The Red Army’s greatest advantage is to obey orders. Since Muqingfeng has set an example, just do it by himself. As the general of the Red Army, Hattori naturally served as the first person on duty, and the rest of the cavalry dismounted and began to rest directly under the signal of Xue Lianer, saying that it was not everyone who could bear it all morning.

Muqingfeng is very comfortable here, and Quannai is in great trouble there. You know, in order to guard against Muqingfeng’s attack, she specially chose this place. In order to deal with the charge of their cavalry, Quannai didn’t even come and stand, because she was afraid that when she set up camp, she would be attacked by cavalry. After all, according to intelligence, Muqingfeng’s cavalry could not be far from herself.
I didn’t expect that the cavalry on the other side didn’t attack, but began to trim it. Now I can upset all my plans. Attack, there are cavalry on the other side. You can fight as long as you turn over and get on the horse, and the infantry rushed to the cavalry camp to die. Don’t attack, it’s not the way to go on like this. Even if the opposite person has been working all morning, he is still on horseback, but his own people have been standing all morning. Just when Quan Nai was in a dilemma, the opposite Hattori got Muqingfeng’s instructions and began to attack. Looking at the 1,000 people, Quan Nai even secretly pleased. One thousand percent of himself could eat all these cavalry. Just when he thought he had finally found a breakthrough, the practice of the Red Army made him almost mad.
I saw these cavalry push the horsepower to the maximum, and suddenly took out the bow and arrow on the saddle, which was a rain of arrows to the Japanese camp. You know, in order to guard against the impact of cavalry, Quannai assembled the formation very densely, and the Japanese were born with less armor. After this wave of attack, there were hundreds of fallen Japanese people.
What is even more irritating is that after shooting this wave of arrow rain, Hattori directly turned the horse’s head, making a detour and driving back again, without any feeling of impacting the array. Quan Nai didn’t think about fighting back with a bow and arrow, but he was all infantry in this respect, and he didn’t have the horsepower to borrow it, so he couldn’t shoot so far at all. They could only watch Hattori come back after taking a circle, needless to say, it was another arrow rain.
Quan Nai’s teeth are almost broken. He never thought that Muqingfeng would adopt such shameless tactics, and actually wiped out more than 1,000 people in this despicable way, while the other party had no casualties. Moreover, Quan Nai also saw Muqingfeng’s plan, and he was prepared to use such exhausted tactics to kill himself alive, because she found that after the first red army returned to the rear, the second cavalry who had finished eating was ready for the assault.
It turns out that Mu Qingfeng didn’t intend to make a direct confrontation from the beginning. In his mind, this is the way for cavalry to play their best skills. Except in large-scale battles, they have to take the responsibility of charging and killing the enemy. To deal with these purebred infantry, they can definitely make the opposite side annihilated without hurting a single soldier. When Quannai relies on different cities and tries to stop themselves by changing soldiers, it is doomed to her failure. On the other hand, if Muqingfeng and Quannai lose their positions, even they can’t figure out how to deal with cavalry themselves.
Time flies, while it is afternoon. The Red Army on Muqingfeng’s side has attacked three cycles. Up to now, no cavalry has suffered casualties, and because of their rotation system, these three thousand people are as energetic as when they first arrived here. The bodies in the opposite camp fully illustrate how superb their archery is.
As for Quannai, it’s going to be as miserable as it is. I lost two thousand people in vain, and I didn’t even touch the horsehair of the cavalry opposite, let alone fight back. Besides, in order to prevent them from attacking, this whole day is almost out of water, and many people’s physical strength has been unable to resist, and both morale and combat effectiveness have plummeted.
"Pass the order, let half the people retreat for half a mile, rest in place, and the rest will continue to stick to it." Quan Nai’s face was livid with this command. You know what she said was a good day off, but this half is purely a human sandbag, and nothing can be done except to die. The only advantage of this is that at least half of his troops can get a rest, otherwise people who can fight the next day will not be able to find it.
