Feng Zhu finished without looking at Feng Yue’s face, which was condensed with the storm, and walked towards Xu Zhi not far away. He was watching the children in the village playing with a dirty face, but he tried to hide his eyes with a straight face and envy Feng Zhu. It was very interesting to watch.

Fengzhu went over to touch the little guy’s head, but he evaded him. When someone was chatting nearby, the wife with food saw this scene and said, "Xu Zhongyong brought back the child, so you are going to admit it?"
Fengzhu shrugged. "Can you still drive such a child out of the house?" Feng Zhu didn’t say that the child was not a man, and no one believed him. Besides, she didn’t want to be the object of discussion. Now that he is young, he will easily forget his own mother, and children should not remember unhappy things.
"Are you afraid of Xu Zhongyong? The big deal is to drive him and the child out of your house and find another one. "It is normal for men to have three wives and four concubines, but it is rare in the village. The main reason is that men are not rich and can’t afford so many wives. If conditions permit, it is estimated that many men will not lose women.
Xu Zhongyong brought the child back and didn’t bring the woman back, but in the eyes of the wife with food, this is a big mistake. She absolutely doesn’t allow her man to have other women. If she dares to mess around, she can cut a couple of dogs and men.
Feng Zhu looked at her daughter-in-law who was more excited than her and said, "This child was before he married me. How can I care if it is later?" The answer is self-evident, killing is not negotiable!
The daughter-in-law with food thought so, but she still felt that it was not worth it. She chose it herself and she couldn’t intervene. So she changed the subject and asked, "What did Fengyue say to you just now?"
Fengzhu replied, "She said she was going to get engaged to Feng Youhan!" She hasn’t seen Phoenix Hanhan since she took her home injured. She should be recovering at home. After all, he was badly injured by King Tiger and took her home regardless of the injury. It is estimated that he will not recover in two or three months.
For Feng Youhan, she hopes that he can find a true love for others and dilute it when he shouldn’t have emotional hope!
Many people heard the phoenix bamboo dialect and someone asked, "Really? This is a good thing. There has been no happy event in the village for a long time! "
Someone saw Feng Yue coming over and said, "I heard that you are going to get engaged to Han. Congratulations! Foolish people honestly want you to be good to him, and he will be good to you. "It is also generous for fellow villagers to tie less girls who have not married."
Fengyue disembarking Fengzhu told others, but the village chief’s uncle was sure to go out and everyone in the village would know sooner or later, so she generously admitted, "I’ll treat everyone to wedding candy!" "
I can’t blame her for hanging a faint smile at the corner of her mouth. She said that she admitted it herself, and then the jokes in Chengcun would not depend on her. Who made her vanity too high?
Fengzhu withdrew from everyone’s topic and played with the children. Xu Zhi said, "Go home!"
Xu Zhi took a unhappy look at Fengzhu and replied, "Don’t". He never wanted to see this woman angry just because she meant it, but he never succeeded.
"Then you remember to go home for lunch!" She can’t always go out after Xu Zhi. Besides, boys should be independent
Feng Zhu left Feng Yue and saw Xu Zhi’s eyes turn close to him and asked, "Do you like whether a woman wanted to see her unlucky just now? I can help you."
The first volume 4 Xu Zhi fight
Xu Zhi heard Feng Yue’s words. Although there was no expression on her face, her eyes lit up. This change naturally escaped Feng Yue’s eyes.
Fengyue went on to say, "I hate her, too, and everyone here hates her. She is a big bad guy, and everyone doesn’t like her. She wants to drive her away. Can you help us? Now you can help us all. "
Children are vain, and they especially like to be appreciated by others. When they are asked to do things in this way, they do it with special enthusiasm. Xu Zhi is just a two-year-old child, and no matter how clever he is, he can’t compete with adults. Kuang Fengzhu is also the one who hates people. He finally nodded his head in the phoenix moon.
Feng Yue asked Xu Zhi, "Have you ever been in a fight?" Xu Zhi looked at Feng Yue blankly. He didn’t know what a fight was, but he couldn’t understand it.
Feng Yue’s eyes flashed with malice, thinking that this child is not stupid. He has said so many things himself. He either nodded or shook his head, but he didn’t say a word. There must be something wrong with a child who is watching others play and doesn’t even know how to fight.
But Feng Yue didn’t know where Xu Zhi lived before. No one dared to lay a finger on him, let alone fight. Even if he killed someone, someone else did it with him. He didn’t understand what a fight was.
What’s more, since he could speak, his mother began to tell him to behave himself. It is wrong to talk loudly, make noise or dirty his clothes. He will be envious when he sees children playing wildly, but he will not join himself because he remembers his mother’s words.
Feng Yue didn’t have time to speculate whether Xu Zhi was abnormal and said, "Did you see that fat kid? If someone asks you what to do after you give him a good beating, you can say that Fengzhu asked you to do it. "
That fat kid is the most protective child in the village. Whether it’s Feng Dagui or Dagui’s daughter-in-law, it’s notoriously unreasonable in the village, especially after someone bullied his child. It’s absolutely the same as stabbing his family.
Children in all villages don’t play with their children very much, because if they accidentally hurt their children, their parents are likely to find a home and be beaten by their parents, so no one likes to play with him.
That chubby kid’s name is Feng Youfu, which is taller than many children. One generation always uses seniority to force others to call his uncle or hit people without calling him. At this moment, Xiao Pang wrestled with another kid.
Xu Zhi has been watching them, watching Xiao Pang fight with others, and immediately rushed over. It’s still better to have two people fighting each other than him alone.
So Xu Zhi joined another kid named Mud, who was no longer passively beaten. Together, they beat Xiao Pang until the other kids could see straight. The movement of the kid here finally made the adults notice an old man yelling, "Don’t fight again, you will all be beaten."
