However, even so, it is shocking enough. Think about it, a wishful Lei Guang needs to consume the whole body mana of three high-order foundations. So, if you want to freely course the whole fairy sword array, what a huge mana you should have. This is Wei Wuji, who has been honing for more than ten years, making the mana in the body endless, and it can only be sustained during the gas refining period.

However, even so, Wei Wuji can’t control the four swords of Zhu Xian and launch the sword light at the same time. Don’t say this, it is impossible to stimulate a sword light a little faster. Although, he performed the Ruyi Lei spell very smoothly, he could not take the initiative to speed up, because he had to wait for enough mana to flow into the spell method. Can be released smoothly. Otherwise, the wishful thunder spell can’t condense and form, which is tantamount to consumption in vain.
Who mowgli blasted off a huge power, sharp sword light, just understand, a magic weapon, even their own refining, even with their complete empathy, with his gas refining period of mana, want to course, is also very reluctantly. At this moment, Wei Wuji is more eager to go to the outside world and go to those large clan doors. Because, only that kind of place can have the best practice method in the world, so that it can be promoted to a higher level smoothly and have more powerful mana.
All kinds of thoughts flow through Wei Wuji’s mind. However, this has no effect on his own casting. It is no longer a problem for him to have the powerful fascination and multi-purpose created by thirty-six plough.
For a moment, Ruyi Lei Guang appeared between his hands again. As the saying goes, once born, twice cooked! This time, the wishful Lei Guang, which was amassed by Wei Wuji’s hands, was not only a red mass, but really condensed into a foot-long wishful shape. Countless symbols and patterns on it flow slightly. There is an air of great terror in it.
This time, Wei Mowgli did not continue to bomb Ruyi Lei Guang to Zhu Xianjian Pills, but turned to the slaughter Xianjian Pills hanging on the door of the slaughter fairy.
According to the records in "The Treasures of the Gods", the immortal sword represents absolute sharpness and sharpness, and it is good at killing all tangible and intangible things in the world, destroying mountains, cracking seas and breaking stars; Killing the fairy sword represents absolute killing, and it is good at killing the spirituality of all living things in the world.
That is to say, other magic weapons, even the immortal sword, the people or things cut by them are the deepest hidden after the physical body and soul are shattered, which also represents the true spirit of the source, and it is also possible to turn into reincarnation and start a new life under the operation of the law of origin in the world. And the creatures who were killed by the sword will never have this chance again, because under the light of the sword. Will annihilate all vitality.
Foot-long Ruyi Lei Guang slammed straight on the sword pill, braking time, and a slight ripple flashed by. Then, a brilliant red, but a lot of sword light, flying out, all the way through the air, also in the thick and incomparable robbery cloud, scored a huge hole.
However, there is a slight difference. The speed of thunder and lightning is obviously much slower, and even the number is much less, in the place where the sword light is pierced. Moreover, the new thunder and lightning, also did not have the previous share of fierce clever meaning, appear dull a lot.
Wei mowgli is particularly satisfied with the blow of killing the immortal sword light, because its effect is much better than that of killing the immortal sword light. However, even so, who mowgli also didn’t give the third ruyi Lei Guang to continue bombing on the slaughter xianjian pills. Because, he also wants to see if the remaining two kinds of sword light will achieve better results.
After all, there is no such thing as cloud robbery, and no one knows what kind of fundamental characteristics it has. There are four swords for killing immortals, each with its own mystery. Although the power of killing spirituality by killing immortals’ sword light has made great achievements, it will be more targeted to rob the clouds if it is trapped and lost.
Trapped fairy sword light, as the name implies, its essence lies in a trapped word. According to the records in "The Treasures of the Gods", the trapped fairy sword light, although named as sword light, also has extremely powerful destructive power, but in essence, it is condensed by countless super traps.
This force of prohibition exudes extraordinary attraction all the time, which is enough to bring in people or things nearby and crush them into pieces.
If we say, the characteristic of the sword light of Zhu Xian is a powerful obstacle-breaking. If the characteristic of slaying the immortal sword light is to kill people, then the characteristic of trapping the immortal sword light is range killing. He is the most suitable one to be used in a wide range of battles.
Ruyi Lei Guang blasted into Xianjian Pill, and the finger-thick Xianjian light was shot out of the hole at that time. However, after the trapped fairy sword light came out of the trapped fairy gate and penetrated into the cloud, it was not as concise as the light of killing the fairy sword and killing the fairy sword, and there was no light at all. He is big and big, emitting brilliant red light in all directions.
And nearby things, whether it’s black as ink, or the thick dragon of thunder and the snake of lightning, as long as they are covered by red light, when they are, they are all swept towards the sword light with the thickness of a finger at the core. A line near, countless finely sword light suddenly broke out, one by one, all ground into pieces.
Just for a moment, in the cloud robbery, a huge passage appeared, and the light from outside came in, which was covered with a dazzling Jin Hui.