I’m afraid that if the general forces mutinied at the moment when Quannai gave the order, but this is Quannai’s father’s inner guard, and there is no doubt about the loyalty to the royal family. Even if they know Quannai’s plan, no one opposes it. They just dragged their tired bodies and silently endured the attack of the cavalry opposite.
In the red army is divided into three thousand troops in the attack, MuQingFeng is next to the fire wait for a while looking at the news of homing pigeons. The above is a personal letter from Master Li Daoling, and two things are written on the letter. First, his father, Ling Wang, has been out of the corner of Xinjiang, and now he is presiding over the overall situation in Xiling to prevent the Nangong Lin Xuan from retaliating. If he solves the things in Donglu, he will quickly return to Xiling to recognize his ancestors and return to the motherland; The second thing is to tell my stupid apprentice that I can save Ling Wang this time because of the ingenious design of the chess fairy, and if I know how to repay the kindness, I will marry this little fairy, so that people’s painstaking efforts can have a landing.
Originally, the first thing is a good thing. What Muqingfeng is afraid of now is the sudden start of work in Nanyue. You know, except Hua Yong in Rongcheng, there is really nothing independent in Xiling. But after seeing the second thing, Muqingfeng doesn’t know how to speak to Snow Lotus, and she has no feelings for Zhuolunyue. That’s false. Last time, even a fool could see that Zhuolunyue had unfinished feelings for herself. This time, she took credit for saving her father.
"Idiot, you have been in a daze since just now. Is there any bad news in the letter?" Snow lotus son looked at MuQingFeng some absent-minded, worried and asked.
"General Hattori, have they arranged their attack order?" Mu Qingfeng didn’t give a positive answer, but wanted to change the subject.
"Are you silly? Isn’t it already arranged during the day? You know, the other side is full of infantry, and there is no way to take us. What are you worried about? Wait, is something wrong? " Saussurea involucrata reacted quickly.
"My biological father, Ling Wang Zhan Yujiang, has been successfully rescued and has now returned to Xiling." MuQingFeng said slowly.
"This is a good thing, we are not still planning at the beginning. What if the enemy threatens you with Ling Wang’s life? All the worries are gone. What are you worried about? Are you worried about how you should face this father who let your mother die and left you for more than ten years? " Snow lotus son looked at MuQingFeng don’t talk, thought said his key.
"You can’t blame your father for this thing. No one expected that at that time. You know, the battlefield is not a reasonable place. If the two of us were in that state, I would definitely ask to go, because I know this is the best choice. As for how many years he hasn’t come to see you, you can’t blame him. You know that Ling Wang doesn’t know that you are a child. Yes, after you look at Mu Dage and pass your message to Ling Wang, he is almost again.
Just as Xue Lianer was persuading Mu Qingfeng, he said faintly: "People were rescued by Zhuo Nongyue, a chess fairy. It is said that it was quite dangerous at that time, and almost the three of them could not get out."
Snow Lotus’s words came to an abrupt end. At this moment, she didn’t know how stupid she was. Since Muqingfeng admitted her identity as Wang Shizi of Ling, of course, it eliminated the misunderstanding of Ling Wang. It turned out that he was not worried about the father-son relationship just now.
Snow Lotus thought of the gentle and lovely chess fairy, and her face sank. Seeing her lover’s appearance, she didn’t completely forget her. I don’t know what Snow Lotus thought, and her little face turned red.
"What are you going to do?" After a long time, snow lotus son asked slowly.
"I don’t know, I don’t know." MuQingFeng where there is a calm appearance at this time, now he is really am utterly confused. I want to give Zhuo Nongyue an answer, but I’m afraid I’ll hurt Xuelian’s heart.
"Idiot, do you love me or not?" Snow Lotus’s sudden change of temper caught Mu Qingfeng off guard.
"Love, very much. I can give up everything, even my life, for you." Mu Qingfeng’s answer to this question is very clear, otherwise he would not have lost his left arm to save her.
"Then do you like the chess fairy Zhuo Longyue?" Mu Qingfeng had expected the next question, but how to answer it was a question. After thinking for a long time, Mu Qingfeng decided to tell the truth: "I like it."