It’s common for children to fight, but adults don’t care, but Feng Dagui’s family and Xiao Pang’s family are different. His parents have too many things to do, and the children can be wronged and the old people can stop it.
The three children rolled together and finally separated. All three of them were slightly injured, but Xiao Pang was the most seriously injured. He was hit by Xu Zhi in the eye, but he kept squinting, although he was not swollen.
Xiao Pang started to cry. "You bully me, so I’ll tell my parents to let them beat you."
"Coward will tell on you, coward. Go ahead and say it. I am not afraid of mud. I will see you later. I will fight you once and you dare not tell on me." Little Mud is taller than other children, but he is only two and a half years old.
Xiao pang ran away crying, and the old people shook their heads and said, "This expensive child is getting more and more indecent, and sooner or later it will be skewed by your supplies."
"Yes, Xiao Pang was not so annoying when he was a child. His parents used to be unreasonable and bully. They all said that he would be stereotyped when he was three years old. When Xiao Pang got home, it was estimated that there would be trouble in the village again."
The old people sighed and said to the children, "Go home and eat before you come out to play."
The children didn’t listen to the old man’s words, surrounded by mud and Xu Zhi, and said, "Little mud, you are so powerful. Just now, you called Xiao Pang straight, but his parents will definitely come to your house. This Xiao Pang is really annoying."
Mud is indifferent and says, "Isn’t it just that my parents beat me up? Who among us can beat Xiao Pang every day and still be Japanese?"
"After that, we also hit him and told him to call me uncle."
Mud looked at Xu Zhi and asked, "What’s your name? Don’t show off the place after the fight. You hit him in the eye and his parents saw it at a glance. If you hit him, how strong our children will be, and we won’t admit it even if it is chubby. "
Xu Zhi’s body is dirty and his face is stained with mud, but his eyes are particularly bright, which is something he has never experienced before. He naturally likes it.
"My name is Xu Zhi". The friendship between children is very simple. It is easy to cultivate friendship by doing bad things together or fighting together. Just now, I was watching others play with Xu Zhi, and now I am integrated into the body.
Feng Yue looked at Xu Zhi and looked at him now. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help laughing sarcastically. Laugh, and it will be time for you to cry soon. Feng Yue is satisfied and goes home for a while. It will be interesting.
However, when she turned around, she saw Feng Youhan, and she was happy to run over. "Brother Han" thought that they were going to be engaged, and she smiled sweetly and was a little shy.
Feng Youhan looked at Feng Yue with a sweet smile and asked, "Did you provoke children to fight? I just saw you talking to the children of Fengzhu family. Are you looking for trouble with Fengzhu again?"
Feng Yue has a sweet smile on her face, but her eyes have been stunned. She has tears in her eyes and yelled at Feng You. "Feng Zhu Feng Zhu has a man in your eyes. Why do you still miss her?"
Feng Yue said with hatred in her eyes, "You are right that I provoked her children to fight. I won’t let her feel better if she is in Fengsha Village. Sooner or later, I will drive her out of Fengsha Village so that you will never see her again."
Feng Yue finished crying and ran away, leaving Feng Youhan alone in the same place. I don’t know what happened, but my eyes flashed with pain.
After a brief argument, no one knew that the old people had gone home, and even the children had gone home separately. Xu Zhi patted himself on the ground before entering the house.
The meal has been prepared by the man, and Xu Zhi came back just as the table was set. Both of them looked at him at the same time. Feng Zhu looked at his face and dirty body, and the little guy picked his eyebrows and asked, "Did you fight?" In front of Xu Zhongyong Xu Zhi darling nodded his head.
"Win or lose?"
Xu Zhimu answered "win" with a small face. He looked at Dad with bright eyes and wanted to see if Dad was happy, but Dad didn’t have any expression. He bowed his head in disappointment.
Just then he rubbed his head with one hand, but he looked up, but it was right. Fengzhu had a smiling eye. "Nice fight, but you can’t break people, you know?"
The gentle tone of phoenix bamboo reminds Xu Zhi of his mother. He wait for a while nodded. In fact, this woman is not bad. She has never bullied him and sometimes treats him better than his mother.
Fengzhu saw that the little guy was confused, but she didn’t ask him to wash his face and hands and let him eat. Just as the three of them were about to move chopsticks to eat, the door came out and shouted, "Fengzhu, come out. Did you let your bastard beat my child to see that my child was blind?"
The first volume 5 Another false money.
Xu Zhongyong and Fengzhu’s faces were all cold after hearing the bastard, and the man’s body was cold and he was dallying away. Obviously, this name made him very angry.
The chopsticks in the man’s hand have disappeared, followed by a scream outside the door. Fengzhu has never seen a man’s anger so obvious. From this point, we can also see how much men care about Xu Zhi.
Although Fengzhu has never asked, she can also guess that the relationship between a man and his eldest brother must be very good, probably the kind that can give each other their lives.
Because of this, he always protects Xu Zhi, preferring to keep Xu Zhi outside, but he dare not bring the little guy to his face because he is afraid that he will be bad to the little guy. He has been faintly awake, and Xu Zhi is his life.
Fengzhu touched the little guy’s little head and said, "Don’t worry about things outside when you eat your meal." The little guy’s hair is soft and comfortable to touch, so he should touch it more while he is pretending to be good.
"Come and judge, everyone. It’s still unreasonable. You hit my baby. We just came to ask if they still hurt people with chopsticks. Oh, my God, my man’s legs can’t get up, so he won’t be disabled. Does this make us live?" Your daughter-in-law broke her voice and cried. That sound definitely has the potential to make people have nightmares.