Just at this time, they felt a few smells coming from behind, and several people tried to hide the smell, carefully hiding in the rocks and quietly observing.

Far away, several figures flew in, all dressed in black robes, wrapping their bodies tightly. But this kind of costume, but the other zhuge not bright was taken aback.
"absolutely!" He almost exclaimed, looking at the costumes of these people, Zhuge did not think of a mysterious organization in Kyushu’s cultivation of immortals-"Jue". This organization has only a few members, but they are all powerful people who specialize in accomplishing some impossible people. At that time, he and Su Xiaobai witnessed with their own eyes that this organization opened a dragon vein.
However, people familiar with the behind-the-scenes know that the organization "Jue" belongs to the alliance of cultivating immortals and has a relationship with Dugu and Tianchi. Although they have never revealed their identities, there are no airtight pants in the world, and many people know the slightest relationship.
It is said that although this organization has few personnel, everyone is a master of deification.
"things are big." Zhuge not bright some headaches rubbed his temples.
"Not good, I just speculate that there may be Jiuding in the wilderness, but look at this situation, even the organization’ Jue’ has been dispatched. Is Jiuding really in the wilderness?" Zhuge Ming’s eyes sparkled with rare light.
"Why are these people always one step ahead of us!" The monkey scratched his head in dismay.
A doomsday punishment fell, splitting a Nangong family into fly ash in the distance. An old man in Nangong family quickly shouted, "Although you are behind the old lady, you must not leave the range of 50 meters."
Watching these people drift away, Zhuge Ming took Zhuge Liang and they chose another direction.
According to Zhuge Ming, this direction is a shortcut. Relatively speaking, Lei Guang is much less, and its power is not very great.
Along the way, even though they were careful, they were still inevitably affected by Lei Guang. However, this level of lightning punishment can not beat them. Zhuge can easily dissolve an electric awn without lighting a punch.
In the meantime, they saw many practitioners of Kyushu Sect, who came and went in a hurry and hurried towards the depths of the wilderness.
"It seems that there is really something inexplicable in this wilderness." Zhuge thought before he lit up.
They walked for about two days, with Zhuge Ming leading the way, which avoided a lot of trouble and naturally accelerated a lot. Soon, they have come to the middle of the wilderness. Lei Guang here is even more horrible, and even ordinary yuan infant practitioners are hard to compete with.
When we get here, we can call it the real thunder forbidden zone.
In the distance, dark clouds billowed on a high mountain, and Zhuge’s keen gods felt that there was an extremely fierce atmosphere on this mountain.
This mountain, which is marked with black spots on Zhuge Ming’s map, is called the forbidden zone and cannot be easily approached.
Zhuge Ming said, "There was a powerful one in it. At first, I went in by mistake, and I had a narrow escape. I lost half my life before I escaped back."
At that time, Zhuge didn’t see several practitioners approaching the mountain, but when they were close to the range of a profound kilometer, the dark clouds on the mountain churned violently, and dazzling Lei Guang shot out from the dark clouds.
Those practitioners immediately changed color, and then withdrew without thinking.
But it was too late. In the dark clouds, two red lights lit up. They were two eyes, which were breathtaking, and the real light shot hundreds of meters long. A hand completely condensed by Lei Guang leaned out from the dark clouds, and on the spot, the men were made into fly ash.
"My god, is it lightning?" Zhuge couldn’t help but take a gasp when he was not bright.
Dark clouds surged, and the mountain was quiet again, as if nothing had happened. But those practitioners did not even leave a body and turned into dust.
They continued on their way, avoiding Lei Guang, but also be careful not to step into those marked with black spots on the map.
At this time, a cliff appeared in front, and a sharp sword came over the cliff. The whole cliff rises straight into the sky, just like a towering giant sword. The meaning of the sword makes the surrounding air distorted and blurred.
Even the rolling thunder in the high sky dare not go near this place.
Zhuge Ming looked at the assertion, and his eyes were a little different. He said, "This is the place where I was inherited by my predecessors in Demonbane. Although others have gone, it has been thousands of years, and the remaining sword here is still chilling."
But this time, Zhuge Liang didn’t see a figure standing on the cliff, who was a stalwart figure. A shawl with long hair, eyebrows and eyes, carrying hands, stood quietly on the cliff, as if feeling something.
"The sword is red." Zhuge Buliang recognized the identity of this man, who was the chief figure of Zixiao Sect, and his sword was red. The best of Kyushu’s young generation.
And the sword seems to have noticed them, and two cold cold lights shone out of his eyes, saying, "I hate it when someone bothers me. Let’s go!"
The words are full of arrogance. But he does have arrogant capital. In the whole Kyushu youth generation, one hand can count the people who can compete with the characters like Jian Piaohong.
Zhuge Ming snorted coldly, and looked at the sword with no fear. The sword in his eyes was terrifying, just like two substantial swords.
"hmm?" The sword was obviously a little surprised when it went red. He glanced at Zhuge Ming in astonishment and said, "You are Zhuge Ming, a descendant of Demonbane!"
Exalting, the sword went red and decisive, and the momentum of the earth was exposed. A fairy sword in his hand buzzed gently, as if it were ready to be drawn at any time.
But at this time, Zhuge Ming just snorted, and he didn’t intend to start work with the sword. He walked to another place with Zhuge not bright and they quarreled.
The fighting spirit in the eyes of the sword is flickering, but it finally falls in the shape of * * *, standing on the cliff, quietly feeling.
"We don’t have time to delay with such people, not to mention the inheritance of this place has been taken away by me. It’s just in vain for him to do so." Zhuge Ming said.
Gradually approaching the inside of the thunder restricted area, the sky thunder in the air is more intense. Thunderbolts are almost the size of mountains, chopping down from the air. There are some horrible sinkholes everywhere, which are bottomless. These are all left by the bombardment of lightning all the year round.
Dark clouds are empty, and the clouds are much lower than the periphery, as if you can reach into the clouds with one hand raised. Here, even Zhuge didn’t dare to pick up the thunder bombardment that day easily, so he had to avoid it carefully.
"The monster beast clan is here." Zhuge Ming said.
In mid-air, a colorful lotus stand crossed the air. On the lotus stand, stood a comely girl, with flying hair and colorful clothes, graceful and graceful, even more enchanting and beautiful under the cover of colorful glow of the lotus stand.
Little demon fairy didn’t change much compared with the original. She stepped on the lotus platform with a pair of jade feet, and moved quickly in mid-air to avoid the thunder falling in the air.