LengLing has been looking at inflammation welcome eyes turned to the lake heart suddenly a happy busy charming smile "? If you think about it, then act quickly, but wait for no one! "

Yan Xin smell speech couldn’t help but take a white look at LengLing. Obviously, she was still very upset about what she had been framed for. She also thought that even if her innocence had been given to Ye Han, she couldn’t be framed. The basic choice of compromise was to think about her own efforts, but Ye Han felt a lot better in her heart ~
[33] 【 Yan Xin let go 】
At noon, the sun is shining with the hottest light, and thin smoke seems to rise on the earth. At this moment, it is the best time for all practitioners on the road to practice, even those who stay indoors are no exception, and they all follow this opportunity to practice and seek faster improvement.
Nature is just the opposite for cold practitioners. At this time, the vitality of the mainland tends to be hot, and the cold vitality they bear is the opposite. At this time, it is also their weakest time. After all, they still need to resist the hot atmosphere around them
If one cold and one inflammation are fighting at this time, there won’t be much difference. It must be that inflammation practitioners have taken up a lot of advantages, but this rule is almost negligible for those who are not good at repairing, but for the mainland strong.
Yan Xin’s vitality at this time is already the strongest period. After Lengling’s intentional words, he was shaken and soon put all his concerns in his heart and suddenly picked Ye Han up from the ground and then plunged into the lake.
Lengling couldn’t help but take a deep breath when she saw this, and her face revealed a bit of joy in time. She murmured, "That’s all I can do for you, Han Er. It’s up to you whether you can solve your happy knot or not!"
It turned out that LengLing had been trying to find a way to solve his inflammation and euphoria with the help of this incident, not just for Ye Han, because she knew that Ye Han, a soft thing, had suffered enough, and she really didn’t want to see him suffer more.
When she thought of the way to guide Ye Han’s body energy, she thought of the way to understand his inflammatory heart. This way is to let Yan Xin personally help Ye Han naturally. In other words, she not only helped Ye Han but also helped herself.
Lengling’s idea is not refined, but when he was caught half by Yan Xin, he had some worries before programming for fear that the fetus in his womb would be affected. This reason is ready to be fooled.
However, she didn’t know that she was soon seen through by Yan Xin, but fortunately, Yan Xin actually took the initiative to figure it out later, which led to everything going so smoothly now.
Yan Xin held Ye Han instantly sank to the bottom of the lake and glanced around. After no abnormality was found, he was relieved to prepare Ye Han for healing.
According to Lengling, the feeling of former Ye Han is obviously different from that of * *. The most important thing for her now is to stimulate Ye Hanqian’s consciousness of * * so that it is possible to find a breakthrough.
Naturally, there is not much to say about the steps. Yan Xin, who has had two experiences, is no longer a little girl at the beginning. She is no longer strange to this aspect.
But at this moment, she is still very worried about whether she can really face all this. What should she do if Ye Han is possessed again?
After crossing the bridge, Yan Xin seems to have a deep understanding of the rules of nature and a special understanding of everything, knowing that he should not stick to certain corners in everything.
After a pause, I feel relieved that all the knots in my heart are disguised by the lake, and at the same time, I gradually understand all the knots in my heart from refusing to accept the change directly.
At noon, although the sun gives people a hot feeling, it can directly enter the lake through the lake. However, at this time, the hot feeling in the depths of the lake does not seem to change less than that in the lake, and the burning feeling in the lingering is more than the burning feeling brought by the sun.
Leng Liguo stupefied the shore of the lake and looked at the calm lake ahead. The bottom of my heart was unnatural and there was a strange feeling. Think about my beloved man. At this time, there must be another woman lingering in the lake. Although she had already approved it in advance, she still felt sour at this time.
Jealousy is a woman’s nature, and it is no exception. She still clearly knows that she must give up this nature, because she is destined to have other women around Bai Yehan. She has no choice, and she has no choice, and she is not the only woman around him. Isn’t it the same?
At the right moment, another light flashed through Lengling, and it was a pale yellow light that flashed from the sky and disappeared into the lake.
"Hey? What’s that? " Seeing the yellow light shining into the bottom of the lake, I was suddenly surprised, and then I seemed to realize what I was busy looking up.
