The way to deal with walkers is different

"Rest" obsidian light sigh.
"Since there is more than one foreigner, there must have been news from the East Side, and it will be clear when you ask."
"Market world …"
"It’s not necessarily bad news that it’s better to die than to live in the Japanese market."
"Well" white pages nodded.
"You sleep first and wait for the substitution."
Zhou Jia’s hand-pinched source crystal is running with ternary normal method, and the source force gushes out from the source crystal and disappears into other bodies.
Repairs are also slowly and continuously increasing.
Since there are a large number of source rocks in this world, it is natural for him to directly refine without saving.
If it’s gone, find another chance to search.
The human body in this world is weak, but it is born with the ability to sense the source force, which is somewhat like the’ mage’ in Mu’s world.
They are really suitable for the’ mage’ road.
Compared with Mu World, there is almost no unified practice method to call this kind of ability psychic power.
No wonder.
The three of them are not used to practicing with the help of Yuanshi.
There is no suitable method to hold the source stone to refine the source stone, and there is little source power.
Just like Zhou Jia
With the ternary dharma and without the ternary dharma, the cultivation progress with the help of the source crystal is also very different.
Orderly operation of body source force
My mind is full of thunder, and my artistic conception is fluctuating
The artistic conception of martial arts is magical, but in his view, it is a martial arts fit. The stronger the artistic conception, the deeper the fit.
The more appropriate it is to exert the corresponding source power of Wushu, the more powerful it will be naturally.
Until Wushu is complete, every move is integrated into the body
And dzogchen.
It means that a martial art is thoroughly understood, and everything can be integrated according to other methods you need, and it is no longer limited by the original achievement method.
And then increase the martial arts skills you have learned.
Every master who can practice martial arts in dzogchen belongs to the Zongli Sect in the Dalin Dynasty.
The characteristic of commanding troops is that Zhou Jia’s cultivation experience will increase and his perception will increase. There is almost no bottleneck to go all the way to dzogchen
In this way, the lightning axe method
It is the double-edged axe moves that come to mind, and the ups and downs of the artistic conception of Benlei will naturally increase the experience of Wushu.
The thunder force in the double-edged axe also surged.
You can cut your strength to an axe anytime and anywhere!
Others in the house
Although the three people are very careful in speaking, they have the gift of listening to the wind, and they can hear clearly even if they are in a bunch of sounds.
Xingcheng the fouth districts
Eastern Star Emperor, Western Hei Di, Southern Baidi and Northern Crazy King.
Among them, the East District is the place where three people go most often and the place where materials exchange is the most frequent among the four districts.
next day
Blood moon cross
"Whenever there is a blood moon, the walkers will stay where they are, and there will be no danger unless they are disturbed."
The white pages explained
"The blood moon is the safest time, and it is also the time when we go out to look for food."
Said his hands folded and bowed to the sky.