Say that finish after MuQingFeng knew something was wrong, snow lotus son that bright big eyes filled with tears in an instant, and soon stayed down the corner of my eye, no matter how strong a woman can know that her man still has another woman hanging in his heart.
Did not expect to cry or go on the rampage, Snow Lotus just looked at Muqingfeng silently with tears. When she saw her like this, Muqingfeng wanted to give herself two knives. She and Snow Lotus had gone through so much wind and rain together, but I didn’t expect such a problem at the last moment. Muqingfeng didn’t want to cheat Snow Lotus, but she thought that Zhuo had almost died for herself, and there were bits and pieces of the past.
Snow Lotus cried for more than half an hour, and her eyes were swollen. Mu Qingfeng, who had never seen Snow Lotus like this, completely panicked. He knew the attitude of grassland people towards feelings, and he even really hurt her very deeply this time. When Snow Lotus slowly calmed down, Mu Qingfeng slowly held her in his arms and said in a hoarse voice: "Don’t worry, although I like chess fairies, I will only marry you in this life."
"No, you can marry her." The answer in his arms made Mu Qingfeng stupefied directly, and he even wondered if he was hallucinating.
See MuQingFeng like this, snow lotus son couldn’t help but give him a pinch, "once I knew she had blocked the knife for you, I knew you couldn’t be separated from her in my life, know when I like you? That is, when you were on the cliff, you would rather give up your left hand than let me go. If a person is willing to give his most precious thing for you, you will be confused in this life. If you just said that you don’t like me, you will look down on you. "
Hearing this answer, Mu Qingfeng was simply overjoyed. He never thought that Xuelian would be so generous.
"Idiot, don’t be too happy yet. You know, although I promised, you should be merciful to cats and dogs everywhere, and be careful that Sister Zhuo and I will cut down your harmful things."
Although she intends to wait on the Chess Fairy, Xue Lianer still keeps an eye on it, and she must have a big house to become one. In fact, she has thought about this issue for a long time. No matter whether Mu Qingfeng is the king of Beiyan or the king of Xiling, many people will crush their heads and drill into his harem. In that case, it is better to find a strong ally for herself first, and according to her gentle personality, she will definitely get along with herself.
"Snow Lotus, I … I …" Muqingfeng was really excited and didn’t know what to say.
"Then why don’t you kiss my reasonable wife?" Snow lotus son said with a smile.
MuQingFeng directly put his mouth together, want a kiss, I didn’t expect a big ear melon seeds directly fan his stars, haven’t come to ask why, the vital part of the lower abdomen was severely kicked.
Looking at Mu Qingfeng, who was rolling all over the floor, Xue Lianer said with a smile: "Idiot, I just slapped my sister, and you actually kept her waiting for so long. As for this foot, it is a lesson from your philandering everywhere. Next time, be careful that I will let you break up!"
And roared off, Xue Lianer ignored Muqingfeng on the ground, and she planned to vent her anger at the Japanese camp tonight.
The next day, everyone looked at Muqingfeng curiously, knowing why Hattori was so strong that he couldn’t help laughing, for fear that he couldn’t help laughing out loud, but Muqingfeng would be even more embarrassed.
In MuQingFeng flirting in this period of time, the spring nai dead heart had, the end of the day yesterday, lost at least twenty percent of his own forces, at this rate, in a few days he was completely eliminated.
In the daytime, the red army of Muqingfeng was exactly the same as yesterday, and it was divided into three teams to take turns to attack, which made the Japanese people restless. Yesterday, they didn’t have a good rest and didn’t eat much. The morale was unimaginable.
After losing hundreds more people, Takeda Hararo finally spoke: "Your Highness, give me 3,000 people. The rest of you should go first and come back to meet us after a good rest."
Takeda Hararo says it’s a patrol, but he is actually going to leave a trace of vitality for Japan with his own life and the lives of three thousand soldiers. If all these twenty thousand troops are wiped here, the Japanese royal family will be completely finished.
"But …" What did Quan Nai think of the problem?
