After trying for a minute or two, I was surprised when I retired.

The ability chain of this thorn formula gene has changed gratifying after being expanded again.
The formula of "stab before" is straight.
Now you can bend after stabbing.
Turn a curved thorn
Originally, you stabbed your stomach, and the rest turned around and changed your chest.
Soon, Xu retired and found that the tattooing tactic was once again expanded and changed.
The root spikes are round or semi-circular and bend and twist together at the same time, forming a ground spike in an instant.
Very strong restrictions can be imposed on the enemy.
This time, the thorn tactic has been expanded from a single offensive ability to an offensive and restrictive tactical ability.
This liter is really, really solid.
Xu retired and pleasantly surprised to find the gene ability chain with the strongest fluctuation in other genes again.
After a round of illusion observation, it is found that there seems to be no particularly strong gene fluctuation in the remaining gene capacity chains.
However, Xu retired from the horse with the experience of tattooing, so he chose a gene ability chain to practice.
This time, Xu’s withdrawal from the election is the spirit whipping the gene ability chain.
Let’s see if we can develop one or two small tails under the red screen like the telepathic thorn formula gene ability chain to strengthen this gene ability chain again.
Five minutes later, the spirit lashed the gene ability chain, but there was still no movement of the small tail, but Xu tui felt that the red fire bamboo slips seemed to have a little bit of extremely strange changes in telepathy.
For a moment, it’s dangerous for this high-hanging red fire to degenerate out of the point.
At that moment, even light snow was shocked.
It is dangerous for red fire slips to smell.
But this dangerous smell was exposed for a moment and then disappeared.
Therefore, Xu tui has been telepathically watching the red fire slips.
Unconsciously, the smell of red fire Jane became gentle.
Xu tui has a friendly illusion.
There is an inexplicable fluctuation in the red fire slips.
Have an inexplicable attraction to Xu tui.
Retreat attempt penetration induction
But penetration induction effect!
It seems that the method of telepathy without substantive contact has been discovered step by step.
However, it is very embarrassing to make a refund.
Try to expand the spirit again and lash the gene ability chain reaction for a while. After a while, Xu retired and continued to focus on cultivation. At the same time, the spirit slowly contacted the red fire Jane.
A tiny wisp of spirit
At the same time hold up the spirit field defense may change.
Exploring the red fire, Jane’s spirit is ready to shrink at any time.
At this moment, I closed my eyes and practiced in the right direction. The whole body can suddenly turn to the right direction like a whirlwind, and the whole person rises without any effort.
Xu tui doesn’t know what happened.
But to the way suddenly opened his eyes in alarm "I … I this is bad luck to rush me as if to break through.
Breakthrough to the genetic transmutation. "
"Old breakthrough to you here? Energy tide, even if you are not torn to pieces, you have to be seriously injured! " Wang Hao exclaimed.
"I … I don’t know if this red curtain shines on me suddenly.
Can’t stop.
I can’t stop myself. "Give a wry smile.
The breakthrough of gene evolution to gene evolution is a happy event that all practitioners of gene evolution dream of.
However, it would be very embarrassing to break through in the tidal period of Mars battlefield energy.
A bad happy event turns into a funeral!
"This …"
Wang Lu, Liu Zongye and Zhu Lang Lizhen are all JiYan.
They really don’t know how to interrupt the genetic evolution process.
Everyone is sharpening their heads and looking for opportunities to break through the realm of genetic evolution. Who will be okay to study the method of breaking through?
With the direction in all directions, the atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger, and the source energy in all directions is getting more and more violent, which seems to have signs of forming a source energy storm.
In this way, we can tear him apart first if we go to the opposite direction and break through and complete the source energy storm here.
Be impatient in the right direction
He can’t stop.
Others can’t help it.
"Mr. An, Mr. An, did your genetic miracle stop breaking through and save me?" It’s really urgent to go to the road!