Zhou Jia looked up and smiled indifferently

"Please take it!"
Fiona Fang several zhangs gas suddenly Yishan like ripples on the surface of the water and then ripples restless roar all over the party.
The huge courtyard suddenly blew up.
A figure with five fingers stretched out with nerve-racking strength towards Yan Lu’s flagrantly smashing down.
Five thunder!
Even if the order of the innate realm palm is not high and complete, the power is still terrible, let alone the double blessing of the five thunder characteristics
It is to let this door palm power rise to the limit.
Yan Lu felt frightened when the fist front didn’t return.
No …
I give up.
He opened his mouth to shout, but he couldn’t make a sound at all. He only refused to shout and raised his hands desperately to meet the incoming boxing front.
A muffled sound, a tattered figure flying out of the rampage, crashed into a wall and fell to the ground without knowing life or death.
But the eye can tell at a glance that even if people are still alive, they have been abolished.
"Zhou Jia!"
"How dare you!"
At the same time, Su Su and Zhang He roared out.
But see Zhou Jiameng a folded hand stretched out a double-edged axe and fell in the palm of his hand.
"It thunders five times a day!"
"Rumble …"
"Zhou Jia!"
Lou Zhao Nan got up in anger and shouted in disgust.
"Stop it!"
Chapter 7 Color Eagle
Today, the ceremony was particularly grand, except for the fact that Lei Mei was not in the city, and almost all the powerful people were present.
There are even "Top Ten Masters" and "Seven Flying Phoenix" performing martial arts.
Even in the past, high above the black iron, the strong people in Liancheng were willing to lower their status and come forward to compete with each other, which attracted a lot of applause.
So Zhao Nanxu is the reason.
Emperor Sun!
Too girl!
Title Yujing!
Respect for status
She also enjoys the feeling of being guarded by ten thousand people, and naturally she doesn’t like people making trouble at this time
She appreciated Zhou Jia’s sudden outburst, ignoring other people’s feelings.
She didn’t expect
Others did not expect it.
Su Su and Zhang He made moves to stop Zhou Jia from continuing to be difficult. They never thought that the other party would face at this time.
But Zhou Jia seems to be suddenly stimulated by something. He takes an axe and cuts it.
Is to go all out and be merciless
It thunders for five days!
The red, white, blue, yellow and black colors interweave, and the thunder light soars a hundred times in an instant, flagrantly splitting more than ten feet ahead.
Five thunder intertwined, roaring endlessly.
"Rumble …"
LeiGuang had two figures repeatedly retreat from slaughter day pavilion three people is face big change from the attic to fly out.
And they just collapsed where they stood.