Zhou Jia, who incited violence, even though he was not weak, said so when his strength was intact, except for the mid-term master of the black iron, who seemed to have been afraid

And in the middle of the black iron …
The decepticon gang is only two and a half people!
The so-called two and a half Wang Lei Batian and the deputy Wang Qiu Bowei are all in the middle of the black iron, and the other half is Shan Muhua.
Although Shan Muhua is in the middle of the Black Rail, but his health is ill, which leads to the retrogression of the realm, how many people can play? It is known that half of them are counted.
In the late stage of black iron
There are two Su’s in Xiaolangdi, and at least one Tianshuizhai castellan is also a large Shicheng, but only these people.
of course
Although Lei Ba Tian Xiu was in the middle of the black iron, the shocking strength of Zi Lei’s knife method was not impressive at all. Those people forced Tianshui Village Leader to back down several times.
In the next few days, Zhou Jia was at ease in practicing in his own residence and didn’t go out again.
The news outside comes in sequence.
Miao Kun sure enough made a scene, and the Qianjia gambling house chose to take the initiative to give in.
Later, it was the family alliance who came forward to negotiate and did not know what deal was reached. Wang Lei promised to allow the money family to set up another gambling house in the city.
be as usual
Straight …
One night
Miao Kun, who was drunk and smoked, was stopped.
"Brother Miao!"
"It’s you …" Miao Kun looked back and was about to say hello when his expression suddenly froze.
A fist ran through his heart
Chapter 25 Money House
When Zhou Jia got into the carriage, he saw some decepticon gangs surrounding the alley, and they scanned the surrounding area with their eyes wide open.
Anyone who takes one more look will stare at the past maliciously.
Pedestrians in the street are too hasty to wait and see.
"Director Zhou!"
Three Niang face pear flower with rain eyes red to meet up.
"You are here, too."
"Well" Zhou Jia nodded and followed her into the narrow lane and asked.
"Did you find anything?"
"Not yet" Sanniang shook her head with a quiver.
"Deputy Wang brought here an autopsy, and the results should be available soon."
Zhou Jia nodded and asked no more.
Wen San Niang is a mistress in charge of Miao, and she has deep feelings. Now it seems that it is really sad to hear that she is not fake.
The lane is narrow and dark, and in the evening, I can’t see my fingers, rotten vegetable leaves, and the smell of muddy sewage is even worse.
end of a lane/an alley
A group of people surrounded a corner
There are many familiar faces, Yuan Xi and Elder Chen. The most conspicuous one is a strong man in a purple cloak.
The strong man’s temples are white and his eyes are wrinkled, which is obviously no longer young.
He was as powerful as a mountain without saying a word, but he gave people a heavy pressure and made them breathless.
Looks are plain, only a pair of eyes with a cruel and vicious.
Qiu Bowei, deputy leader of Tianhu Gang!
He is also the sworn brother of Lei Batian, a master of black iron in the middle period. A pair of heavy maces of black iron helped Lei Batian build today’s inheritance.
Zhoujiaqian bowed his head
"Deputy Wang!"