Bang, one …

The blade of the sword is like a bamboo, and it falls with the huge head.
Head steel mecha staggered a few steps collapsed.
With a lot of oil splashing out …
That sticky feeling makes Xiao Yi retreat. It’s toxic, but I don’t want these things to spill on the ground. It seems that sticky points are oil stains.
Looking at the magic steel fell to the ground.
He lamented that "it is not enough to have a pair of great physical dexterity … but it’s just a treasure in vain. This steel material is not bad. I really don’t know how many things I can achieve if I come to refine Xianjian."
At the same time,
He wasn’t the only one who was attacked like Xiao Yicai.
It will take some time for the aborigines to understand the current situation …
What the hell is the so-called Shenxia?
But the players know the situation directly.
Brave prostate "interesting day humanity?" I seem to have heard this thing. It seems that Liu Xing has destroyed the ancient Chinese … Sue’s head is really thoughtful this time and even knows to combine reincarnation with the extinct Heaven and Man Federation of Literary and Art Circles to increase our sense of substitution for Dan Chong. I will give Sue’s head a 95-point mark, leaving five points for follow-up. "
Liu Leinai said, "Have you forgotten the previous reincarnation?"
"The previous reincarnation?"
Hear Liu Lei dialect.
Brave prostate froze for a moment. Liu Lei refers to the previous rescue of Cangyunjun, the collapse and awakening of the country, and so on
Those samsaras are not ancient northern regions, but they all seem to be related to reality.
He couldn’t help but stare big eyes
Just about to speak, Liu Lei said, "Don’t talk too much. Let’s get to work here, but enemy warships must be monitored everywhere. We are not sure that we have been exposed. Kill as many as you can."
At the transfer office, the two of them were two soldiers in protective clothing colliding head-on with each other.
Suddenly meet …
Let both sides be stiff
But both sides responded quickly.
The other side can raise the waist gun.
Liu Lei has been faster than them for the first time.
Although Qiushui Sword is not a peerless magic weapon like Eternal Sword, the indestructible but firm but gentle blessing in Liu Lei is still as iron as mud.
A sword goes too far.
Accompanying sonority
It was just aimed at the muzzle of both of them and was directly intercepted by the middle.
The blade of a sword won’t stop at the same time, and it will be lifted against the throat of two people …
Although the speed is fast, it is a sword attack on two people, but it is difficult to tell who was attacked first
Prevent exposure
This type of Liu Lei has gone all out.
Seek a blow and kill it.
But it’s only halfway through, and it’s bound to be a winner, and it’s actually been living
But it was the gun that was cut off, and one of them broke the gun and kept the dead sword alive.
The other guard cooperated with each other very tacitly, and the sudden deformation of his palm gave birth to a deep muzzle against Liu Lei’s head.
A mixed weapon can actually stop me from making a sword?
Liu Lei heart suddenly panic up …
This is not what I expected.
Want to draw a sword and retreat
But the blade was stuck. Liu Leichang couldn’t pull it back without his skill.
Abandon the sword!
Liu Lei suddenly rose four feet …
He has just set foot in a huge melting hole burned by hot artillery fire.
At the edge of the hole, you can also see that the burning red iron wall metal has been melted into red crystal clear molten iron dripping towards the square.
Liu Lei heart can’t help but behind a cool is a cold sweat.
Even the battleship wall can’t resist this blow. It’s obvious that if he had reacted a little slower or had even half a sword in his mind, he would have been melted into a pool of water now.
"Liu Lei, look out!"
Brave prostate this just react.