Cardinal Clarence, in purple clothes, once again broke out in the palm of his hand and flashed into the Holy Power Gate.

But the holy power door is trembling. As soon as it bursts out from the inside, the energy flow will turn the Krones staff into ashes in an instant.
The staff was destroyed and Clarence vomited blood on the spot.
However, the hot white light coming out from the Holy Power Gate is like finding the target and slamming Karen.
Hematemesis, Karen’s emergency revelation stood in his chest.
Enlightenment Guanghua blocked all the hot white light.
At the same moment, Clarence took out at least two hundred Halloween cards in one breath, and half of them were directly thrown into the holy power door. At the moment, the holy power was led to explode.
"Xiliude, good luck. This is the last thing I can do for you …"
Sighing to myself, Kerens has injected enlightenment into another one hundred Wanniansheng cards.
The revelation faded in an instant, and the light became hot again.
The clash between the holy light and the hot white light lasted for 30 seconds, so
In the end, due to a large number of Halloween cards, the holy power door was blocked from killing hot white light
But at the end of the confrontation, the holy door hanging in the middle of the low school also collapsed directly!
The bishop of purple clothes, Krsnay, sighed, "How lucky are you, Cyril?"
For the first time, the bishop of purple clothes, Karen, froze and showed crazy color.
The revelation cover is a little too dark.
Be blown out by the blazing brilliance of the sun!
"The sun is so strong?"
Bishop Clarence in purple clothes was shocked at the moment when a white figure appeared in a looming star vortex in the depths of the Milky Way and looked at the depths of the universe from a distance.
"Once again, how much power can there be?"
At the same time, there was a response from the Mayan holy land. "There should be not many …"
Chapter nine hundred and twenty Key Small Universe Now
Sun ceres
After World War I, Ceres gained a brief balance of power.
Elves still occupy and completely control the fire palace, Huaxia District, Cai Shaochu and others completely control the Muyuan Palace.
The mythical Lord Wula and the forces of the European Union District, the Milian District and the Indian Union District control the Tuyuan Palace, but the Umya people occupy the Shui Yuan Palace.
Daxi nationality was driven out after finishing.
At present, this situation has formed a balance of power.
Even if the Eldar Muyars join hands to storm the Tuhara Palace or the Muhara Palace, even if they can attack it, the loss is not acceptable to them.
Therefore, both the Maya and the Eldar are waiting for reinforcements in a tacit understanding.
Hold the place they occupy and wait for reinforcements to come.
Otherwise, they are all roots now, and their strength is consumed a little less, while the sun is the blue star human camp.
In this case, several families have a tacit understanding of the truce. From the April war to the end of July, everyone was quiet.
For this period of truce and quiet period, bluestar humans are also more welcome.