Frozen hands!

Although the frostbite on both hands is serious, the other party is obviously used to it and has not deliberately protected it, perhaps knowing that there is no protection.
Just let it go.
This is a habit of many people who are engaged in coolies.
"Yes", the old man seldom comes to such a place, and he looks stiff and smells carefully.
"The little old son was sent here by the trustee Zhao San to give you a few words."
"Zhao Sange" Zhou Yi looked positive.
"Lao Zhang, please speak."
"Zhao San said that he had traveled all over several villages near Hongjiapu and there was no Duke of Zhou you were looking for." The old man said.
"And when refugees flooded into Hongjiabao in Kunshan City, they didn’t recruit tenants, but some people bought and sold people in the name of Hongjiabao."
"It is said that many people have disappeared because of this."
"Click …"
Zhou Yi’s face became cold as the snow sank.
"Of course," the old man swallowed.
"Maybe the Duke of Zhou didn’t find someone among them, maybe he went to another place, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that after all, many refugees went out of the city to be tenants."
Zhou yi didn’t say anything for a long time
"Zhao Sange ever said that those who do human trafficking are all some what person? Don’t the imperial court and the yamen care? "
"This ….." The old man’s eyes changed and he wanted to think about the low way.
"I heard that the red-violet religion has"
The sound fell and hurriedly waved his hand.
"Don’t say anything to the Duke of Zhou, let alone the little old man who said these things. The little old man had no idea that he was giving people words."
"I’m white" Zhou Yi nodded and took a deep breath and asked.
"Brother Zhao?"
"But you sent a letter again?"
"No" the old man shook his head and his eyes were dark.
"He died. He died in the messenger. I don’t know who killed him. Everything except stationery was looted."
A quiet in the field
Zhou Yi sees the other person’s heart surging with emotion.
for a long time
Square mouth
"Brother Zhao is really a believer."