"Trapped in the light of the sword, it’s really extraordinary!" Who mowgli dark praise in the heart, in the hands of the fourth ruyi Lei Guang blasted off, hit the unique fairy sword hanging on the unique fairy door.
The immortal sword, the last of the four swords, is crowned with the word "absolutely", which shows its true meaning.
There is a poem in "Bao Jian": Zhu Xian Li, slay Xian Wu, trapped Xian everywhere glows red, and the change of Jue Xian is infinitely wonderful, and he Luo Jinxian is bloody!
The strength of the magic sword lies in change. It is essentially different from the light of killing, killing and trapping the immortal sword. The first three can only be penetrated in an absolute straight line, but it can make an infinite turn in the air. Moreover, its own spirituality is also the strongest, and it can spontaneously judge the enemy’s weaknesses. No matter how the enemy changes, it points directly at the source and kills with one sword.
As the saying goes, extreme changes are inevitable, which is called "absolute"!
With a slight shock, Juexianjian Pill trembled, and an almost identical brilliant red sword shot out. However, after the Juexianjian light was shot out of Juexianmen, it didn’t go straight out like the previous three sword lights, and there was a straight hole in the robbery cloud.
The nearly ten-foot-long Juexianjian light, outside Juexianmen, twisted and turned into another direction, which opened a passage. However, this passage has not been extended to ten feet, and the Juexianjian light changed direction again. In this way, it kept changing its direction in the robbery cloud and shuttled through it at an extremely high speed.
Criss-crossing, when the power of this unique sword light is consumed cleanly, a large maze which is extremely complicated appears in the cloud robbery.
Wei Wuji has tested the power of the four swords, and it is easy to tell that it is most suitable and labor-saving to fall into the light of the fairy sword and break the cloud.
At present, who mowgli blasted off in a wishful Lei Guang, smashed on the trapped Xianjian Pill, and shot out with a brilliant red sword light. Know fairly well, who mowgli no longer see the result caused by this trapped fairy sword light. At that time, turning the whole fairy sword array changed the orientation of trapped fairy que and trapped fairy gate in a different direction.
Once again, Lei Guang was condensed, and Xianjian Pill was shaken, and another Xianjian light was blown out. If so, Wei Wuji is unhurried, unhurried, and continuously condenses Lei Guang, vibrates and traps Xianjian Pills, and will go out after being trapped in Xianjian Light. When Wei mowgli blasted out the 49th trap of Xianjian light, the whole cloud robbery was riddled with holes and looked out of shape.

Chapter DiYiBaQi Who mowgli death, has great benefits.
Chapter DiYiBaQi Who mowgli death, has great benefits.
In the cloud valley, there are a bunch of Luzhou monks. After a while of arrogance, the mana was almost consumed, and the mana began to recover again.
However, when they regained their mana, their eyes never left the sky for a moment. All of a sudden, I saw the robbery cloud, and the bright red sword light showed its great power. The robbery cloud that was still very thick was riddled with holes, and it was in flight. One by one, I couldn’t help cheering. It seems that the people who control the light of the sword are just like them.
However, the next moment, the brilliant red sword light completely disappeared, and then, the thick black cloud that seemed to have been deformed suddenly roared like a storm sweeping the sea. Turned into a monstrous giant, and rolled back toward the majestic palace in the center.
Only for a moment, the four palaces that had almost revealed the whole picture were all submerged by the black clouds and waves, and there was no sound at all.
Luzhou monks in the cloud valley are all looking forward to the brilliant red sword light, but their wish has never been realized.
Huge surges, thunder shuttles, and lightning swims.
The robbery cloud, which had been surging for thousands of feet and covered the whole cloud valley, contracted rapidly with an unimaginable speed. When only a ball the size of Zhang Xu was left, there was a loud explosion, and countless ripples rippled in all directions, breaking the white clouds in half.
And the point where the hijack cloud bursts, it becomes darker and darker, as if the space were broken. This situation lasted for about half an hour before it returned to normal.
At this time, the cloud robbery is completely dissipated, and it reappears in the world in the clear sky, with warm sunshine and smooth breeze. A peaceful atmosphere!
In the cloud valley, more than 4,000 monks in Luzhou tried their best to spread their eyes and search for the trace of Wei Wuji in the air, but they didn’t find it. At that time, their hearts seemed to be heavy with a big chunk of lead, because they thought of a very terrible consequence.
At this time, suddenly, staying in the valley of clouds and fog, the spirit animals Qingniu and Chixue centipede, who did not get the picture of the whole fairy array together with Wei Wuji, screamed "sad hiss" and ran away in one direction, leaving only a bunch of Luzhou monks in the valley, leaving one green, one red and two light and shadow.
A spirit beast that has been tamed by people will die unless its owner is physically dead. It must be based on the master’s command, and it is impossible to leave spontaneously.