The scenery in the sky is shocking, and a few white clouds are left in the blue sky. If you look closely, the four life stars gather together and hide in the blue sky.
But at this time, although the position of the four stars is almost the same as before, two of them are very close together, and at the same time, a light suddenly shines out of the two stars, which is similar to the previous one, but it is light blue.
"What is this?" See here LengLing heart is surprised in addition to surprise from time to time also leave a bit confused hesitated for a long time this just surprised way "is it?"
At this time, Yan Xin in the depths of the lake is still lingering with Ye Han. This lingering has lost its original boredom, but it is full of fun. Ye Han has opened his eyes when he doesn’t know, so the situation is reversed in an instant.
Yan Xin was sending out a light yellow light. Before Ye Han woke up, she suddenly felt a strong energy in her body. This Yan Xin body was plain, but soon dialysis revealed a light yellow light.
It is also at this time that Ye Han suddenly opened his eyes and changed from passive to active. At this time, Yan Xin seems to have lost his soul and never noticed the situation change.
Ye Han suddenly felt an energy drop from the sky and instantly entered his body, or because of this energy, Ye Han shivered and then fell into a coma.
Yan Xin was not in a coma, but she was not much different from a coma. Therefore, after losing her balance, the two bodies suddenly fell to the ground together and fell into peace with the surrounding lake.
"Alas, the crisis is coming soon. I really don’t know what they are trying to do. It’s not pleasant at this time!" At the peak of a cliff, a white-haired old man sat quietly looking at the sky, a face of nai shook his head and wry smile way
"I don’t think this is what we should worry about. Let’s not worry about this young man!" As soon as the tone of the white-haired old man fell, he heard another tone. As the figure fell, another white-haired old man appeared on the cliff in an instant.
"Haha, I have nothing to worry about, but I think there is someone who might be worried!" Previously the white-haired old man smell speech busy back at the old man smiled to say with smile later.
Later, when the old man heard the words, he smiled but stopped talking. Instead, he looked up and looked at the sky. There seemed to be a few dots of light flashing from time to time from the blue sky, but the positions of these stars were somewhat abnormal.
"Oh, are you talking about me?" Suddenly there was another sound, and a figure appeared behind the two old men. Look closely at this person. The same white-haired old man was about the same age.
The arrival of the old man didn’t cause the previous two old men to note that they were still watching the old man in Tianyu together, and immediately a wry smile was busy and added, "What are you looking at? Isn’t it just that someone leaves and someone loves? What is there to see? "
As soon as the old man said this, the two elderly people looked back and listened to the first old man sigh and smile at another old man. "Look, people can be indifferent to their granddaughter being bullied. What are we worried about?"
"What? You two old guys are shameless enough to care about those things. Besides, they will be married sooner or later. What do you want? It’s themselves or us. What are we worried about?" Old man smell speech suddenly angry busy at the previous two old man roared
The old man roared before he fell off the cliff, and there was another burst of laughter. With the laughter, there was an old man who was smiling rapidly, and the master had quietly come to the cliff.
"Well, you guys don’t want this noise. At that time, it is better to play chess with me. Besides, what can you do with this noise? It can’t solve the problem! " After laughing, the indifferent old man just came to the cliff and shouted at the three old men coldly and said
"Hey, you can’t say that. Don’t say that. Don’t take advantage of your family and talk sarcastically. Don’t forget your girl, but now he’s gone to see how you end up!" The third old man roar was interrupted immediately not bad spirit said
"Ha-ha, I’m not saying it’s ironic. Besides, don’t tell us about their junior affairs as if I were bullying you!" Finally, the old man smiled awkwardly when he heard the news ~
【 331 】【 Yuanmo Mountain Range 】
Yuanmo mountain range has been listed as a dangerous place in the vitality mainland since ancient times. The mountain range has always been the place where Yuan beasts haunt most. Except for Yuan beasts, there are almost no figures in this mountain range. Naturally, this is the scene in the depths of the mountain range.
On the edge of the mountain range, people can often see figures. People who have improved themselves and practiced everywhere will choose this place. Although it is very dangerous in the depths, the edge area is not as dangerous as the foggy forest.
At this time, the sunshine of the Yuanmo mountain range looks calm from the outside, but no one dares to imagine how many dangers and dangers there are in this calm.