It wasn’t until he got three array swords that his mental body gave off its breath and fell to the level of nine guards, and his mental body was limited by array swords.

But this restriction on his mental body is very short, estimated to be less than a second.
But it’s enough for Xu tui.
Quantum entangled state energy transmission
When the mind moves back, it’s ready to kill the Excalibur or hit the water, intelligence and mental body hard.
The Excalibur disappears by appearing on the top of the restricted water wisdom head.
The restricted mental body of water wisdom shows horror.
Xu tuizhu Excalibur power he knows.
And judging from this smell, it is bound to be hit hard to cut his mental body.
Don’t say that he will lose his fighting power and get this sword. Even if he stays still for a few hours, his mental body will naturally collapse.
What’s more, Xu retired. This guy has many means to attack the mental body.
This moment water wisdom despair.
His life has been like flint in his mind.
Not a loss.
From an Eldar Shuimai family, the younger brother cultivated step by step and rose to the later main palm family, and then the family and their own strength pushed him to the position of the fourteenth Lord’s Elder. How much blood and tears he paid and how much hardship he had, he knew best.
Several spiritual people are looking up to him and seeing his brilliance and strength in the background.
Can he see that he has experienced pain and helped him to be confused, afraid and resistant?
But at the last moment, Shuizhi’s mind flashed the lady who had been with him through thick and thin.
Over the years, since he became the elder of the throne, he hasn’t said that he waits on concubines in groups, but it is successful to be surrounded by beautiful women
Of course, he didn’t drive his wife out. He and his wife grew up from humble beginnings, which he still couldn’t do.
But over the years, his wife’s communication has come close to that, let alone spending the night with her.
He remembered the scene when he was young, and his wife accompanied him all night, and he went to the sea to practice, and his wife lived with him in build house by the sea.
At that time, he vowed to accompany his wife to the end of time, but …
At the moment of his death, Shui Zhi discovered that it was not his wife or home but his fame and fortune in these years.
"Ah, I’m a little late for this, Yulan. I hope you and I have an afterlife." I shook my head at the thought of this water wisdom.
There can be no afterlife.
Because of the reincarnation of the small universe, the Eldar has long been banned from them, and there is no afterlife.
What a pity …
Shuizhi has resigned himself.
Xu retired the whole Excalibur, chopped the spirit array sword, and gave him another record. He gave up his resistance when he was finished playing.
But he didn’t expect that several seconds passed and the whole Excalibur didn’t cut off.
Thoughts return to reality from memories and regrets.
Shui Zhi saw in front of him that he was sending out a horrible breath that made his mental body tremble.
It is colorful and dark
Let him have a kind of dare not look straight.