Someone flashed his eyes and rushed.

More people are eager to move.
a moment
The black line passed and rushed over. The man’s body froze and a crack emerged from his head and extended his crotch.
Blood spurted from the crack and the body was divided into two halves.
A quiet in the field
Only after a pause did someone slow down.
"But it doesn’t matter much. This thing is too fast, and it is not contaminated with burning fire and mud, and it can be dumped."
"But if you come a few more times, you can get in."
Zhao Changning’s armor is amazing at first glance, but others in the same trade are even able to keep up with it.
They didn’t bring much.
"Zhou Jia"
Wu Shidao’s face showed thoughtfully.
"You try."
Zhou Jia took a deep breath and took the axe shield behind him, but the others watched him step by step close to Puli Building.
"Is he Zhou Jia, the lightning axe?"
Zhao Changning obviously heard of Zhou Jia’s name and his eyes flashed slightly.
"I heard that this man’s hand with a shield drove dozens of black iron abilities to be killed, and most of them would be slaughtered if they didn’t escape."
"It turns out that Brother Wu asked such a person for help."
"It’s just an exaggeration." Wu Shidao shook his head
"There are so many black irons, but this person’s hard work and defense are really not weak."
"Then I’ll wipe my eyes."
Zhao Changning chuckled and crossed his arms to look at the field.
Others also have different faces, and most of them have heard of the name of Ben Lei Axe, but they have no hope of stopping the gray fox attack.
"Make …"
Seeing Zhou Jia stop shaking his body near the gray fox, the moving body lay prone in the ground screaming like a threat.
Zhou Jia did not move, and the five elements of plough urged him to approach step by step.