It is also very difficult for many journalists from other States to arrive at the press conference at that time.

They filmed a local environment first, and then they saw a white four-winged fighting chicken flying from a distance.
When Xia Jie turned over from the four-winged chicken, the reporters immediately embraced her.
"Please let! Let! " Several security guards rushed over to separate the reporter and Xia Jie.
Xiajie walked into the meeting with the wave.
The venue was built temporarily, but "temporary construction" was never a problem for the manor. The whole venue was comparable to a large political center, but even such a huge venue was already packed at this time.
There were several reporters in front of Xiajie’s step immediately, and they wanted to ask something.
"Quiet!" Xiajie waved and put her hands on the table overlooking the square.
That power has been quite a "brutal examination" power not far from Zhuang.
As she roared, it seemed that the whole venue was shaking, and the venue immediately became quiet.
"Time is pressing. I’ll announce a few things first. If you need to ask, I’ll give you a chance later."
What can the reporters say? Are ready to record.
At the same time, almost all the predecessors in the world who have the ability to sit and watch have already watched.
Others, such as cell phones or radios, are listening to Xiajie’s press conference.
"Some time ago, I was very surprised. I believe that everyone has heard all kinds of rumors. Now I will confirm that the earth has been attacked."
"attacking the earth is a very strong creature called’ time giant worm’"
"I’ve asked someone to sort out a piece of information for the details of the giant bug, and it will be available to the public."
"Is the giant worm defeated when everyone is most worried now?"
"Not exactly."
Sister Xia released some videos and explained them.
It is said that the current attack on the earth is a 12-hour giant bug-and there are other 11-hour giant bugs and a huge horse-when the giant bug is dormant, it is in an uproar.
They completely forgot that Xia Jie just asked everyone to be quiet and noisy and almost overturned the whole meeting place.
Sister Xia frowned slightly. She already has experience now. Seeing that the situation is a little out of control, she nodded, "Since everyone is very concerned about this problem, now I will allow you to ask three questions, the first question … just come."
Xiajie pointed to a middle position in the front row.
A white reporter from Dahu got up.
He was obviously a little scared and scared. "Not far from Zhuang, what failed to defeat the giant worm?" Shouldn’t he drive the giant worm away? "
This almost reproachful tone made Xia Jie very unhappy, and other reporters present were also in uproar.
"I’m sorry to tell you that our villa leader is not an enemy," Xia Jie said. "Our villa leader fought alone and was almost eaten by the giant worm, and he lost two very important weapons. Now the villa leader is looking for other ways to defeat the giant worm …"
"Alone? What, you’re not going out? Are you afraid? " The big Hu Da shouted.
"A problem" Xia Jie ignored him and looked in other directions.
Several hands were raised, and the waves immediately drowned this big question.
"You haven’t answered my question!" Big Hu Da cried and suddenly felt something on his feet.
He looked down and saw a rabbit in armor crouching in his beriberi, watching his beard shake.
In a second, the rabbit jumped up and punched him in the knee.
"ouch!" Hu bellow a covering her knees fell down.
Rabbit grabbed him by the hair and dragged him across the front of the venue.
Field silence
Xiajie nodded with satisfaction and pointed to the position in Fang Zhong. "This lady, then."
The vacant lady got up and looked at it first, but she couldn’t ask questions immediately before being dragged away by the rabbit.
Chapter 1373 If time is fleeting, Yan Yi is old.
The press conference, which may be the most watched in the world, continues in the temporary press conference center on the east coast of Virtual City.
The reporters were packed but silent.
Several rabbit dragon people are eager at the door with their shoulders, and it seems that they are going to drag out a few.
After the frightened female reporter asked a painful question, another state reporter got up and asked a very official question.
"This reporter’s questions are very good and very level. At present, there are two problems we need to deal with."
"One is to continue to live if giant worms attack at any time." Sister Xia overlooks the left and right. "We have set up an early warning center to monitor all the movements of giant worms at any time, and we will give an early warning as soon as the giant worms approach the earth."
"At that time, the earth will enter a state of emergency, all flights will be grounded, railways will be temporarily stopped, vehicles will be restricted, and everyone will try to stay in the room."
"The other one will protect himself when the giant bug strikes."
"We suggest that once a giant bug strikes, it is best to stop all external activities to prevent frame skipping. We also suggest that everyone prepare a note to record all their actions and goals at any time. Once a giant bug strikes, most of the current technology products will lose paper and pens, which may be your best recording tool."
"In addition, our engineers will also help the states to establish a new timing and calibration system to help everyone maintain the need to tell the time when time flies and keep the normal pace of life as much as possible."