother was an ordinary handmaiden around my eldest brother who was born in that year."
"What are you talking about?" Xie Hengyan froze and said, "Isn’t Chen Lang … an old boatman?"
"The maidservant was born with a dissolute nature, and the offspring of this baby fled from the government overnight, hoping that my family would be cut off." Ten ripples were full of disdain. "Unexpectedly, my eldest brother was always cautious, but the number of maidservants in his mansion was controlled by the poison method, and the poison cycle was distributed regularly-and the maidservant fled for many years, and the poison accumulated all over the body for a long time. Afterwards, the poison hair must have died, which was probably the reason why Chen Lang was scared into an idiot."
Xie Hengyan said, "But what have you done?"
Chapter 1 Permanent separation
"Still waiting? Don’t wait, he won’t come. "
There are more and more people gathering around the dock, and it has become a large area in the dark by looking up from afar, blocking the path in and out of the entrance.
Yin Zhu stood by the shallow beach and looked into the depths of the Woods from time to time, but after a long time, he still couldn’t see the familiar figure of the man.
"I didn’t say" Brother Yin ".Una pressed the seal and poured his shoulder, and could not help sighing." Compared with their demons, our ordinary people always have something in common … Now you can’t bear to part with him, and he can’t bear to part with you. If you meet again, will you finally be separated? What is it in the end … isn’t it a waste of time to let him watch you go here? "
"I …" Yin poured to avoid his palm, and his eyes were dark. "I really can’t trust him."
"What are you afraid of? I’m here, but I’m afraid I can’t protect him. " Una patted his chest and said sincerely, "My Una always keeps his word. After you leave, I will treat the little monster as my own brother. We will eat and live together every day to keep him safe, and he will never be short of food, clothing, housing and transportation … Do you think this will work?"
"Come on, come on," Yin poured repeatedly motioning with his hand
It doesn’t matter if he eats, drinks or sleeps. Besides, how can he treat other people’s daughters-in-law as brothers?
"You need to keep an eye on him. Don’t let him run around all day. It’s enough. After all, limping is not more convenient than going to action. Heng Yan doesn’t know how to count it in his heart. When necessary, he needs to bother everyone to help him pay attention." Yin Yan bowed his head and fuels this time. It was really a heavy tunnel. "I will definitely come back to find him no matter what method."
"Yes, yes, yes," Unanai promised. "You will definitely come back …"
Having said that, it really depends on whether you can get back or not.
Anyway, Una feels that anyone who takes a boat out of this sea area is far apart from each other and hopes to see each other again.
-just like his ten ripples.
Just as I was thinking about the other side of the beach, I suddenly heard a familiar voice calling "Nago-"
Unayinpour looked up at the same time and saw ten ripples running out from the end of the path, which would be panting with a lot of luggage behind him and at the same time called many villagers to help carry it
"Sorry … sorry!" Ten Lian raised my hand and wiped the sweat and rushed to Una. I was too tired to bend over again and again. "I … I’m late."
Una frowned and asked, "Why is it so long?"
Shilian explained that "there are too many things and it took some time to clean them up"
"This ….. why didn’t you tell me before you went out? At least I’m idle and I can help together. "
Una glanced at her roughly. There were indeed boxes piled up in a mountain behind her, and I didn’t know what to put. Una set out to help her hold the boat, but she reached over and buckled it on his wrist and said, "Don’t bother you. It’s all light clothes and dry food, and there’s no weight. I can carry it myself."
"Sister Lian …" Unase said, "Treat me like this? After all, you and I are husband and wife. What’s the trouble? "
"Ah, elder brother, don’t …" Ten ripples could not bear to see him hesitate. After noon, they always raised their hands and took the initiative to pull Una’s skirts. "Do you want to argue with me before parting? I am not afraid that you are tired. Since you have come to bid farewell, we don’t need to talk more? "
"It is also said that moving things is the same." Una said that two of the big boxes were carried over the shoulders, and the boat was facing ten ripples. "Let me give you a ride when you leave."
Shilian stayed to stop Una, but he didn’t have great strength. Every time the ship dragged two or three boxes, it was not a problem. Shilian was easy to chase after him. It was a little difficult to tunnel, "Oh, Nago, it’s all this time … What are you still stubborn with me?"
Una didn’t answer, "Can’t I see you off again?"
"Into … into" Ten ripple eyes reddish with some quiver "whatever you say into …"
Two people together in the bow of the ship overlooking the vast sea, the thought of soon will face separate Una smile not to come out ten ripple is also a face of worry for a long time didn’t say a word.
Later, Una couldn’t hold back her words and tilted her head and took the initiative to call Shi Lian, "Lian Mei …"
"Don’t ask what" Shi Lian answered simply "I have my own ideas since I entered the island, and you know it … I never intend to stay forever"
"I know I understand," Una said. "But Sister Lian, you …"
Chapter 1 is a beginning.
When the first thin moonlight was behind that day, the dark and heavy canopy overhead was completely opened.