The performance of the green cow and the red-blooded centipede, especially the two piercing roars, strengthened the speculation that the rest of the monks in Luzhou couldn’t believe and didn’t want to believe.
In the valley of clouds, I was speechless for a long time. For a long time, the other main array of the preconditions for the monk, just in a very low tone, "it seems that long childe may really be failed to resist LeiJie last kickback! After all, this LeiJie is too strong, long childe can achieve that kind of results, is already very good. Now, let’s hurry back and inform your majesty about the situation here! "
"Yes, there is life’s core monuments’s instrument of the eldest son-Liujia’s fan of ecstasy. We have to get it quickly, otherwise, if this array fails, we will not lose one or two pieces!" With the first person to speak, there was another person’s excuse.
Then, the monks present spoke in succession and agreed with them. Soon, the six bejeweled streamers were retrieved from various places by them, together with the storage bags and intact instruments of tens of thousands of monks who died outside. Then. The crowd surged up, all of them left the cloud valley and went to Luzhou City.
Now there is nothing to protect in the Cloud Valley.
Just after a bunch of Luzhou monks left, a little black light was transmitted from the depths of a white cloud in the sky and expanded rapidly. Soon, the black light expanded to the size of Zhang Xu, and then, a figure emerged from it, impressively guarding Wuji.
Who mowgli pedal over the fairy array, flying into the cloud valley, and at this moment, a green, a red, two light also flew up, it is just sad HSS dun walk green cattle and red blood centipede.
"Well done!" Who mowgli hung a faint smile on his face and opened his mouth to shout. Later, one of them held a picture of Zhu Xian array and rolled it towards the red blood centipede, and then it was received in the space of Zhu Xian array. The green cow spontaneously turned into a green light and returned to Wei Wuji’s chest.
The figure of the array of immortals is not only an essential array base for arranging the array of immortals and swords. It’s also a good flying weapon, space weapon, attack weapon and defense weapon …… It can be said that it combines the advantages of all kinds of weapons.
With a throw, the whole fairy array turned into a streamer and rushed into the abdomen of Wei Wuji. Then, he turned into a gust of wind, soaring up into the sky, and also fled to Luzhou City.
Luzhou city, in the palace.
The second Wei Di Wei has no line. After receiving the news that his eldest brother has died from a group of monks, he was at a loss for a moment. For his eldest brother, even he doesn’t know what kind of feelings he has for him.
There is affection, but. Ever since he succeeded Wei Di, especially after moving the capital from Beijing to Luzhou, he has always been wary of Wei Wuji. Although, knowing that Wei Wuji is leaving, it is impossible to rob him of everything he has. However, Wei Wuji has not left for a day, and his fear cannot be eliminated for a day.
Although Wei Wuxing knew that he was wrong, after all, he could have today, and the Wei family could have today, which was basically shot down by his eldest brother, but he still couldn’t help thinking so. Although the day of his accession to the throne is not long, he has really done several great things. He asks himself that the reason why he can do these things so perfectly is to prove his strength to his big brother and get out of the shadow formed by his big brother’s dazzling brilliance.
Now, when I heard the news of my eldest brother’s death, Wei Wuhang was intrigued first, then generate had a strong secretly pleased heart, and then, it was a piece of disappointment. At that time, I couldn’t get up.
The report of the monk, thought WeiWuHang is excessive sadness, hurriedly said again, "your majesty, please my condolences! The urgent task now is to deal with the matter behind the eldest son! At the beginning, the eldest son wanted to go out. I went to the outside world to travel, so I deliberately concealed most of my achievements. Now, the eldest son has passed away, but it is impossible to go outside to create new glory. Shouldn’t we make the eldest son’s affairs public and let him win the respect of the patriotic people! "
Smell such advice, who no line instinctively want to resist, after all, who mowgli has been almost out of breath, where he can allow who mowgli roar to continue to give yourself pressure? However, after all, he is a generation of emperors. When he spoke, he said, "You are right. Eldest brother has done too much for me, for the Wei family and for the country. I don’t want my eldest brother to die in obscurity.
However, you know the mind of the eldest brother. He may not be willing to be so publicity after his death. I have to show my love for this matter and see the opinions of his old man’s house. "
"That’s true!" The friar who reported the news was the one who had previously succeeded Wei Wuji in presiding over the large array of heaven and earth. After he heard the news, he felt very reasonable and nodded his head at that time. However, he hoped to do more for Wei Wuji, his first master. He hesitated for a moment and said, "When your majesty expresses his feelings to the Emperor Tai, please help tell our brother Wei’s opinion. We all hope that the eldest son can have a brilliant life!"
"I know, you go!" Who has no line in the heart although slightly unhappy, but never show it. Look above, still reveal a hint of sadness, waved and motioned for it.
"Yes!" The monk bowed down and retired.
"Alas, the absolute control of the palm soul seal can’t match the invisible influence of your prestige. I don’t know if you are too successful. Or am I too failed! "