"There is no buts, but the blood of the royal family cannot be broken here!" Takeda Hararo’s bloodshot eyes are full of firmness, and he really doesn’t want to live.
Seeing Takeda Hararo like this, Quannai knows that this is the only way. Only by trying to stall these cavalry can Japan have a chance of survival. As for the capture of Hokuriku, it has already become a joke.
After Mu Qingfeng discovered the arrangement opposite, he said to Hatuli, "Inform the brothers to slow down the frequency of attacks and let them retreat."
Words haven’t say that finish, MuQingFeng felt a sharp pain in the ear, and then a cold words, "why, the two of us can’t serve you, are you going to reach out to Outland? I have long seen that your relationship with that Japanese imperial daughter is not normal. "
"it hurts! It hurts! It hurts! Madam, if you have something to say, don’t be impulsive. If you work hard for your husband, you will become an ear. " Muqingfeng repeatedly begged for mercy, which caused people around him to burst into laughter. I didn’t expect the majestic Ling Wang Shizi to be a henpecked guy.
Such as snow lotus son out of the gas, MuQingFeng just rubbed his ears falling, slowly explain why this is done. After the Japanese army was divided into two parts, he knew that the Japanese people were going to lose their pawns and protect their cars. You know, these patrol diehard people don’t care about their own lives at all. Such troops are the most terrible. If they rush desperately, they will do a lot of harm to the Red Army, so we just give them a break. When their momentum fades slightly, we will directly cross them and get rid of those fleeing Japanese people.
Hearing this plan, even the Red Army has some poor Japanese people. Mu Qingfeng is grateful to kill them.
"Idiot, what are you going to …" Snow lotus son don’t know what to do.
"I gave them a chance. Since I don’t know good or bad, I’d better avoid future troubles." MuQingFeng this time to restore that kind of cold yes, and just changed.
Three days later, Mu Qingfeng’s Red Army caught up with the exhausted Japanese army, and directly rushed in and killed the blood. Quan Nai saw that he had no hope of escaping, and directly drew his sword and committed suicide. After learning that the army was completely destroyed, Takeda Hararo committed suicide, and 3,000 troops were scattered. Since then, the Japanese army has been wiped out.
After the news spread to Beijing, Nangong Jinyu looked at the huge map for a long time and didn’t speak.
"Sir, all foreign aid is gone. What should we do?"
"Childe, stay green, not afraid of no firewood. We also have a prince in Nanyue and General Chen Mi. " For the first time, Mr. Zhan didn’t call him your majesty.
"Yes, if you stay in the green hills, you won’t be afraid of running out of firewood," Nangong Jinyu said to himself, and then a vicious look appeared on his face. "Even so, I won’t let you feel better!"
In March, Nan Gong Jin Yu led his troops to leave the capital. Before he left, a big fire burned the long-known ancient city to the ground. The fire was five days short, and countless people were killed and injured.
In April, Nangong Jinyu led an army to intercept the Qing-jun alliance, and the allied troops were disheveled, and there was no general in the town, and they were defeated. At the same time, Tang Wuyou, who came back, with the help of He Daoyang in Shangxu Palace, fought against Tang Jinsheng in the Star Tower, and finally successfully killed Tang Jinsheng at the cost of abolishing his right hand.
In May, Wuquan, a poison gate, created an appalling massacre on the east-land border under the arrangement of Mr. Jin Yu and Mr. Zhan of Nangong. More than ten thousand people were killed by the plague, and the owner of Wan Chungu hurried there. Unexpectedly, he was ambushed, except for Xiao Mansheng, who was seriously injured, and there was no life left. Since then, Wan Chungu and Wudongmen are at odds.
In June, Mu Qingfeng, the son of the King of the Ling Dynasty, changed his name to Zhan Qingfeng. In the same month, he married Snow Lotus, the pearl of the grassland, and Zhuo Nongyue, a chess fairy, and officially took over as the king of the Ling Dynasty. The old king of the Ling Dynasty retired to the second line in the war.
So far, the summer is officially divided into two factions, and the bloody affair between them is about to begin.